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2.96% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 21: The Unspoken Rules of Aricus Underground Ruins

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Chapter 21: The Unspoken Rules of Aricus Underground Ruins

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At Aricus Underground Ruins' lower second floor, the situation was truly better under Bauhinia and Netherspirit's Claw's rule. The order was incomparable to other places outside.

Even when they were faced with item drops from the Tier 4 Elite Miniboss, members from both teams did not rush to snatch them away like in other places. They did not even have the slightest expression of nervousness. 

From afar, Qin Ruo glanced at the dropped items near the Spider Demon's carcass, and secretly lamented.

What a day it had been. Usually, not even a single Gold equipment could be seen; yet today, there were two, and both were dropped from a Boss in a battle that he participated in. How lucky…

If he could always bump into good things like this later, maybe he could soon be a strong player like Slayer's Heart. Slayer's Heart's capability was supposed to be classified as the average amongst the upper class among Berserkers.

While Slayer's Heart picked up the items scattered all over the ground, Burning Rose explained the "unspoken rules" that arose after pressures from the League.

A Boss that was killed by a joint force of several teams would always be handed over to members from Bauhinia and Netherspirit's Claw League! There were no League members in the Radiant Priest' team, so this "important responsibility" naturally fell on Captain Slayer's Heart.

Besides, according to the teams' battle report, the team in which Qin Ruo belonged to had inflicted a total damage of over 28,000 on the Gorefiend Spider Demon; whereas the Priest's team which had an extra Tier 4 Elementalist only recorded less than 12,000 damage points.

There were, of course, differences in terms of the Berserkers during the course, but the last strike from Qin Ruo had eliminated all the Netherspirits directly causing a near to 10,000 points damage. That alone widened the records between the two teams, hence even without the unspoken rule… it was reasonable for Slayer's Heart to distribute the loot.

During the course of collecting the loot, all of them repelled wave after wave of Gorefiend Spiders as they waited for the Priest's skills to cooldown—the warrior's corpse was still on the ground, and failure to resurrect him would result in his level to drop.

Once free, Slayer's Heart divided the loot into two parts. One part consisted of a Gold equipment, which dropped from the Gorefiend Spider Demon—a Gold staff with unknown properties.

The other part was far more lavish.

A Mana Core, condensed by the Gorefiend Spider Demon itself, a Spider Silk, a number of unknown potion bottles, three Violet equipment, one Violet Necklace, five Blue equipment, and a spherical item, which seemed like the eye of the Gorefiend Spider Demon.

"The Gold equipment belongs to your team, the rest are ours."

The allocation Slayer's Heart made Qin Ruo lost his patience. 

Are you serious… Giving away the Gold equipment, and leaving the 'trash' for your own team?

The three female players did not say a word.

Without any hesitation, the Priest agreed immediately! Even though it was only one item, the value of one Gold equipment was generally higher than that of a pile of trash!

"Heh, heh!"

The Radiant Priest smiled as he received it from Slayer's Heart. However, he felt a little embarrassed to look their way, should they suddenly go back on their word. After resurrecting the fallen warrior, the Radiant Priest returned to the respawn point with his team after saying his goodbyes. Qin Ruo just glared at him.

Qin Ruo had his fists bundled as a feeling of bitterness arose within him.

Gold equipment!

That was a Gold equipment. This thick-headed captain is truly a thick head…

The three women saw his grieving expression and instantly laughed.

"Look at Ruo Ruo, heh heh. Doesn't he look like he just lost his wallet?"

By then, Qin Ruo had just enough of them. He rolled his eyes at them.

"Lost my wallet? More like losing my bank cards and passwords!" Feeling bitter, he went back to the cave, while he wondered aloud dismally. A group of spendthrifts has no idea about the bitterness of being in a poor family… Needless to say, this remark brought on unladylike guffaws. Even Captain Slayer's Heart could not help but smile.

In their subsequent conversations, Qin Ruo gradually understood why. For a Miniboss like the Gorefiend Spider Demon, where seven would respawn at one go, there was a high chance of Gold equipment dropping. Similarly, the properties of the Gold equipment were also fairly poor, meaning they could only be considered as low-grade Gold equipment.

For average players and teams, such Gold equipment was better than average Violet equipment, which was also marketable! Yet, for Slayer's Heart and Burning Rose, who had seen true Gold equipment, they would not be interested in this sort of thing. In fact, some of the highest grade Violet equipment were far better than low-tier Gold equipment.


Among the items that the Gorefiend Spider Demon dropped, Violet equipment of the highest grade showed up frequently. Sometimes it even dropped Special Quest Item that were related to the lower third floor of Aricus Underground Ruins.

For this reason, members of Bauhinia and Netherspirit's Claw made their rule, so that they had control over these things after killing the Gorefiend Spider Demon…

Those normal players and teams, who were not part of a Clan had no idea about it.

Of course, not all of the Gold equipment were trash. There were some of medium and high tier. Just that, when compared with the steady drops of Violet Equipment and Specific Mission Props, they were rarer.

Slayer's Heart then explained another reason he gave the Gold equipment to the other team… Little Apple's Resurrection.

A Radiant Priest was not present in their own team. To get another person from the outside required too much time and caused delays, so they might as well do the other team a favor. If they were particularly lucky and a rare Gold equipment happened to drop, then it belonged to their own team as it should be.

"So? After knowing this, do you feel better?"

Seeing the three women fighting back their strong urge to laugh, Qin Ruo nodded. Quietly admiring Slayer's Heart's actions, Qin Ruo also made a mental note: it seemed that in order to be a truly qualified bounty adventurer, he still had a long way to go!


Without the threat of the Gorefiend Spider Demon, the five of them were once again back on track. As experience surged rhythmically, Slayer's Heart continued with the acquisition. They obtained one roll of Spider Silk or Poisonous Sac every other ten minutes, while they merely contributed some time for meditation and magic cohesion.

Unknowingly, two… three hours had passed… until it was a few minutes past four in the early morning of the next day. They were finally a little exhausted, and after calling upon the team led by the Radiant Priest named Gale Ironbark to take over, the five of them used a Return Scroll to return to Savis Town.

At that point, Qin Ruo had reached Level 36, almost hitting Level 37. 

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