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7.19% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 51: Moldy Little Buns

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Chapter 51: Moldy Little Buns

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Along with the last glimpse of anticipation and the hopes of every single one of them in the vicinity, the arrowhead, which gleamed across the air plunged deep into the Deathfiend Spider's mouth.

The Deathfiend Spider's body trembled violently in that instant. At that moment, time seemed to be frozen. The six of them held their breath together at the same time as they stared anxiously at a small part of the arrow. It gleamed with a purple light and had yet to fully plunge into the Deathfiend Spider's mouth.


A sharp sound was heard.

The dark purple light suddenly spread from the Deathfiend Spider's mouth like a spider web, swiftly covering its entire head. After that, the dark purplish light continued to spread across the giant spider's big fat butt, which was covered in countless death spots. All six of them looked as if they could hear each other's silent cheers deep down in their hearts.

It was a successful attempt!

At the most crucial moment, iLittle Arrow had finally succeeded once.

Knowing that she did not let everyone down, iLittle Arrow let out a long sigh as she felt much more relieved now. It was like putting down a huge rock, which had been weighing on her heart ever since the battle began. Even though she only bought three seconds for her party members, the Deathfiend Spider's magic effects were forcibly interrupted by her attempt. Furthermore, her skill also restrained the giant spider's mobility and its ability to attack. At the very least, she had bought a moment long enough for everyone to catch a breath! As for what came next… it would depend on the rest of their performances now!

Slayer's Heart and Little Apple quickly gulped down their MP Potions. As the Poison effect on their bodies were momentarily nullified by Violet Orchid, both of their attacks instantly became sharper and fiercer…

Qin Ruo did not dare be negligent as well. He resumed control of the water element in their surroundings. He swiftly moved the water element to fill in the gaps between the Deathfiend Spider's body and the passage, locking the Deathfiend Spider's body right in between the tunnel once again!

After making some proper adjustments to ensure that the situation was under control, Qin Ruo no longer cast any offensive magic. Instead, he gulped down a full bottle of MP Potion without any delay. Then, he continued to place his focus back on his initial task of condensing the Twelve Frostramparts Formation, which he had yet to complete.

Three seconds passed in the blink of an eye.

However, that period was an absolute torment for the Deathfiend Spider to endure. In fact, any living being would not have been fond of having a foreign object shoved into its mouth.

After being relieved of the effects of Paralysis and Bind, the Deathfiend Spider continued to struggle as it attempted to get the foreign object out of its mouth. However, no matter how hard it tried, the giant spider was incapable of removing the huge "toothpick", which was plunged deeply into its oral cavity.

Not to mention, its huge butt and limbs were still stuck in between the small space of the passage, which was getting narrower due to the ice. Multiple attempts to get itself out of the tunnel had proved fruitless. The giant spider was so irritated that it became enraged. It kept giving out furious cries as it continuously sprayed poisonous mist and poisonous needles towards its enemies. It was clear how frustrated and angry the Deathfiend Spider was at that moment.

A few seconds later, it seemed that the cooldowns for their skills were over. The Deathfiend Spider once again repeated the same pattern of offense while it tanked the attacks from Slayer's Heart and Little Apple. In the meantime, it also released black gasses that carried a strong corrosive effect. It looked like the giant spider was attempting to corrode and melt the surrounding solid ice again.

At the same time however, the cooldown for iLittle Arrow's skill was also over…

"Violet Orchid!"

Lunarshackle was ready once again. The light that radiated from the purplish arrow caused the Deathfiend Spider to struggle even harder than before. Apparently, it had finally learned the terror that the magic arrow could bring upon it.

"Purification Aura!"

Violet Orchid tacitly cast her Purification spell upon iLittle Arrow once the Poison Effect on iLittle Arrow was instantly nullified…

Without even the slightest hesitation, Lunarshackle was launched from the bowstring of iLittle Arrow's bow!

She knew very well that for the moment, she was only capable of using that method to buy as much time as possible for everyone else—whether it was Slayer's Heart and Little Apple's damaging skills, or the Twelve Frostramparts Formation that Qin Ruo was setting up, everyone was sorely lacking in time.

So in the meantime, the only person who could delay as much time as possible for everyone in the party was her!!

Ever since Qin Ruo made his move on the giant spider, Burning Rose did not cast any offensive magic spells. From the moment Little Apple shot the first Lunarshackle that went into effect, Burning Rose's entire had been covered in a layer of fuzzy Elemental Enchantment. It was a Tier 4 Verdantflame Barrier, a skill that weakened magic attacks by 20% and carried an attribute that provided an additional 50 points to Fire Element Magic Attacks.

