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1.97% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 14: The Limit of Psychological Endurance

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Chapter 14: The Limit of Psychological Endurance

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

What a miserable place!

Qin Ruo was in too deep for tears at this point. He felt cheated.

Ever since he entered the lower second floor of Aricus Underground Ruins, he did not feel a moment of tranquility. When the first furry giant spider descended from the sky, he was forced to accept the extremely severe conditions there...

The Gorefiend Spider…Was it a spider? No spider on Earth was that big! It looked like a biochemical monster. The speed of its movement exceeded a human's hundred-meter sprint. It was much faster than the melee monster, Dark Arachnosnake. The spider's furry limbs were moving rapidly, and its sharp, dark brown mouthpart created a strong impact as it quickly approached... The spiders would suddenly come out from the stone cave like a ghost, silently approaching… Or, they would immediately lift their blue eyes from the cloudy puddle, spraying disgusting things like venom and spider silk… Qin Ruo felt like he was about to break down. His carefree character was now experiencing mental abuse and torture…

In the meantime, Qin Ruo felt more admiration for the man and three women in his parties.

They were too strong!

He could not imagine the feelings of the captain and Little Apple, who were fighting closely with such a humongous grotesque spider. Moreover, what made him even more confused were… the girls. Weren't they supposed to hate, and be afraid of creatures like insects, snakes, rats, or furry creatures? However, why did the girls look so excited when facing the Gorefiend Spiders, as if they were looking at very cute animals?

It was just terrifying!

In addition to the palpitations in his heart, Qin Ruo wanted to give himself a pat on the back. More than ten minutes of suffering had not driven him crazy. He was able to cast Aquaheal on Slayer's Heart without any mistakes. At this point, he could not tell if he was controlling the water element, or if it was just a numb reflex of his nerves…

But, he had to admit that the monster's respawn rate was very fast!

The experience he received from the Level 43 Gorefiend Spider was much higher than the time he killed the Galewind Wolf on his own; under the combined attack of four people, 630 EXP was consistently added to his experience bar, and it climbed extremely fast.

Nonetheless, people had mentioned there was a chance that the Gorefiend Spider would drop "Toxic Spider Silk" and "Poisonous Sac". Both of them were very good raw materials. Toxic Spider Silk could be used to apply venom to weapons, which adds the effects of poison and slow. Whereas the Poisonous Sac could be used to make Antidotes and Venom Potions. The selling price for both were 120 gold coins and 150 gold coins respectively. Unfortunately, the drop rates for both were not very high. Killing a great number of Gorefiend Spiders would only drop one ''Toxic Spider Silk" in most cases.

The party's earnings was not important to Qin Ruo. After all, it had nothing to do with him. Moreover, in this situation, he needed to concentrate and stay at the center of the party. He kept looking around above his head as he moved, avoiding rocks and puddles.

"Come on! We're almost there…"

As soon as the captain said this, Qin Ruo deeply felt that he truly knew the meaning of "after rain, comes sunshine". He expressed his relief with a long sigh… Not waiting for him to settle down, the next sentence that came out of Slayer's Heart's mouth made Qin Ruo nervous for a while.

"... There! There's one more monster!"

Qin Ruo's face suddenly turned pale, and sweat kept pouring out from his body. When they arrived at the respawn point that Slayer's Heart mentioned earlier, he got rid of all of his burdens.

This was clearly the edge of Aricus' lower second floor. The ceiling of the cave got increasingly lower, and it was only a few meters high at the end. No more worries about being attacked by the Gorefiend Spider.

On the opposite side, the cavern wall surface was uneven. Three to six huge Gorefiend Spiders shook their heads and scouted the area outside the caves. They looked like rich men, patrolling their territory.

There were two caves with a little more Gorefiend Spiders, but they were already occupied by other parties…Those parties were using the same method—two warriors blocked the entrance to stop the Gorefiend Spiders from the outside from going inside; several Elementalists and Bowmasters focused on outputting magical damage; and Priests focused on healing. With a great sense of party spirit, the time needed to slaughter the monster was very short. On top of that, the players inside seemed very calm and safe.

Slayer's Heart took a peek of the party on the left, and led his party forward! Without saying a single word, he battled a Gorefiend Spider that just respawned…


Titanwraith Strike!

With the irresistible force of Pazuzu's Warhammer, he slammed heavily upon the head of the Gorefiend Spider. The gargantuan Gorefiend Spider struck by the hammer was unable to respond as it was stunned! Slayer's Heart coolly charged forward and rammed into the spider using his shoulder.


The Gorefiend Spider was repelled again. It awakened from its dizzy state and ejected some venom!


After cooperating with Slayer's Heart several times, Qin Ruo was able to fully restore Slayer's Heart's HP.

Slayer's Heart was already used to Qin Ruo's timely assistance, so he did not stop his actions. After the bump, his Pazuzu's Warhammer let out a dragon's roar—Dragon's Ascension! The Gorefiend Spider flew in the air. Next, the huge hammer was like a black thunder and it smashed down on the spider aggressively!!


The sturdy rock ground shook. The poor spider was smashed to the point it lost a large chunk of its brain. The black liquid from its body flowed down along with the sound of desperation and despair…

Combo Attack!

Tier 4 skill, Berserk; Tier 2 skill, Titanwraith Strike; Tier 3 skill, Charge; Tier 3 skill, Dragon's Ascension; and Tier 4 skill, Flashrend Thunderbolt—all these skills were used together in a timely manner. It only took three seconds to kill the Level 43 Gorefiend Spider.

Although he looked very calm, his attacks were that violent and aggressive. All of the sudden, Qin Ruo was deeply amazed!

This was the first time… he watched such a wonderful combo attack in such close range. Not only that, the monster he had slain was a powerful Tier 4 monster!


Qin Ruo could feel his adrenalin pumping after viewing the strong combo.

Not only him, the other party players were obviously shocked by the clean and beautiful combo by Slayer's Heart. Watching the approaching Berserker after he killed the Gorefiend spider, their faces did not look very good.

Slayer's Heart was not bothered about the two warriors who were guarding the entrance of the cave. He walked straight towards them and stared impatiently at the innermost priest, who was wearing a "Netherspirit's Claw" badge on his chest.

He slowly ordered, "Hurry up."

Qin Ruo was a little confused, but he gradually understood. Slayer's Heart was trying to drive them out. However, there was also a member of the Seven Great Leagues in that party. That badge… belonged to the Netherspirit's Claw League.

A member of the Seven Great Leagues was driving away another member of the Seven Great Leagues?

Qin Ruo licked his dry lower lip, instinctively thinking that this was not fun at all. In Kane Jungle, he had seen too many parties fight.

However, the following scene was completely beyond his expectations.

The priest only replied with a cold-eyed stare. After a few seconds, he took the other six people out of the cave, and released the respawn points he got from the monsters.

Slayer's Heart and the other three girls behaved ordinarily as they took over the cave.

Qin Ruo opened his mouth. Although he wanted to ask what was going on, under the threat of the Gorefiend Spider outside the cave, he followed them inside. The safety of his life came first.

The moment he went into the cave, he felt some strange gazes on him. Perhaps it was because he was a Tier 3 player. Or maybe it was something else… but according to his observation from the corner of his eye, two of them were from that Radiant Priest of the Netherspirit's Claw. Although he never said anything after leaving the cave, the impression he left on Qin Ruo was…

Extremely bad!

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