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Chapter 31: Maverick Genius

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A chill came from the twelve Frostramparts, and it had the effect to greatly enhance the walls' frozen properties. It could also be considered as an obvious attack attribute.

Although the walls were just static lifeless objects, they still drew a high degree of vigilance from the Skeletal Knights!

Their attack came first before they even arrived!

*Crack! Crack…*

When the twelve Frostramparts rose up into the air on the third floor, four sharp whistles sounded at the same time. This high-frequency vibration, which seemed like it could tear the air apart reached its target instantly! All at once, the ice scattered all over the place and four of the Frostramparts evenly split into two. The bottom half of the Frostramparts remained solid for a very short moment before they crashed uncontrollably…

Although the Frostramparts were attacked, Qin Ruo did not show any signs of shock on his face. Instead, he was very happy.

He skillfully split his magic powers, and controlled the four "ice cubes" he had just cut off to stop their falling momentum. He moved them back up into the air and onto the third floor. Together with the other "ice cubes", they formed an ice ring!

For a time, the degree of coldness inside shot up!

It looked like their attacks were not helpful in solving the crisis, so they eventually stopped their assault.

At the next moment, the four ferocious and imposing Skeletal Warhorses appeared at the stone stairs exit from four different directions. The Skeletal Knights who were on their horses carried huge, black broadswords. They turned and focused their sights on the creator of the Frostrampart. Without saying anything, they kicked their heels fiercely into the side of the horse, and rushed down the stone stairs…

However, one should never underestimate the power of the formation of twelve Frostramparts. Even a Tier 4 Elite Miniboss could be frozen and slowed down. It was even more so when it came to Skeletal Knights that were only at Level 38.

Under the deliberate control of Qin Ruo, the formation now consisted of sixteen Frostramparts. They spread out a little bit and totally enclosed all the Skeletal Knights inside. The Skeletal Knights were covered in a thick frost and their movements slowed down a lot. As they were about to charge down to the stairs, a loud boom was heard. A black arrow had suddenly been shot to the middle of the entrance to the third floor and exploded!

A black light…

This was a Tier 3 skill of a Level 39 Shadow Bowmaster. It was Little Kitten's Chaos Arrow, which she had been preparing for a long time. This attack contained a certain amount of Psystrike, and it inflicted an indistinct amount of the assault on all targets within 10 m including friendly units. Its effects included a chance of paralyzing targets.

Usually, in cases of Level 39 versus Level 39, the success rate would be 50-50. However, under the effects of the Twelve Frostrampart Formation, the Skeletal Knights' advantage was greatly reduced. As a result, the success rate of the Psystrike was drastically improved!

When the black light flashed, two Skeletal Knights on the staircase and another two Skeletal Knights, who were standing by the exit of the third floor were stunned at the same time…

At the next second, a huge explosion was heard!

All the sixteen Frostramparts exploded at the same time!

In Qin Ruo and Little Kitten's eyes, it was just like a big avalanche on doomsday. Besides the snow-white ice crystals falling from above, there was a strong, white ice fog around them. Amid the falling ice, the two of them simultaneously heard the system prompting their experience gain a total of twelve times.

The one-second gap created by the Chaos Arrow provided an occasion for eight of the Skeletal Sorcerers to step into the death zone as well…

Qin Ruo quickly drank a small MP Potion and it recovered his MP to its full state. His gaze was concentrated on the melting white frost at the exit of the third floor. He was unsure if the Necromancer would be attracted to this attack.

For Qin Ruo, this was a very worthwhile plan. Otherwise, it would have been hard for just the three of them to deal with four Level 38 Skeletal Knights and eight Skeletal Sorcerers…

The ice forest gradually disappeared, and the stone stairs were a total mess. The corpses of two Skeletal Knights and two Skeletal Warhorses lay miserably on the staircase. Next to them were two pieces of equipment and some silver coins.

Qin Ruo did not pay attention to these items, instead, he continued to hold his gaze on the exit and quietly listened for nearby sounds. After half a minute, he finally confirmed that the third floor had been restored to its previous silent state and there were no more movements. He then walked towards the drops near the corpses of the Skeletal Knights and picked them up.

There were two equipment; one was a pair of Blue Bronze Chain Gloves, and another one was the dark broadsword held by the Skeletal Warrior. It was a rare Violet Equipment.

For the first time, a monster he killed himself dropped a Violet Equipment. He was very excited about it, and was about to grab it up to take a closer look. However, when he picked up the broadsword, he found that this sword was very heavy… Perhaps players without a Strength of 80 could not swing the sword. Qin Ruo frowned, lowered his head and stared at the sword again. It had a very smooth surface, a high standard for a blade that heavy. The blade was like a mirror. Not only that, the lower end of the blade, which was connected to the hilt was engraved with a dark red phoenix. This phoenix was very lifelike and it seemed like the work of a master craftsman. It was very eye-catching indeed.

"This sword looks very cool! Hey, this is a Violet Equipment. It could be an equipment of the highest grade." The little Bandit brat, Gold Digger Babe approached him without his knowledge and gazed at the dark red phoenix.

The same thought as Qin Ruo's…

The phoenix engraved on the blade of the weapon was like a totem from an ancient civilization. In ancient times, many heroes liked to carve their family emblem on their own weapons. The owner of this sword had probably been turned into a slave by the Necromancer. If the premise was right, it might be a good weapon.


Thinking of his fortune in the span of two days, Qin Ruo laughed.

"Do you think an equipment of the highest grade is easy to get?"

After he ended his sentence, he threw the weapon to her and said, "If you like it, take it. This is for you in return for your help."

When Gold Digger Babe heard this, she quickly treated it like a hot potato and threw the heavy sword back. "Nah, you want to return the favor by giving me this broken sword?"

Just moments ago, she mentioned that the sword could be of the highest grade. Now, she used the word "broken sword" to describe it. Qin Ruo felt totally speechless.

Shrugging his shoulders, Qin Ruo picked the Violet sword and said, "Never mind then. If this really is of the highest grade, you better not regret it. "

"It's a drop from a Level 38 Skeletal Knight, and you want it to be the highest grade? Do you think you're a GM?" The curse from Gold Digger Babe made Qin Ruo cough. This little brat, she even called him old online gaming names from many years ago.

He was at a lost for words.

Qin Ruo disapproved of her statement a little. After all, they were on a hidden quest. The rate of obtaining an equipment of the highest grade was much higher in there than outside. However, he was too lazy to argue with her. The only thing left was the Boss. After that, the quest would be complete.

He started to focus his mind. Next, he recast the Aquabarrier and Aquashield, then he condensed a Frostrampart, allowing it to float up to the third floor. Furthermore, he slightly adjusted the angle of the Frostrampart. The position of the Boss was determined based on the reflection of the third floor on the ice.

Witnessing his skills of manipulation and the way he used the water element, the two ladies behind him looked at each other with surprise. No wonder he was a maverick genius, he could think of such an "advanced" approach…

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