At that time, the Tier 4 Fire Aegis had already engulfed her body. The moment her body came into contact with any attack, the Fire Aegis would emerge to block it. Having two Tier 4 skills protecting her, there was a belief that Burning Rose could still stand a chance against the Deathfiend Spider that had escaped its difficult situation for a brief period. She would definitely not die in an instant.

Burning Rose stood right before Violet Orchid with utmost confidence. She held her staff in her hand as a visible, mini fire dragon moved flexibly around the staff. She seemed like a formidable Archmage who stood strong; she was an imposing woman no lesser than a man!


Unfortunately, the effects of Lunarshackle did not set in this time!

Instead, the Deathfiend Spider began to struggle even more intensely than before as it continued to unleash its corrosive black gasses into the surroundings at a faster rate. Black water dripped continuously to the ground. Its huge, bloated body had once again regained its mobility to squirm out of the tunnel. It did not take long before half of its huge body had emerged from the tunnel. Relentless, it used its disgusting mouth, which carried strong venom to launch its attack. Its ferocious attempts of offense forced Slayer's Heart and Little Apple to retreat one step after another.

Upon seeing this, Qin Ruo could not help but feel tremendously worried!

Up to that point, he had only condensed the seventh Frostrampart. If the Deathfiend Spider had been able to immediately free itself from the tunnel, the consequences would have been unimaginably bad!


Seizing an opening in between his time to complete the Twelve Frostramparts Formation, Qin Ruo shouted at Burning Rose, who was standing still on the other side. Simultaneously, Burning Rose lifted her staff, which appeared to be fiery red from top to bottom. The little fire dragon that was moving around the staff seemed to have received some sort of command. It began to swim its way over to the red Mana Core on the tip of the staff. An intense magic energy wave then rapidly expanded from it!

"Fire Dragon!"

Just as the Deathfiend Spider's entire body completely escaped from the tight tunnel, that tremendous amount of magic energy was finally unleashed along with an outburst of a dragon's roar!


The Fire Dragon wrapped around the top of the staff suddenly expanded over a hundred times larger than before. It formed itself into a Fire Dragon that was 0.5-m thick and over ten meters long. It emerged along with an amazing heatwave as it charged right at the Deathfiend Spider that just got out of its difficult situation in the narrow tunnel.

The moment the Fire Dragon revealed itself, Burning Rose did not slack, not even by a little. Instead, she took out a Magic Scroll from her backpack as swiftly as she could without looking at how much damage the Fire Dragon could deal to the giant spider. Soon after, she flipped the scroll opened.

"Firegod's Fury!"

At that very moment, the entire crypt was filled with the presence of an unusually immense Fire Element. Boiling heatwaves rose up one after another, coming from the roar of the Fire Dragon and the giant hand of the Firegod, which emerged out of thin air right above the Deathfiend Spider…


After the Fire Dragon locked on its target, the Deathfiend Spider was given no chance to escape at all. Along came a tremendously loud bang as flames splashed in all directions. The Deathfiend Spider's entire body convulsed as it was scorched relentlessly. The burning caused excruciating pain to the Deathfiend Spider to the point that it miserably hissed non-stop. Right after that, the gigantic hand of the Firegod was violently slammed onto the giant spider… Another loud rumble was produced. The Deathfiend Spider, which received over 500 points of damage was heavily knocked onto the surface of the ground. All of the giant spider's eight legs did not manage to endure the enormous force that came down upon it. Hence, the giant spider went down along with the weight of the force.

At first glance, Qin Ruo got some goosebumps. He was truly worried that the giant spider's huge, disgusting butt, which appeared strangely plump would explode after being slammed so hard. Seeing the spider's excrement and internal organs scattered all over the place would definitely be a nasty experience…

Initially, it was merely a disgusting thought he came up with in his subconscious mind. He never thought that it would actually happen right in front of him!

The Deathfiend Spider's huge butt was stuck high in the air at an odd angle right after it was brutally slammed onto the surface of the ground. Having a closer look, it was absolutely clear to see that the giant spider's butt seemed much plumper than before…


Of course, no one gave a damn about the Deathfiend Spider's huge butt at that moment.

Shortly after, there was a loud "puff"! The Deathfiend Spider's huge butt suddenly burst like the blooming bud of a flower! Black and white "substances" splattered all over the place like goods not being properly unloaded…

At that time, an endless rustling sound began to echo throughout their surroundings as though creatures were currently crawling on the ground. Beneath the six horrific gazes, countless "Mini Deathfiend Spiders" the size of fists appeared just like moldy little buns, scattered all over the ground. They rapidly rushed towards the six individuals like a tidal wave!

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