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Chapter 56: Supreme Champions

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After receiving a reminder from Burning Rose, Qin Ruo did not dare behave sloppily in carrying out his tasks. He got rid of the leisure mentality he had before as he lifted his spirits and put his mind into sorting his magic skills and attributes.

At the secret chamber on the lower third floor of the Ruins...

Anyone could tell that the difficulty of this location would definitely be more challenging than the difficulty of the other three floors of the Ruins. One needed to bear in mind that even a powerful party, which comprised of Scarlet Bauhinia and his members was slaughtered in that chamber. Qin Ruo doubted that the six of them could explore the secret chamber like it was a walk in the park.

After having some thoughts on that matter, Qin Ruo still felt a little unsettled. He started to ask Burning Rose for information on the time Scarlet Bauhinia and the other nine powerful players entered the secret chamber. He also asked her for details on what they did in the chamber…

If that incident had happened long ago…

Perhaps Scarlet Bauhinia and his party members were merely Tier 3 or Tier 4 players when they entered the chamber, or perhaps… the assortment of Classes among the powerful players were misplaced. Maybe their Classes were not compatible with each other for them to cooperate smoothly in battles. Other than that, Qin Ruo also asked for some details on the secret chamber's interior.

He shot all of his questions out without any pause, like he was shooting cannonballs relentlessly. Burning Rose could not help but feel overwhelmed with Qin Ruo's questions. She even placed her palm on her forehead to indicate that she was in misery as she turned her head aside to avoid making any eye contact with Qin Ruo. She felt as if her head was going to swell after being bombarded with so many questions all of a sudden.

"Ruo Ruo… I think you better shoot all of your questions at Sister Violet instead." She pointed her fingertip right at Violet Orchid.


Qin Ruo lifted his head. He seemed shocked as he looked at Violet Orchid. However, Violet Orchid seemed vexed by the look on her face as she stared back at Qin Ruo. "How do you expect me to answer all of your questions when you ask me so many questions out of nowehere?"

Slayer's Heart could not help but smile. He then gave Violet Orchid a gentle reminder from the side.

"… Just tell him how many of you went in back then, each of your Classes and Levels, and some details on what you guys encountered when you guys were there. Maybe Qin Ruo could come up with some rare but weird way to solve the problems with that silly mind of his."

Instinctively filtering out Heart's evaluation of him, Qin Ruo could not help but tap his forehead quietly.

That's right, Violet Orchid's also one of the members of Bauhinia League.

Furthermore, he had also heard from Burning Rose and the others that Violet Orchid seemed close with Scarlet Bauhinia. Hence, it would not come as a shock even if she was one of the members during their previous operation. It was just…

Qin Ruo quickly glanced at Violet Orchid from top to bottom as he seemed to be skeptical. Burning Rose did mention before that there were nine champion players who followed Scarlet Bauhinia into the secret chamber… Could it be that she was… that sort of champion (powerful player)? Well, it really remained to be seen that Sister Violet possessed that "dominant aura" though.

Hmm, it was a question, which seemed a little complicated.

"How dare you, Ruo Ruo?! What's with that look on your face? Are you underestimating our Sister Violet?" As the person with the sharpest observation among all six of them, iLittle Arrow was able to see in Qin Ruo's eyes the thoughts that were going through his head. She was truly worthy of her title. Her sharp observation had intimidated Qin Ruo that he kept shaking his hands to deny any intention of underestimating Violet Orchid.

"No, how would I dare to even think about that? I'm just curious about one thing. What was your level when you entered the secret chamber, Sister Violet?"

"Huh? Me?"

Violet Orchid did not seem to mind being asked the question. When Qin Ruo asked her about her level, she revealed a thoughtful expression on her face as she said, "If I'm not mistaken, I think I was at Level 46."


Qin Ruo almost choked on his own breath. He thought he misheard what she said at first.

After he forcefully swallowed his saliva, he quickly asked to confirm again. "What was your level again?'

"Level 46!"

Little Apple rolled her eyes at Qin Ruo as if she was truly fed up by his behavior.

"Did you really think that our Sister Violet's level has been that low from the start? If it weren't for that quest and her promotion to Clan Leader… perhaps, Sister Lan would have reached Level 49 much earlier on and she would have been ready to take on the quest to progress into Tier 5."

