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Chapter 65: Double Overlords!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A Tier 2 Wind Spirit Fox bore no threat to Qin Ruo. Even without the protection of the barrier, his own Magic Defense was sufficient to protect him from being severely injured. Relative to that, its physical attack possessed more of a threat.

Qin Ruo remained calm after his cover was blown by the Wind Spirit Fox. He slanted his body sideways and easily avoided the seemingly fierce dive. After playing around with the Galewind Wolf for over a month in Kane Jungle, there was no way Qin Ruo would take this downsized "little creature" seriously.

Qin Ruo only wished to test the limits of his technique, to see the nearest distance in which his water element body could approach the Wind Spirit Fox without being noticed. Plus, once he was detected, he wanted to test how accurate would the Wind Spirit Fox's attack be, how it determined his exact location, and some other information that he previously never thought of but was equally important.

While he was avoiding the attack by the Wind Spirit Fox, Qin Ruo did not deactivate Aquamorph and moved a few meters away laterally. He then remained still once again.

Its ear trembling slightly, the Wind Spirit Fox landed and turned to unleash a Windblade attack. The way it launched its magic was rather straightforward. The blade flew with a unique howling sound, which was created as it slashed through the air.

Damn! Even its hearing is that sensitive?

Qin Ruo cursed inside his heart. Yet, he did not dodge and allowed the Wind Blade to brush past his side…

He felt a little chill on his arm but he was not injured.

He smiled and looked at the Wind Spirit Fox opposite him. It was slowly showing its fear through its eyes. This was just as he had expected. As long as he remained still, it would become very difficult for the monster to catch his presence under such low light circumstances. This would once again cause the monster to lose its judgment.

Heh, this is going to be fun.

He waved his hand and not far away, a transparent water ribbon rose quickly from a serpentine stream across the grove. The ribbon immediately formed a sphere on top of the stream under Qin Ruo's manipulation.

At the Ruins' lower third floor, before he was killed by the Deathfiend Spider, Qin Ruo experienced controlling the water element. Qin Ruo realized then that his body was not been relieved of Aquamorph. Unfortunately, his whereabouts was immediately discovered by the Deathfiend Spider's Dark Magic and he was instantly killed by the Boss. Thus, he did not manage to capture the moment.

Right before he entered the grove, he tried again and surprisingly found that as long as he used Tier 1 Elementalism, he would not be forcibly released from the water element state…

Qin Ruo was thrilled by this discovery!

Now this was a good chance to study the Wind Spirit Fox's response against this technique…

As the Tier 1 Elementalism began to take effect, the natural Aeromancer, Wind Spirit Fox immediately responded to it. It was able to trace the Elementalist's location through the resonance generated from the water ribbon above the stream.


The Wind Spirit Fox sprang high up to attack, deploying Windblade at the same time…

This round, it was obvious that the accuracy of the Wind Spirit Fox's attack improved drastically. If Qin Ruo had not anticipated it beforehand, the Windblade may have already slashed through his Water Element body.

Although all the magic and physical dive attacks of the Wind Spirit Fox did not hit its target, the fox was not discouraged. It turned around to continue the Windblade attack. Even though the attacks had no lock on the target, it seemed like the fox was able to grasp Qin Ruo's approximate location every time. It released one Windblade after another, which continuously tormented the small trees inside the grove. After a series of puffing sounds, the fallen fragmented leaves were everywhere.

After one minute passed, Qin Ruo did not even know how many of the Wind Spirit Fox's dive attacks and Windblades he had dodged. However, he was well aware of the two wounds he got on his shoulder as a result of the Windblades.

This showed that the accuracy of the Wind Spirit Fox's current attack was still not comparable to its accuracy during normal battles. Lock-on magic attacks were very difficult to dodge, especially those high-speed wind element magic attacks that were similar to an arrow leaving a bow.

Before his MP was depleted, Qin Ruo stopped his Water Elementalism. The water sphere hanging over the stream suddenly dropped back into the water as if it had lost its support.

Once he halted Elementalism, Qin Ruo grabbed the opportunity to remain still. The Wind Spirit Fox, which had been attacking excitedly and relentlessly not long ago now turned back into a headless chicken.

"Woo, woo."

It stepped on the floor of fallen leaves and reversed slowly in a frightened manner…

Qin Ruo was once again motivated. 

He waved his hand and the water sphere reappeared. The Wind Spirit Fox was instantly hyped as if it had just smoked some weed. The little creature displayed its Windblade and dive attacks arrogantly without realizing that it was being treated as an experimental subject.

Hey, my hypothesis has been proven correct again.

Apparently, the Wind Spirit Fox was able to locate his position roughly through his Elementalism, so once he gave up on the manipulation, the fox would immediately lose its sense of direction.

After he easily froze the Wind Spirit Fox with a water sphere, Qin Ruo walked out of the grove without turning back. He sat crossed-leg on one side of the clean, flowing stream and rapidly entered a state of meditation to recover his MP. At the same time, he rewound the event earlier in his mind several times just like he was screening a movie. 

Several minutes passed before Qin Ruo got up and entered the grove again.

After entering and retreating from the grove dozens of times, Qin Ruo finally terminated his rewarding personal training after he heard fighting sounds coming from the deeper part of the grove.


"Death Valley" was located about five kilometers west of Whitewater Town.

Compared to other regions near Whitewater Town, Death Valley had the biggest fame. First of all, it was due to the concentrated respawning of Tier 3 Spectral Warriors, Spectral Wizards, Spectral Archers, and Half-Orc Spectrals there, It was unlike other farming points, which had unevenly distributed spawning points; secondly, the dark hole with green vines crawling over it in the deepest part of Death Valley was connected to a huge cave. The cave was owned by a group of huge centipedes that excelled in Earth and Dark Magic. Their strength lay between Level 40 to Level 45. 

Outside Death Valley, there was a chance for a Tier 3 Overlord like the Skeleton King to respawn; along with two Tier 3 Elite Minibosses like the "Skeletal General".

According to a lot of players in Whitewater Town, a Tier 4 Overlord—"the Stygianlock Centiking"—was hiding inside the Death Valley cave, which was known as Centipede Cavern.

Although the number of players in Whitewater Town was not very high, a huge crowd of players would be seen there whenever the aforementioned Bosses respawned.

Especially this particular day…

Both the Skeleton King and Stygianlock Centiking were simultaneously discovered! Following promotion and verification through the revival of a few teams of players in town, Whitewater Town boiled into a hysteric state. A couple dozen teams of players rushed toward Death Valley at their fastest speed!

This included some rather famous Clan teams…

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