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4.79% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 34: Let It Explode

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Chapter 34: Let It Explode

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Oh sh*t!

Watching Frandy transform, Qin Ruo immediately knew he had judged the situation wrongly.

He thought that as a Necromancer, this Boss would only have Spectral Magic and Spectral Summoning Skills. He did not expect Frandy to have a transformation ability…

This skill was powerful. Even among the Bosses, there were only a few of them who could use this skill at their most critical moment. Nonetheless, this transformation skill could be cast only once. After using this skill, their strength would slightly improve for a certain period of time. In addition, this transformation skill most likely subverted the boss' initial fighting power.

An example would be an agility type monster being granted the ability to use magic attacks after transforming. It could change from an agility type to a magic attack type. Conversely, a magic type monster like Frandy was likely to have the abilities and skills of an agility type or strength type!

If such a thing happened, once Frandy managed to get out from the Twelve Frostrampart Formation, he would surely do something even more terrible.

Thinking of this, how the hell could he not know that he was in the most crucial part of the mission?

He gritted his teeth. Shortly after, he instantly condensed three Frostsoul Shura's Needles and shot them out. Following that, he reached into his backpack without hesitation and took out one Magic Scroll. He faced the transformed, violet giant monster, who was now three-meters tall, and he unraveled his scroll.

"Frostsoul! Shura's Needle!" Magic Scrolls were not limited by skill cooldowns as they could be cast as long as one's MP was enough.

Before, this magic would have dealt at least 1,400 damage if smashed into Frandy's arms. But after his transformation, Frandy's defense had increased significantly, and the inflicted damage decreased to 1,000.

However, it was already good. Two Frostsoul Shura Needles meant 2,000 points of damage. This brought Frandy's HP down to only 3,000. Three more attacks with similar damage would end it all.

However, the two waves of Frostsoul Shura's Needles greatly raised Frandy's awareness, and he screeched. A pair of spectral violet talons shot towards Qin Ruo and a strong magical power suddenly surged!

Amid the splaying violent talons, a purple flame suddenly came into view. It was instantly compressed into a nearly black Fireball. This quickly dispelled the cold temperature in the center of the Twelve Frostrampart Formation. The nearest Frostramparts even began to show signs of melting. In front, Qin Ruo could feel the extremely hot wave coming towards him.

At that time, an unprecedented sense of crisis filled Qin Ruo's heart. He took a breath of cold air and did not dare pause for a moment. The minute he shook the second Magic Scroll out, he immediately moved two Frostramparts from the Twelve Frostrampart Formation and placed them between him and the Boss.

For some reason, the moment the black Fireball appeared, Qin Ruo could feel the scary magical power and momentum from it. This made Qin Ruo experience an irresistible tremor of unease for the first time. At the same time, a voice in his heart spoke to him.

You can't defend against this. Even if you have your Aquarampart, Aquabarrier, and Frost Shield, you absolutely can't defend against this compressed black Fireball.

Qin Ruo was a person who always trusted his instincts, so without any hesitation, he "borrowed" two walls from the Twelve Frostramparts and used them to block Frandy off.

His conscience saved him!

As soon as the Frostramparts floated in between the two of them, the black Fireball shot out from Frandy's talon, like a bullet! It brought an astonishing heat wave that melted down some corners of the nearby Frostramparts in the blink of an eye. First, it passed through the two walls which melted into two holes of the same size in the middle. This Fireball then went straight through the half-meter-thick Aquarampart that was placed before the Aquabarrier, releasing some water vapor in the process. Furthermore, it smashed into the Aquabarrier… To be precise, it hit the barrier directly and blasted the Frost Shield in front of Qin Ruo!

In the twinkling of an eye, the attack from the Boss made zero contract with Qin Ruo. He could feel an extremely painful burn from the arm in which he held the shield.

At the same time, there was a strong force coming! Qin Ruo could not help but retreat a few steps back…

Three hundred and forty points worth of damage!

Although Frandy had received so many debuffs from Qin Ruo, he could still cause such serious damage to him. The strength of the Boss shocked Qin Ruo. After standing still for a moment, he started to think to himself.

Is this still a Tier 3 Boss? Is this the power of a Tier 4 skill?

If his reaction had been a bit slower…

The consequence could have been disastrous!

Fortunately, the Frost Lance that he threw out did its job. His strongest, single target water element attack firmly inflicted up to 500 damage on Frandy (it hit the Boss before the destruction of the Twelve Frostrampart Formation). At the same time, there was a Frozen effect, which lasted two seconds.

Solely because of this valuable two seconds, it gave Qin Ruo some breathing space.

After assessing the situation, he decided not to recover his HP and retreated a few meters back. After that, he shook out his third Magic Scroll! Five arrows were arranged into a row, and rapidly shot towards Frandy who was still not released from his frozen state!

These arrows hit the target consecutively, but they only dealt less than 700 points of damage. This time Frandy was also finally released from his frozen state. Without the attribute buff from the Twelve Frostrampart Formation, all these arrows that hit Frandy could not apply any Frozen effect on him.


At this point, Frandy decided to try his best as well. After a flash of black light, four murderous Skeletal Knights on Skeletal Warhorses appeared next to him.

Not waiting for orders from Frandy, all these Skeletal Knights targeted Qin Ruo's position. They steered their horses and dashed at him. Frandy also began to cast his scary magic again!

What played out before Qin Ruo made him have butterflies in his stomach.

Four Magic Scrolls had been thrown out. The only scrolls left were one Frost Lance Scroll and one Frost Shield Scroll. If he could not finish Frandy this round, he would be in danger of being killed instead.

"Damn it!"

Qin Ruo started to regret his previous decision. If he had not played it cool, and actually asked Little Kitten for her help in their fight against Frandy, the monster would have probably died a long time ago.

No matter what it was too late for regrets now. He was forced to use his trump card!

Regardless of whether it would succeed or not, it all depended on the wisdom and cooperation between the Skeletal Knights.

When he fell back, Qin Ruo consumed one bottle of medium MP Potion. His gaze was on the Frostramparts in front of him, and he continued to wave the staff in his hand.

He noticed that the Skeletal Knights were almost breaking free from the Frostrampart Formation. Faster than you could say "Jack Robinson!", he swiftly controlled the remaining ten Frostramparts and moved them around the Skeletal Knights as well as Frandy!

The Frostramparts immediately blocked the way of the four Skeletal Knights that were just summoned.

They waved their swords reflexively and four whirring sounds of the wind could be heard!

Qin Ruo's eyes widened as he laughed. "Hahah! Thank you so much! Let's make it… explode!!!"

A loud boom resounded in everyone's ears!

The window on the third floor of Specter Castle was spattered with countless ice shards…

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