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Chapter 30: Domino

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

For Qin Ruo who was fighting in Specter Castle, every time he eliminated the Skeletons, and sat down to begin his meditation, he would have the toughest time.

In his conversation with Gold Digger Babe, who was like a little devil, he tried his best to beat around the bush… But despite his best efforts, he still broke down because of her nonsensical answers. In the end, he got used to it and began to employ a more advised tone. He slowed down the speed of his speech and only then did the situation become better.

After cleaning up all the Skeletal Sorcerers in the second floor's corridor and seventy-two rooms, the little devil started her work. Qin Ruo only found her to be at her "cutest" at that moment.

Of course, if God gave him another chance, he would have chosen to pay and hire a Bandit to help him with the task… Talking to this girl made him feel "old". At the same time, he also realized that there was a "huge" gap between him and the young generation!


Qin Ruo sighed. He was totally relieved and he immersed himself in the blissful moment. However, he did not notice Little Kitten, who was next to him, covering her mouth. She lowered her head and tried her best to keep a smile off her face.

Little did he realize that all the wicked questions the little devil had asked him just now were actually deliberately thought up. After she got the answers, she would "share" them with her sister. So, it was totally not a whisper between two people. Some of his dumbfounded answers did amuse Little Kitten, however, she had to endure it and force herself not to burst out laughing.

Gold Digger Babe was fast. She quickly searched all the seventy two rooms. Then, she silently appeared in front of the second floor's center stone staircase.

"Can you find it?" Qin Ruo could not help but ask.

Gold Digger Babe raised her chin proudly and grunted. "Sure. Although it's a little complicated, it's still just an intermediate secret room after all. So, it's not difficult to find. I can basically locate its approximate location. Now, I'm just waiting for your key."

When he heard this, Qin Ruo breathed a sigh of relief.

He had actually gone into several nearby rooms as well and took a quick glance. The situations in those rooms were not as easy as the little brat had described, being just "a little complicated". For Qin Ruo, there were seventy rooms, each with ten by ten meters amount of space. All four walls in each room were also densely filled with strange symbols and hidden spaces. Was this a place for people to live in? Each room was absolutely a magic cube that tested a player's IQ and endurance!

Luckily, the little brat was a Level 41 Bandit, who possessed Advanced Thievery. In order to complete the quest, there was only one thing left—the Boss…

The specters on the first floor were Level 32 Skeletal Warriors, while the second floor had Level 35 Skeletal Sorcerers. The third floor was probably the top most floor, and the specters there were sure to be more dangerous. There could be a batch of Level 37 or 38 monsters, or even a Boss.

Qin Ruo pondered for a long time, clueless about the situation on the third floor. He would absolutely not be as rash as he was on the second floor. If they were to meet directly with Necromancer Frandy, they would probably not have a single chance to fight back.

Qin Ruo could deal with a Tier 3 Galewind Wolf King, because he understood it very well and knew its weaknesses. Besides, the environment in Kane Jungle was also very beneficial to an Aquamancer.

However, it seemed like Specter Castle was in favor of the necromancer… In addition, Qin Ruo did not have any specific information on Frandy. Without any preparation, fighting with a Tier 3 Boss of unknown strength was a fifty-fifty bet.

He moved his eyes, and his gaze fell on the spacious, curved staircase. He looked at it from top to bottom, and said with a smile, "Looks like this time, I'll need help from the both of you."

"Hmph, I thought you could really fight the Boss alone. Now you can't do it?"

Gold Digger Babe was excited, but right after she received instructions from Qin Ruo, she began to sulk all of a sudden. Like a little girl, she gave Qin Ruo a hateful and resentful stare.

Qin Ruo ignored the silent protest of the little Bandit brat. He then commanded Little Kitten to stand at the lower part of the stone staircase. From here, she could see the stone steps leading to the third floor.

After he arranged everything, Qin Ruo started to focus on his Elementalism…

Twelve Frostrampart Formation!

Compared to the lower second floor of Aricus Underground Ruins, his cast time in the castle was obviously slower. It took him half a minute to arrange all twelve Frostramparts on the stone stairs. The Frostramparts looked like a row of spiral dominos winding up the stairs. The chill from the Frostramparts lowered the temperature in Specter Castle even more and made it scarier.

Qin Ruo wiped the sweat off his forehead. Looking at his almost drained MP pool, he quickly drank a bottle of Mana Potion, which was worth 60 gold coins. After his MP was completely recovered, he continued to maintain his Tier 3 self-created magic that had a Tier 4 magic damage in total.

No wonder it was considered worthless magic…

It was annoying!

To cast such magic, he needed to spend so much energy and money. If he had not obtained a Fire Mana Core on the way, or if the reward of the quest had not been a random hidden magic skill, he surely would not have done things in such an extravagant way.

When everything was ready, Qin Ruo held the Aquashield in his hand tightly, and immediately gave a "go" sign to Gold Digger Babe. With each passing second, it cost him 15 MP. All this was money, so he needed to do it real quick!

Although the little Bandit brat was not satisfied with her role as a scout, she was soon in a serious mood. She turned into an inconspicuous shadow, and sneaked up to the third floor…

Behind, Qin Ruo and Little Kitten nervously laid eyes Gold Digger Babe's actions. After that, they waited for a report from the little brat on the situation above in order to make an immediate counter-measure.

The three of them had guessed correctly. The third floor was the home of the Boss. Fortunately, the situation was not as bad as they thought. The Boss was nearly hundred meters away from the stone stairs. It was impossible for it to start an ambush on the three of them as they reached the third floor.

However, the third floor did not only hold one Boss. There were four pitch-black Skeletal Knights on ferocious Skeletal Warhorses, located at the four corners. Four of them were also facing towards the stone stairs. A bit further, there were eight Skeletal Sorcerers.

As soon as the little Bandit brat arrived on the third floor, she quickly scanned through all the details on the third floor. After judging that the Skeletal Sorcerers did not have the capability to attack her, Gold Digger Babe mischievously sneaked across the location as per their original plan… Then, without looking around, she turned back and rushed to the stone stairs.

When her Stealth was revealed, all the monsters on the third floor including the four Skeletal Knights and eight Skeletal Sorcerers discovered the existence of the player. All of a sudden, their blank eyes were ignited with a blood red light…

The four Skeletal Knights responded first. The sound of hooves broke the silence on the third floor and they rushed towards her from four different directions!

*Clip-clop! Clip-clop!*

"Four Skeletal Knights, Level 38. Eight Skeletal Sorcerers, Level 35. The Boss isn't approaching!"

Gold Digger Babe was worthy to be called a high-agility Bandit. As soon as she reported the situation on the third floor, she reached the second floor, running like the wind.

After receiving detailed information, Qin Ruo frowned at first. After he learned that the Boss did not follow suit like the other monsters, he felt slightly relieved. But at the same time, he also felt a hint of disappointment.

Although it would be very dangerous, he had prepared such a big trap. His target was the Boss, not these groups of ordinary mobs.

While he was wallowing in disappointment, the twelve Frostramparts were rapidly raised under his control. Along the upper exit of the stone stairs, they continued to rise from the third floor's exit. Beyond the transparent Frostrampart, there were the four figures of Skeletal Knights coming from four different directions, and eight rushing figures of Skeletal Sorcerers.

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