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2.67% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 19: Provoked, It Will Shake the World

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Chapter 19: Provoked, It Will Shake the World

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Pyromancer was one of the most stable and powerful of the seven branches of the Elementalist class. It had an irreplaceable role in a team. Even in a one-versus-one fight, the player with this class would not be in an unfavorable position.

However, being a Pyromancer had a disadvantage: the effects of the Fire Element's magical attack compared to the paralyzing effect of the Thunder Element; the multiple physical effects of the Earth Element; the speed of the Wind Element; the Spiritual Effect of the Light Element; the evil of the Dark Element; and the frozen effect of the Water Element, the Fire Element only had heat and flame. Therefore, when facing some advanced monsters, the situation of a Pyromancer was very delicate.

Just like Burning Rose, who was dealing with the highly agile Gorefiend Spider alone, without the protection from any Magic Scroll. It was very difficult for her to condense the element… The Gorefiend Spider's speed and frequency of attacks were high. She could only weaken its attacks using her Fire Barrier. She dodged its attacks as she drank potions. Barely holding on, she used the only magic attack suitable in a melee fight—Fire-Resistant Aura and waited for iLittle Arrow's battle to finish.

But, iLittle Arrow was also experiencing some hardships. It was not easy to take on the Gorefiend Spider alone, as it did not give her enough time to cast Lunarshackle. And whenever she slowed down slightly, there was a chance that she would be trapped by the Gorefiend Spider, or die from its venom. Thus, she was forced to use a less lethal normal attack, which only dealt 100 damage per hit, slowly cutting down the Gorefiend Spider's HP. It seemed like she would not be able to end the fight as fast as possible and help Burning Rose.

This caused things for Burning Rose to be even harder. Usually, when she went there, there was no threatening factor such as this, therefore as a Pyromancer, she did not bring a lot of potions. After several rounds of attacks, all of her potions were used up, yet the Gorefiend Spider still had about half of its HP.

Just as she was struggling and praying for someone to quickly end their battle, she noticed in her periphery, two thirty-centimeter-long water columns popping up from two puddles. As if answering her prayers, they shot towards the Gorefiend Spider that was still fighting against her fire attacks.

In the air, one of the water columns immediately sharpened!

The next moment, the front of the water column was shaped into the likeness of a Frost Lance. It then brought a chill to the atmosphere and sped up! It had a very strong momentum! Unsurprisingly, it hit the Gorefiend Spider that was focused on attacking Burning Rose…

The presence of the Frost Lance raised Burning Rose's spirit. She took the opportunity when the Gorefiend Spider paused for a moment.

"Fire-Resistant Aura!"

A dazzling ring of fire suddenly blew out from Burning Rose' body, and the Gorefiend Spider, which had a Frost Lance through its body was smashed a few meters back.

The knocked back Spider did not realize that this was the end of its lucky day. It continued to open its ugly mouthpart and prepared to spit venom again to attack the Pyromancer, who was about to fall apart. In the end, the Gorefiend Spider was splashed by the water column and was completely drenched.

Of course, Qin Ruo did not give such a good opportunity up!


The water element responded instantly; changing's state of matter and caused the temperature around to drop. This made the Gorefiend Spider experience the feeling of ice and fire at the same time…

While Burning Rose condensed her magic, she was also taken aback by Qin Ruo's ability as an Aquamancer.

The combination of Tier 3 magic and Elementalism, an advanced dual-control skill was performed smoothly by a Tier 3 Aquamancer player!

Despite her shock, she did not slow down. She dodged the Gorefiend Spider's attack skilfully and pulled away from it as she continued to cast some Tier 4 magic for the first time.

She believed that if this magic was released, the Gorefiend Spider, whose HP was now below 1,000 would not be a threat anymore. Of course, the premise was that Qin Ruo had to freeze it for two seconds.

One second… Two seconds…

Burning Rose finally let out a sigh of relief. Looking at Qin Ruo, she felt excited and grateful… It seemed like all of them had underestimated this Tier 3 Aquamancer "Young Brother".


The Gorefiend Spider obviously needed to recover from the huge ice hit. However, it was once again injured. The Frostburst almost overturned it. This additional pain caused it to switch targets!

Seeing the Gorefiend Spider suddenly giving up on her, she felt worried.


She stopped retreating, but she still could not catch up with the Gorefiend Spider. Moreover, her Tier 4 skills were not ready yet. At that time… she was filled with annoyance and regret.

That moment, in the battlefield full of ice, a thick and long Frostrampart appeared in the air. It was about half a meter wide and three meters long. However, she was not aware when he condensed it.

The raging Gorefiend Spider charged towards it. The Frostrampart suddenly "lost control", and freefall. It smashed the Gorefiend Spider that was right beneath it. Blood splashed everywhere and the Spider looked so miserable.

The creator of the "unintended" incident, "Spider's death by falling object" did not have any love for it. Slowly, he extracted a specific amount of water from the puddle, and condensed it into three Frostsoul Shura's Needles…

The ones who were initially concerned about the fight thought Qin Ruo was really strong through his calmness, manipulation, and grasp of timing.

"Illusion, yes! It must be an illusion!!"

The Radiant Priest tried to console himself. At the same time, he was disappointed with the several Tier 4 Elementalists on his team.

F*ck, it's almost half a minute. Still can't finish a Tier 4 monster! A group of novices!

They were inferior to a Tier 3 Aquamancer… It was too shameful.

Following that, with Burning Rose' Firegod Fury, and Qin Ruo's Frostsoul Shura's Needles attacking it simultaneously, the third Gorefiend Spider was buried in hot steam. There was finally a major turnaround!

They split up, and separately helped the other four to kill the remaining low HP Gorefiend Spiders. Four Elementalists, including Qin Ruo and two Bowmasters, started to focus on the battle with the Gorefiend Spider Demon…




"Meteor Arrows!"


With these powerful Tier 4 magic and Tier 4 skills added in, it greatly released some of the pressure on Slayer's Heart and the other Berserker. It was unfortunate that the Lunarshackle had no effect on the Gorefiend Spider Demon. Otherwise, the Gorefiend Spider Demon, who had less than 30,000 HP could have gotten its HP cut in half!

Little Apple and the other warrior who died a while ago had not been resurrected yet…

Firstly because the Radiant Priest was not free at all. He needed to concentrate on healing his Berserker teammate. In addition, a long resurrection time of ten seconds could allow the Gorefiend Spider Demon to grab the chance to put the two warriors in danger.

Nevertheless, it was a hard task to deal more than 20,000 damage in a short time. Moreover, the Gorefiend Spider Demon was a long-range attack Boss. If the Elementalists attacked too frequently, it may switch its target to them.

However, as Elementalists, they could stand the attack from a Tier 4 Elite Miniboss.

Qin Ruo was the only one not worried at all. From the very beginning, he had been manipulating the surrounding water element. There were a lot of water puddles near the Gorefiend Spider Demon, so he could do something interesting.

The next moment, under the gaze of several of the Tier 4 players, a few Frostramparts were set around the Gorefiend Spider Demon. They were arranged nicely just like a huge eight-diagram tactics pattern.

Along with the cold air that suddenly blew, all the players on the field had a strange thought: this Tier 3 Aquamancer was seemingly becoming the main protagonist on the battlefield.

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