Little Apple felt deep regret as she took a glance at Violet Orchid while she spoke.

Qin Ruo took a cold, deep breath as he stared at Violet Orchid with shock written all over his face. He could not believe that what Little Apple said was true…

Oh my god! Level 49, and about to go on the quest to progress into Tier 5! Violet Orchid, who appeared like an elder sister and an ordinary girl next door had actually gotten so close to reaching the top of the pyramid in H&G…

Are you kidding me?!

Truth be told, up to this point, only tens of thousands out of the several hundred million players were actually capable of grinding themselves up to Level 49. In the meantime, not more than 30 of them were able to complete the quest to progress into Tier 5…

Tier 5 was the exact pinnacle of power that Qin Ruo could only dream of! All of the 30 players were definitely champions in H&G—twenty eight of the players were separated across the Seven Great Leagues in the game. The remaining two of them were solo players who also belonged to their own Clans. One of them was the Clan Leader of the "Iron-Blood Clan", while the other was a Field Commander in the "Crimson Clan". Each one of them was so divinely powerful that their existence was basically equivalent to a myth!

Qin Ruo was convinced that even professional players would require to commit at least half a year before they could attain Level 49.

So, Violet Orchid…

A gentle Radiant Priest who had reached a high position where she was only one level from attaining Tier 5? That was just too unbelievable! The difficulty of attaining Tier 5 was probably as hard as climbing up to the sky, and it was enough to deeply astound Qin Ruo. This news came even more as a shock than the news that Slayer's Heart was once the No. 1 Field Commander of Bauhinia Clan!

Burning Rose stood right next to Qin Ruo as she looked at him with a smirk.

"Did that scare you so much that the cat caught your tongue? There's even more pressing news about Sister Violet, you know? Hehe. Do you want to know?"

"You cheeky girl, what are you planning to say?" Violet Orchid was pink from blushing as she shouted, "Stop wasting time already, it's time to get back to business."

She's changing the subject! She's definitely trying to change the subject.

Qin Ruo's curiosity had been aroused by the words "pressing news", which came out from Burning Rose's mouth. However, he knew that it was not the appropriate time to talk about it at the moment. It would never be too late to ask Burning Rose about it once they returned to the city. Hence, Qin Ruo decided to focus as he listened intently to Violet Orchid.

The moment Violet Orchid started talking, the joyful moment around them suddenly vanished without a trace. Everyone seemed to have reverted their minds back to the secret chamber on the third floor of the Ruins…

It was just less than 20 days ago when Scarlet Bauhinia led his party into the secret chamber. During that time, Scarlet Bauhinia had just attained Level 49 and he was ready to progress into Tier 5. The other nine of his party members also consisted of the most powerful Clan Leaders and Field Commanders who were chosen among the elites of Bauhinia League. Hence, all of their strengths were definitely not as weak as the strength of Tier 4 rookies like Qin Ruo initially thought them to be.

Back then, Violet Orchid and another Radiant Priest were basically the weakest members on the party. However, they had also attained Level 46 and Level 47 respectively. Their capabilities as the Support on the party were deemed to be top notch in the entire of H&G at that time…

On the whole, that party's strength was far greater than the strength of the current party of six, which Qin Ruo belonged to. Even if that party only picked one-third of their members, they could easily wipe out Qin Ruo and his party members. It would be so clean that not even a single trace would be left behind.

But even though the party had a strong line-up, the moment they set foot in the pitch-black secret chamber in the underground maze (which remained completely sealed off), only one of them was able to survive after staying in the chamber for less than half an hour!

Hearing it from Scarlet Bauhinia himself, he was able to get out of the secret chamber alive because he had activated a Tier 4 Dark Magic Scroll. He gave everything he had as he did not have to worry about his party members anymore. After that, he never mentioned the incident in Erics Underground Ruins ever again.

After listening to the story until the very end, Qin Ruo was rendered speechless. He could not make a sound.

Damn it, he called that a success in completing the quest? That was an absolutely beautiful tale, which Scarlet Bauhinia fed to the public. Qin Ruo was utterly sure that Scarlet Bauhinia left the secret chamber the moment he disengaged from his Combat Status. He probably did not even have a certain extent of understanding towards the secret chamber!

Holy sh*t, looks like the journey into the dungeon this time is going to be much more troublesome than anticipated!

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