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6.91% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 49: Livor Mortis, Deathfiend Spider

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Chapter 49: Livor Mortis, Deathfiend Spider

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The moment Qin Ruo pinched his nose, everyone caught the stench of a rotten corpse, which came out of nowhere.

Their facial expressions all changed at the same time!

"That stinks! Urgh…"

The ladies began to pinch their noses as they backed away a little.

"It's the Deathfiend Spider! Beware, everyone!"

"Qin Ruo, get the Twelve Frostrampart Formation ready!"

The instant Slayer's Heart and Violet Orchid caught the scent in the air, their facial expressions changed. They immediately called everyone to be ready.

"Little Arrow, use your Lunarshackle! Little Apple, follow me!" Slayer's Heart bellowed as he led Little Apple around the cave at his swiftest speed!

When they stood still, the stench became unexpectedly stronger. It was the scent of a corpse and it was getting heavier by the second. The both of them were overwhelmed by the loathsome stench. The stench was so strong that they even started to see stars. At the same time, they were notified by the system that they had been inflicted with a minor poison effect, which reduced their ability by 10%!

Slayer's Heart silently cursed their unfortunate circumstance.

It was truly surprising that the Deathfiend Spider could move that fast. The monster had moved over a hundred meters and was already within attacking range under a short amount of time. That was the same time the party took to discuss amongst themselves. No wonder Violet Orchid said that this monster was harder to fight than the Gorefiend Spider Demon.

The situation was unpleasant.

Who would have thought about fighting the most difficult monster right after their first few steps?

At that moment, Qin Ruo was only able to lay down the second Frostrampart next to him. Unlike the geographical advantage he had on the lower second floor, forming the Twelve Frostrampart Formation here was slower under the very inconvenient circumstance.

Fortunately, Violet Orchid had experience in dealing with the Deathfiend Spider before.

After noticing the pale faces of Slayer's Heart and Little Apple, which indicated that the two of them had been inflicted with a poison effect, she immediately cast Purification on them to remove the poison effect. Only then did she continue to use her buff skills on the team…

Rings of light that represented divinity descended upon them continuously!

Burning Rose, iLittle Arrow, and Qin Ruo were standing together at the same spot. They were approximately twenty meters away from the entrance of a tunnel. Standing right before the entrance to the tunnel, which was connected to the cave, they were able to clearly see a gigantic spider with black-and-white dots all over its body emerging on the opposite side of the crypt. It was rapidly heading towards them—that thing was actually much more agile than the Gorefiend Spider Demon they had encountered before. Their eyes widened as their hearts started to pump with fear. Nervous, everyone got their respective magic skills ready to aid Slayer's Heart and Little Apple.

In the meantime, Violet Orchid continued to support Slayer's Heart and Little Apple in buffing their statuses as she urgently briefed everyone with detailed information on the Deathfiend Spider…

Even though she understood the Deathfiend Spider the most among all of them, she never would have expected that this malevolent creature would be the first monster they encountered upon arriving at the lower third floor of the ruins!

However, since they had already encountered it, it was too late to complain about anything right now. Their only remaining option was to give it their best effort in keeping the Deathfiend Spider in the opposite crypt, so that Qin Ruo could prepare the Twelve Frostrampart Formation, which Slayer's Heart highly believed in.

Although Violet Orchid was unsure if the Tier 3 Water Element Magic created by Qin Ruo himself would really be sufficient in handling the Deathfiend Spider, the confidence and trust from Slayer's Heart as well as the others, and Qin Ruo's performance back then had convinced her to willingly take that risk!

"Hiss, hiss…"

The Deathfiend Spider was extremely agile. In just a blink of an eye, the giant spider had already reached the tunnel that connected the two crypts. Its gigantic body did not seem cramped while it squeezed itself across the passage. It moved through the tunnel with agility as it extended its four front-legs to the front, pulling itself forward. Its body was giving off an intense stench of a rotten corpse while it was squeezing itself through the tunnel. The stench was so overwhelming that it almost sent Little Apple, who seemed pale enough to flee from the vicinity.

God damn, it was another disgusting spider with livor mortis all over its body and it reeked of a foul gas. Anyone who caught its stench would want to vomit. That was too much of a challenge to test anyone's endurance… Little Apple aside, even men like Slayer's Heart as well as Qin Ruo had the impulse to grab their Return Scrolls and get themselves out of there every time they were exposed to the stench!


iLittle Arrow finally could not help but take the lead in launching the assault on their enemy.

