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Chapter 26: The Vampire Demons

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The cracking sound of the glass bottle made Little Kitten stop her chase of Gold Digger Babe. The two girls screamed simultaneously, and covered their nose, retreating as far as they could!

"Aw! That stinks!"

Watching the two girls' frightened look, Qin Ruo smiled bitterly. The smell was definitely bad as it was specially brewed in that way. It was already bad enough to come out through the small mouth of the bottle. Now, the bottle was completely broken, and the odor inside the bottle had escaped completely into the air. Perhaps if the Ancient Vampire King had been there, it would have also escaped outdoors to take a breath of fresh air. The odor was… too strong!

However, the stinky smell was not really the most important thing…

"Stop covering your nose. This smell is going to spread in less than half a minute. We need to leave! Here's the basement, quick!!" Qin Ruo yelled and rushed towards the basement.

The two girls also realized that they had brought trouble. They quickly followed up and asked, "Any spare garlic juice?"

"I don't consume it, why would I buy so much?"

After hearing this, Gold Digger Babe looked a bit restless.

"But it takes one minute to reach the basement… and there are just three of us. I'm afraid that we can't pass through. Or, let's just go back first, and buy one bottle of garlic juice again…"

"Each time we travel to and fro, we need to use 100 gold coins for one Teleportation Scroll and one Return Scroll. Why do we need to spend this kind of unwanted amount of money?"

From Qin Ruo's reply, Gold Digger Babe could sense the man's unquestionable tone. She was stunned for a while and continued to remain silent.

At this time, Qin Ruo who realized that his tone was a bit harsh just now, quickly added, "Relax. Although it's hard to kill these advanced Vampires, it's not difficult to hold them back for some time, so the two of you don't need to join the fight."

After that, Qin Ruo cast Aquabarrier on himself, and at the same time, he condensed an Aquashield. With the Aquashield and staff in his hands, he quickly ran across a long corridor and dashed towards the entrance of the basement. Normally, the humidity of a gloomy place like that was higher, so he was pretty confident about delaying the movements of the Tier 4 monsters. Even if the number of Vampires was many, he still had five Tier 3 Water Element Magic Scrolls in his backpack…

Ten seconds later, the smell of garlic in the gloomy corridor slowly dispersed. The ceiling above them suddenly revealed two pairs of blood red eyes.

This mutation was caused by the Vampire's long-term blood-sucking nature and long hours in the dark.

When these two vampires from the dark ceiling flew out and revealed themselves in the bright corridor, which was full of light from the oil lamps, the trio was also relieved at the same time. Luckily, they were just Level 39 Vampire Demons. They only had medium-range, single attack skills, and they were not a real threat to them.

However, Vampire Demons were still a type of High-Tier Vampire, having bat wings that were not completely evolved. Although they could not fly high, they were a deadly nightmare for the Bandit. Furthermore, they had night vision and were able to detect invisible units. This was the reason why Gold Digger Babe did not want to deal with Vampires.

Qin Ruo did not let the two girls down. He raised his staff, and a glob of water covered the front part of his body. Next, he sprinted towards the Vampires…

"Follow me!"

Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe were both shocked, but they chose to trust him without any hesitation, and followed him closely. They engaged with the two Vampire Demons, who charged at them at a high speed.

Without the hateful presence of a Radiant Priest and Light Elementalist, the primary target for the two Vampire Demons was surely Qin Ruo, who first came into their view.

The moment both parties entered the effective range for a long-range attack, none of them started to attack immediately…

On one side, the Vampires did not possess any long-range attacks, while on the other side, Qin Ruo deliberately did not condense his magic, and just manipulated the water element to allow them to sprint as fast as possible. This doom-seeking action made Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe have goosebumps.

It was especially so for Gold Digger Babe, who already began to complain in her heart.

Why did I come here? I knew this was a miserable place. Stupid! I'm so stupid!

The two Vampire Demons did not show any signs of slowing down, and a dark javelin suddenly appeared on each of their dark claws. This dark javelin was two-meters long. When the distance between both parties was about 20 m, the two dark javelins were thrown out at the same time…

"Be careful!"

Little Kitten could not hold back and shouted.

"Hey! Hey!"

The two javelins were surrounded by a strong dark element, and they were flung at Qin Ruo with great momentum, just like lightning bolts!

Qin Ruo steadily adjusted the orientation of his Aquashield, and at the same time, he gathered more water in front of him. What resulted was a mini Aquarampart due to its thickness.



The two dark javelins pierced through the Aquarampart accurately. Then, they pierced through the Aquabarrier. When they finally hit the Aquashield, they had already lost most of their momentum.

The Aquashield just shook a little. Qin Ruo was unaffected and he kept his speed as he ran forward. The two girls behind him were surprised after witnessing everything that had just happened. It was very obvious that he did not take much damage although he was hit by two Tier 3 attacks.

Little did they know that, for this mission, Qin Ruo had used all his free time after work to search for necessary information. Now, he was an expert on Vampire's Castle. He knew all the skills and weaknesses of every single advanced Vampire.

Among the Dark spells that a Vampire Demon was good at, the one with the highest usage rate would be the Cursed Javelin. The attack strength of this skill was equivalent to normal Tier 3 magic. Nonetheless, this skill had an additional attribute—Tangled Curse, which reduced the target's Speed by 30 %, and Attack by 10 %.

Vampire Demons would keep spamming this skill before they even start anything else…

However, for the intensity of such single attacks, Qin Ruo had the most incomparable advantage in terms of defense. Mainly because, among all seven factions of magic, only the thunder element was difficult to defend, and wind element attacks were the fastest!

Qin Ruo had dealt with the Galewind Wolf in Kane Jungle. His ability to defend against Windblade was unmatched when compared to other ordinary people. Therefore, it was not hard for him to deal with the slower Dark Magic attack, and he managed to block all of the attacks easily.

Tier 1 Aquarampart, Tier 2 Aquabarrier, and finally Tier 3 Aquashield!

A triple defense! Even a Tier 3 Elite Boss could not have dealt much damage, not to mention a regular Tier 3 monster.

Under the shocked gazes of Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe, who were behind him, Qin Ruo successfully defended two rounds of the Cursed Javelins, and remained unharmed. When he reached the bottom of the Vampire Demon's feet, he began his revenge, which he had prepared for a long time.


As soon as he said this, the two Vampire Demons that had already begun to condense their third round of Cursed Javelins began to scream. Both of them were like little birds with broken wings. They fell three-meters down and plopped to the ground!

*Thud! Thud!*

"Keep running!"

Initially, Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe were ready to beat the crap out of the two injured Vampire Demons. But after they received the order from Qin Ruo, they immediately stopped their thoughts of doing so. When they turned their heads and took a peek, they found that the two Vampire Demons were frozen in ice. Only their bat-like wings were exposed in the air like display items in an exhibition. After the fall, the two Vampire Demons were trapped in the heavy ice. They would not be able to stand up for a short time and it was such a pathetic situation for them.

Not only that, to play it safe, Qin Ruo even froze the Aquarampart in front him into ice and dropped it right behind him.

After they ran about thirty meters forward, the sound of an explosion came from the corridor behind them, and the Vampire Demons shrieked.

One second later, another boom was heard.

Amid the vigorous explosions, the sound of two heavy objects landing could be heard, accompanied by the angry roars of the poor monsters.

Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe shifted their sights on Qin Ruo again. The way they looked at him was completely different.

Is he really at Level 36? He looks…

Extremely strong!

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