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1.55% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 11: Taking Care of One's Troubles after Accepting One’s Gold

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Chapter 11: Taking Care of One's Troubles after Accepting One’s Gold

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The feeling of regret filled his heart. However, Qin Ruo calmed down after he found out that his job was only to heal his four teammates. He did not need to fight. He began to discover more about his teammates as they conversed.

Captain Slayer's Heart was a Level 45 Titanwraith Berserker, who possessed two Gold equipment. According to his own words, he could deal with two Tier 4 monsters without bringing any danger to himself.

Little Apple, the Level 44 Zephyr Swordmaster had one Gold equipment. Her strength was in her speed and she could easily take a monster under Level 45 alone.

Level 44 Pyromancer, Burning Rose was good at AoE fire spells. The highest magical attack she could deal was 180.

Level 45 Lunar Spellgunner, iLittle Arrow was good at detecting and drawing out monsters.

Such a party combination was actually very good. It encompassed strength, agility, long-range attacks, good detection, ability to draw out the monster, and strong mobility. It was a complete party in terms of leveling up, attacking or defending against a Boss.

It's easy to play with this party. No wonder they just need me, a Tier 3 Aquamancer for the fight.

Based on their strength, they could still stand strong in Aricus Underground Ruins without a Radiant Priest.

Qin Ruo was finally able to relax.

"Hey, young brother, so now you know what we have, shouldn't you start introducing yourself?" The captain's voice traveled into his ears. He noticed that the captain was watching him with a very playful look.

Qin Ruo nodded. He knew what everyone was concerned about, so he replied honestly, "I'm a master in Aquaheal, and in terms of combat... I think it's not a problem for me to deal with a Tier 4 monster."

This was not him boasting. A Tier 3 Elite Boss was indeed stronger than a normal Tier 4 monster.

As soon as he said this, his four party members gave him odd looks. Slayer's Heart coughed and said, "Umm… young brother, remember, during the battle… you just need to focus on healing! Please don't waste your MP on attacking. It's useless to cast Tier 3 Water spell on a Tier 4 monster."

"Indeed. We all have our own position, and you're a support player. What you need to do is heal us. Leave the battle stuff to me and the captain!" Little Apple appeared to be nervous, staring at Qin Ruo. She was afraid that he would do something stupid.

"Hmm, okay." Qin Ruo shrugged and nodded as a promise to her. Although he was very reluctant to admit it, with his current strength, he was nothing in front of these professionals. In their opinion, his skills and level were just barely adequate to party with them. They had the impression that Qin Ruo might be an unstable support in the team.

"Okay. For the sake of money, I'll bear with it."


Along the way, Captain Slayer's Heart and Little Apple walked in front. The two of them were silent and they looked very serious. They only turned around whenever they recalled something important, and wanted to explain it. On the other hand, Burning Rose and iLittle Arrow seemed to have endless words to say. They had been whispering to each other from the start, attracting the attention of many players.

As the "employee", Qin Ruo did not feel any disfavor from the party. They just paid Qin Ruo to work with them after all. After two or four hours, this party would disband. So, there was no need for him to build relationships and chat with them.

However, after entering Kane Jungle, Qin Ruo still cautiously reminded iLittle Arrow to pay attention to any approaching Bandit.

During their conversation, the first Galewind Wolf they caught sight of was immediately finished off by Burning Rose and iLittle Arrow, who stopped chit-chatting. A big Fireball and an arrow, these two attacks almost hit at the same time. The speed of their attack was amazing, and the Galewind Wolf did not even have time to cast any magic. Once it entered the attack range of the two beauties, it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Instant kill...

Putting away her wooden Elf Bow, iLittle Arrow turned her head and looked at Qin Ruo in a peculiar manner.

"You have an enemy, huh?"

Qin Ruo was just amazed by iLittle Arrow's Bowmaster skills and Burning Rose's manipulation of the Fire Element as well as her casting skills. He remained slightly stunned before he nodded. "Yeah, that guy killed me once before when I was slaying the monster. I just managed to get my revenge today, so I'm a bit worried."

Just then, the Berserker smiled and promised, "Well, you can rest assured. As long as you're within my sight... you won't be in danger."

Now, Qin Ruo knew Slayer's Heart probably thought that his enemy was surely a Tier 3 newbie. Qin Ruo wanted to explain more, but when he glanced at the League badge belonging to Slayer's Heart, his words remained stuck in his throat.

He was thinking about it too much. Although Shadow Clan was pretty strong, they were not a member of the Seven Great Leagues. Even if Cayman was an impetuous guy, it was impossible for him to attack Qin Ruo in front of Slayer's Heart. If Cayman dared to do so, he was surely looking for trouble.

So for a few hours, he was absolutely safe from danger.

Thinking about it, he nodded weakly and cooled down. He then focused on recalling the move done by Burning Rose. He tried to remember everything from the casting of the Fireball, attacking the Galewind Wolf, to even the calculation of the monster's attack as it enters her own attack range. Everything was just… It was all well thought out.

It seemed like their actual strengths were not fully reflected by the equipment they had. Based on what they just did, Qin Ruo had a deeper understanding of the three girls.

His reaction was exactly what Burning Rose and iLittle Arrow wanted to see.

From the time they started playing the game until now, many friends who knew them understood that their skills were good. Despite that, most male players still only cared about their appearances. The males subjectively believed that they were the good-for-nothing kind of people. This was also one of the reasons why the girls had been reluctant to join any Clans and Leagues.

Qin Ruo was visibly amazed by the girls and this act gained their favor... Nonetheless, they still did not allow him to join the fight.

Soon, there was a pitiful look in Qin Ruo's eyes.

Along the way, all the Galewind Wolves were knocked out with one hit, yet the group did not care about the loot. They just left the silver coins and bodies on the ground... Oh gosh, that was all money!

However, since the deal was that he would not take any spoils, Qin Ruo did not do what he usually did. In addition… the burns and damage on the fur greatly reduced the quality. Even if the fur was sold, it would only be for a few silver coins. There was no reason to waste time on it.

After they passed through the outer ring, the level of the monsters in the jungle started to climb. However, the speed of their advance was not affected at all. Thanks to Burning Rose's high magical attack and the cover iLittle Arrow provided, the Tier 3 monsters were not a challenge at all.

In the meantime, Burning Rose drank two bottles of MP Potions that were worth 30 gold coins. At the back, Qin Ruo felt dejected: he even started to suspect that her Clan owned the potion factory. This was just too luxurious for him.

After all, Kane Jungle was a dangerous place!

After killing the last Level 39 "Blazetiger", Qin Ruo found that the jungle before him was obviously gloomier, more depressing and even more frightening! It was as if taking a step further would cause one to fall into the deep endless abyss.

At this point, the party stopped. Burning Rose, who played the role of striker fell back. She followed Little Apple and retreated behind of Qin Ruo. The captain, Slayer's Heart walked to the front, turned his head back and said, "As usual, Little Arrow and I will kill the monster; Rose and Little Apple, take care of the back; Qin Ruo, you're in the center of the party. Heal us whenever necessary."

Seeing everyone's eyes on him, Qin Ruo replied with a strong nod. If he was going to take their money, he would have to help them.

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