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Chapter 18: Silence

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Surprisingly, the seven Gorefiend Spiders were successfully pinned down by the six of them. On top of that, the process went smoothly… They could not believe it, especially what happened on Qin Ruo's side.

It was totally far beyond everyone's expectations, including Burning Rose's! After all, there was indeed a large gap between a Tier 3 Aquamancer and a Tier 4 monster!

Both Burning Rose and iLittle Arrow had been worried about Qin Ruo's situation. Once the seven Gorefiend Spiders respawned, Burning Rose even peeked on Qin Ruo when iLittle Arrow was luring the Gorefiend Spiders. It turned out that…

He was calm and steady!

The other six Gorefiend Spiders near the outside of the cave had appeared at the same time. However, on the Qin Ruo side, there was no trace of the Gorefiend Spider…

One second, two seconds passed…

This astonished Burning Rose. She became doubtful and nervous. They knew the exact respawning location of the Gorefiend Spiders. If not, they would have thought that the system was playing a joke on them, and had respawned the Gorefiend Spider in another place.

Other people also noticed the calm situation there, looking at Qin Ruo who was alone and at ease. They were also clueless about the strange occurrence.

Then, a huge explosion was heard. This made everyone feel extremely nervous at the same time!

Damn it!

There was no sound, but when provoked, it shook the world. It was completely silent earlier, but there was such a huge noise now. The Elementalists and Bowmaster also panicked for a while. Their first thoughts were about the weakest among the six being in trouble…

Indeed, something was happening!

The nearby Bowmaster did not even look in his direction, and straightaway made preparations to fight the Gorefiend Spider. But when he was done, what he saw shocked him.

The Gorefiend Spider was there…

Nevertheless, unlike the situation they imagined, where Qin Ruo would be the one to get chased around or die due to the Gorefiend Spider's venom did not occur.

On the contrary, Qin Ruo, who was standing outside of the puddle had the initiative. The Gorefiend Spider that supposedly had absolute power advantage was nailed to the puddle by a giant Frost Lance. It could not move at all!

Qin Ruo would have given his enemy a chance if he had owned such righteousness. The scattered ice was quickly condensed again by him, and three thin, as well as long, icy Shura's Needles, precisely hit three of the Gorefiend Spider's eyes…

A horrible shriek was heard! Due to the severe pain, the Gorefiend Spider went crazy. Although its eight slender legs had been covered in a layer of thin frost, it still scratched the inner wall of the puddle at an extremely fast speed. One could feel its anger and despair!

The first hit dealt 240 points of damage; the second hit dealt 370 points of damage, and the third hit dealt 480 points of damage. In the blink of an eye, he had unknowingly completed the task that everyone gave him. Ten seconds passed, and he was able to reduce more than a third of the Gorefiend Spider's HP, yet he was unharmed.

The Frost Lance started to melt under the effects of the Dark Element, which surrounded the Gorefiend Spider. It shook its body and rushed out from the puddle with its three eyeballs oozing out green liquid…

Unfortunately, the Gorefiend Spider had slender legs and they were not affected by the surface of the thick ice. It stared at Qin Ruo and dashed towards him, ignoring the terrain that was full of thick ice.


During the spell casting, Qin Ruo was not as nervous as before!

The three consecutive perfect attacks made him realize that the Gorefiend Spider was not really that strong… Its magic defense was worse than the Galewind Wolf King; its attack was also not comparable; it did not have a speed and range advantage when compared with the Galewind Wolf King. Plus, its HP was also low… Apart from its awful face… there was nothing to be afraid of!

Once he built up his confidence, he completely calmed down. Next, he manipulated the thick ice on the ground to melt into water and controlled it smoothly, turning it into a wall of water to block the Gorefiend Spider.

This was the trick he used to deal with the Galewind Wolf, but the size of the Gorefiend Spider was quite huge. A small Aquashield could not enclose it, so he changed it a little bit…


The timing was just right. When the Gorefiend Spider put its head through the Aquarampart, the temperature of the Aquarampart plummeted quickly. The Aquarampart turned into a Frostrampart, trapping and disabling the Gorefiend Spider inside it.

However, the Gorefiend Spider was a Tier 4 monster. An attack like that may have been effective against the Galewind Wolf, but for a Gorefiend Spider, it was difficult. A few moments later, the Frostrampart started to crack and crackling sounds were heard.

Qin Ruo knew that he only had about two seconds. He froze the Frostrampart and steadily pulled the water element from the puddle not far behind him. The water element was then shaped into a lance. Next, he took a few steps back.

"Frost Lance!"

The duration of spells for Tier 3 magic was three seconds. Nonetheless, with their surrounding environment, and the smart usage of Elementalism, it could be carried out in a shorter amount of time.

Qin Ruo controlled the Frost Lance and aimed it at the Gorefiend Spider that was about to break free. He slowly uttered the word, "Explosion…"

The poor Gorefiend Spider had yet to recover from its bleeding. Numerous thick slabs of ice knocked it over in a close distance, and caused the Gorefiend Spider to drop back into the puddle.

At the same time, the Frost Lance fell from the sky…

This time he was very lucky. The Frost Lance pierced the Gorefiend Spider's belly directly, from the back and straight into the ground. It nailed the Gorefiend Spider into the puddle completely! The Gorefiend Spider bitterly squirmed around on its rounded butt, and shrieked with much sorrow.

Three seconds!

This duration was enough for Qin Ruo to prepare Tier 3 magic and Elementalism.

After Frostsoul and Shura's Needles did more than 500 damage to the Gorefiend Spider, its HP dropped below one third; for Qin Ruo, it was no longer a threat.

Anyway, as for the other two people on the battlefield, Burning Rose and iLittle Arrow, they were quite strong, but it was a really tough fight for them. Both of their classes specialized in long-ranged attacks, and their defenses were not very good. In addition, the activity range of the Lunar Spellgunner was limited, due to the fear of accidentally attracting the Gorefiend Spider elsewhere…

Within ten minutes, Burning Rose had already used three Fire Element Scrolls to kill one of them. There was no fourth magic scroll to be used. They could only delay the remaining two Gorefiend Spiders using Burning Rose' Fire Barrier and iLittle Arrow's speed. They were hoping for help from the other three people.

It seemed like the other three were also dealing with the Gorefiend Spiders for the first time. Their situation did not look very good.

As for Slayer's Heart and the other warrior, they were handling the Gorefiend Spider Demon. Although they had support from the Radiant Priest, under the high attack of the Tier 4 Elite Miniboss, they could not exert all their strength. They fought the Boss while they drank potions. They appeared to be struggling, unable to find a way to deal with the Boss.

Sweeping his eyes across the battlefield, Qin Ruo found that he was the person most at ease. Perhaps, this could be a pivot of the turning point.

Thinking of this, Qin Ruo sped up his attacks! He finished the Gorefiend Spider who had less than 700 HP as quickly as possible. Then, without even looking at the loot in the puddle, he rushed towards Burning Rose

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