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6.2% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 44: The Beginning of a Dispute

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Chapter 44: The Beginning of a Dispute

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Dueling was a legal form of battle between players.

Once someone accepted the "Duel Invitation" by the initiator, both parties in the battle would not lose a level or their equipment after death. They would be resurrected at the nearest town after being killed. They could also choose to be revived on the spot by a Priest.

However, Crackpot did not accept Qin Ruo's Duel Invitation. Instead, without hesitation, he chose the normal form of battle, which did not secure the players.

This made Qin Ruo feel slightly dispirited.

His opponent probably chose to do so because he wanted to take advantage of Honor Points and was not afraid of convicting manslaughter. Honor Points could be attained by performing a specific hardcore mission in the Devil's Continent, or by joining the "Mythical Battlefield" and killing players from the Demon Faction. After accumulating a certain amount of kills, one would be awarded Honor Points. One Honor Point could be used as immunity against penalties resulting from player kills. (A single Honor Point can be used for one kill only)

It was not easy to gain an Honor Point. Plus, only a Tier 4 player was qualified to enter the Mythical Battlefield and be eligible to cross the border to slaughter the enemies.

It was obviously impossible for Qin Ruo to have Honor Points, so he was certainly in an unfavorable situation in his fight against Crackpot.

But of course, he would not back down now since it had progressed to this stage.


A Tier 4 Radiant Priest dueling with a Tier 3 Aquamancer, no doubt the latter was at a disadvantageous position!

In terms of attacking ability, a Tier 4 Radiant Priest's Psystrike was definitely superior than a Tier 3 Aquamancer's magic. Besides, it was also complemented with a considerably strong magical effect.

On top of that, there was a large gap in strength between Tier 4 and Tier 3 equipment.

Furthermore, the two of them were separated by 7 levels, 21 points of free attribute, as well as 70 points of HP…

Accounting all the factors above, Qin Ruo could only be regarded as overrated in this challenge.

However, it was human nature since the ancient times for people to tend to sympathize with the weak. Additionally, Crackpot was not the likable type. This became the one and only overwhelming advantage for Qin Ruo—popularity.

"Aquamancer, win some credit for yourself! I'll treat you to supper tonight if you finish him off! In addition, I'll gift you a Tier 4 Violet Equipment too. Cheer up!"

"That's right, we have confidence in you."

"Keep your chin up!"

Under the jeering of players who were eager to stir up the fray, Crackpot made no delay and blessed himself with "Prayer", which he had been garnered beforehand.

Prayer, a Tier 4 Priest's skill was capable of enhancing the player's overall attributes...

Following that, a second skill, "Divine Blessing" was cast.

This skill increased the caster's defense and at the same time decreased negative magic effects…

After that, without giving Qin Ruo any chances, he further buffed himself with "Psyboost" and "Wargod's Vigor". At this point, Crackpot's magic attack was already comparable to a common Tier 4 Elementalist.

On the other side, although Qin Ruo was using the same defend-and-counter strategy, he just managed to cast an Aquabarrier, an Aquashield, a Frostpike, and a Frostrampart for unknown purposes…

This scenario immediately caused many of the Elementalists to sigh endlessly. How could he allow the Radiant Priest to bless himself with a complete set of buffs. What was left to see in this fight?

Many of the bystanders turned away speechlessly. They were no longer interested in a "sure-loss" battle. Their focus was now switched to the dark fog of respawning just outside the ruins' entrance.

The Crypt Messenger had respawned!

At that instant, a number of light pillars glowed from several teams ascended simultaneously into the surrounding area and fell straight into the dark fog.

It was a Tier 4 Priest's skill—Purification!

Violet was the only one who did not use this skill. Instead, she cast a blow of Psycrash at the moment the holy glows fell into the dark fog. Her target was obviously the Crypt Messenger that had just appeared out of the fog.




Three warrior skills were concurrently inflicted on the Crypt Messenger. But Slayer's Heart, who had entered a Berserk state forcefully launched his crashing skill at that moment…

Following a loud bang, the stunned Crypt Messenger was blasted two meters out following the attack from Slayer's Heart. The continuous attack by a few other warriors nearby had thus missed their target altogether. Elementalists and Bowmasters in the distance had also lost their aim.

Little Apple, being the only one yet to launch an attack, caught sight of the Crypt Messenger that crashed forward from Slayer's Heart's attack in a timely manner. Without any reservation, she launched a fury of sword slashes, which blended with the sounds of wind and thunder to carve scar after scar on the Crypt Messenger's body.


Haohmaru was indeed a Level 46 Beastblood Berserker. He was able to accelerate in a short distance and he also possessed a strong explosive force. He was the first to react to this with a roar. Almost at the exact same moment when Heart's attack fell on the Crypt Messenger, he rushed over with the same skill as he tried to take a share of the loot with Slayer's Heart and Little Apple.

What he failed to expect was, Slayer's Heart seemed to have already anticipated this. The latter stepped over and blocked his course of travel…


Haohmaru crashed into Slayer's Heart's back with incomplete force. He immediately received the warning for the "Hostile Attack" from the system as he crashed. His expression changed and he instantly retreated to a far side. He dared not approach them any further.

Slayer's Heart was unaffected after the collision with Haohmaru. He only shook a little as if nothing happened. His Pazuzu's Warhammer was largely left untouched and he rapidly smashed the Crypt Messenger's black body, which looked like a gigantic gnome.


In the midst of growling sounds akin to a mix of dragon and a tiger—Dragon's Ascension!

The Crypt Messenger released an extremely shrill scream after it was hit on the chin.

Flashrend Thuderbolt!

As soon as the continuous attack stopped, a fully heated Titanwraith Blazepalm was slammed down mercilessly in succession—Burning Rose's magic was finally making its appearance!

Now, only a few of the other team's magic managed to seize the chance to follow through. However, the Crypt Messenger had already taken more than 3,000 HP damage from the four individuals. Together with the few magic hits from the others team, the hunt was basically all set.

After a few seconds, the Tier 4 Elite Monster, the Crypt Messenger fell to its death. It dropped a land of silver coins, a couple of equipment and a key...

From the time it respawned until its death, only ten seconds had passed!

Slayer's Heart and company's surprisingly tacit understanding, as well as ordinary attacks, left other present competitors speechless. They could only silently accept the outcome.

Although Haohmaru and Eclipse still refused to concede, what else could they do? It was already considered a lucky situation that Slayer's Heart and company did not come over to them to look for more trouble.

Besides blaming Crackpot for allowing himself to be provoked right before the respawn, they could only point their anger at the extremely cunning Tier 3 beginner.

Yet, when everyone's sight returned to the other side of the battlefield again, an unbelievable scene unfolded before their eyes…

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