Right after a sharp whistling sound of an arrow piercing through the air, an arrow landed precisely on its target. Unfortunately, the rate of triggering Bind while a player was inflicted with Poison was reduced as well. Not only was Lunarshackle ineffective on the target, but it also agitated the Deathfiend Spider, which was squeezing itself through the tunnel. The spider opened up its mouth as it spat out a mass of black poisonous mist. It soon shrouded Slayer's Heart and Little Apple entirely.


A Radiant Priest worthy of her own title. Her response was superb as well. The instant the Deathfiend Spider spat out the poisonous mist, almost at the same time, a beam of holy light descended upon the poisonous mist. Before the poisonous mist could even spread thoroughly into their surroundings, it had been completely dispelled out of the vicinity. One hazardous situation had been instantly resolved.


A timely assault launched by Slayer's Heart blocked the body of the Deathfiend Spider that was attempting to enter the crypt. However, it was a surprise that Slayer's Heart's assault could actually drive the giant spider backward even after he went into his Berserk mode. He only expected to stop the Deathfiend Spider from moving farther forward. He never expected the spider to be blown backward by the impact of his attack just like that…

As expected from the former number one Field Commander of the Bauhinia Clan. Even though something unanticipated had risen, he remained capable of taking the most precise actions for the situation whether he realized it or not—lowering his shoulders, he lunged forward at an increasing speed and rammed into the Deathfiend Spider, which was giving off an overwhelming stench from all over its body.


Ineffective! Not only did Charge not deal much damage to the Deathfiend Spider, the impact also failed to deliver as it should have! Instead, Slayer's Heart lost over one-third of his HP bar after the Deathfiend Spider retaliated. He was even inflicted with Poison again…

"God dammit!"

After being a witness to everything that just happened, Qin Ruo finally understood the reason why Slayer's Heart and the others would never compete for "that key" during normal days. A treasure guarded by two troublesome demonic creatures like the Deathfiend Spider and the Gorefiend Spider Demon in a place this was definitely not ideal for any human being to be around with.

Slayer's Heart and Little Apple were tanking against the Deathfiend Spider's assault. They spammed their Tier 3 and Tier 4 skills at their quickest speed as they defended against the giant spider, trying to prevent it from getting out of the passage. However, they were still unable to stop the Deathfiend Spider from pushing its body out of the tunnel in the end.

In just a brief moment, Qin Ruo and Burning Rose also received a notification from the system, telling them that they had also been inflicted with Poison. The weakening of abilities by 10% would last until the Deathfiend Spider was thirty meters away from its targets.

The fifth Frostrampart had just taken its form!

Upon witnessing almost half of the Deathfiend Spider's gigantic body moving out of the narrow tunnel, how was it possible for Qin Ruo to focus on his task of condensing the remaining seven Frostramparts?

If the situation continued to escalate at that pace, the Deathfiend Spider would come out of the narrow tunnel entirely in the next five seconds tops. Once it freed itself from the narrow passage, the giant spider would first take out the Radiant Priest, who appeared to be the most capable person in the vicinity to aggravate the monster.

Meanwhile, it would still require twenty seconds at least for Qin Ruo to condense the remaining seven Frostramparts before the formation could be completely set up. During that period of time, there was no doubt that Slayer's Heart, Little Apple, iLittle Arrow, and Burning Rose were completely incapable of stopping the Deathfiend Spider from pushing forward, not even by a tiny bit. This goddamn Boss was a poison spider with high Agility (under a poisoned state, the effects of all magic spells and physical attacks would be greatly reduced. Any sort of attempts using those types of skills would basically cause no effect on the Boss)!

So, instead of focusing on the job he was tasked to accomplish, Qin Ruo deemed it wiser to take some practical actions in an attempt to stop the Deathfiend Spider from pushing forward…


With a crystal-clear shout, two of the Frostramparts turned back into soft Water Element under Qin Ruo's control. Then, the Water Element was directed right at the Deathfiend Spider, which was about to enter the crypt…

The target of the water was not the Deathfiend Spider though. Instead, it was the gap between the Deathfiend Spider and the tunnel.

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