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Chapter 33: True Appearance

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was not Qin Ruo's first time using the Twelve Frostrampart Formation to fight a Boss!

The first and second time, he used it in Kane Jungle. The purpose of creating it was to deal with the Tier 3 Elite Boss, the Galewind Wolf King.

Unfortunately, on the first time, due to psychological factors and unskilled manipulation, he did not succeed. The second time was a failure too because of external interference—Cayman. That time, Cayman launched a surprise attack on him at the very last moment. As a result, he could not completely finish his kill of the Wolf King. It was a regretful matter for him.

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However, these two prior experiences had given Qin Ruo full confidence of the frozen effect from his self-created Twelve Frostrampart Formation! This was also the reason why under such circumstances the day before, he had used this formation to deal with the Gorefiend Spider Demon. This fact also proved that his "worthless skill" could indeed have special effects at certain times, in certain places, and its power was not to be underestimated.

As for Necromancer Frandy, his strength was almost similar to a Galewind Wolf King of the same tier. However, in the aspect of resisting the Twelve Frostrampart Formation frozen effect, the Galewind Wolf King that had a Fire Element attribute was actually slightly stronger.

Even the Galewind Wolf King could not defeat Qin Ruo with the Frostrampart Formation, much more so Frandy.

As soon as Frandy was quickly encircled by the Twelve Frostrampart Formation, the chill from all directions made him reveal all the piled-up enmity. 

The three Violetflame Bonepikes in Frandy's hands had shrunk due to the coldness. The violent flames entwined around the bone spears were compressed to the limit by the chill in the air and they were not visible. Frandy himself was also not in a very optimistic state. His body was instantly covered by a layer of frost, and every step he took was stiff. Once his speed was drastically reduced, he did not look as calm as before.

Seeing the Twelve Frostrampart Formation working, Qin Ruo was really glad. Nonetheless, he did not dare delay his actions. He extracted the Water Element to repair the Aquabarrier and Aquashield he was holding. Then, he braced for another wave of attack from Frandy. At the same time, he calmed his heart and systematically prepared his first wave of magic attack—Frost Lance.

Anyway, Frandy was trapped inside the Twelve Frostrampart Formation. It was working! Plus, he was not an agility-type Boss, so the possibility of him escaping was a negative value.

Both his movement speed and attack speed had been greatly reduced. As a result, the gap for a magic attack was as big as two seconds. To be honest, as long as Qin Ruo had enough MP Potions, it would be very easy to slowly kill Frandy!


No matter what, Frandy was still a Tier 3 magic type Boss. His Magic Defense was about 100 points. Qin Ruo could use all his Tier 3 attacks, but the damage done would be very limited. Furthermore, he had 20,000 HP, meaning that he could not be finished off in a short period of time.

Regardless of the amount of MP Potions Qin Ruo brought, it was still difficult for him to support the 15 points per second MP consumption and other MP consumptions for various magic attacks. In such a situation, he naturally could not battle with the Boss using regular means. Mainly because, he did not bring much MP Potions, only eleven MP Potion (S), and two MP Potion (M). These potions could only help him extend the fight for an additional three minutes.

In three minutes time, he needed to kill the Boss and do it real quick!

In order to make it fast, he needed to find the vulnerabilities and fatal weaknesses of the monster. Then, he would have to utilize these weak points to deal as many Critical Hits, Fatal Blows and lucky strikes as possible.

A Critical Hit generally occurred when a monster's defense ability was greatly weakened. It usually dealt double damage to the monster.

A Fatal Blow, on the other hand, happened when a player hit a monster's weak spot. It could deal an attack that ignores the monster's defenses, or an attack with enhanced damage effects. However, this type of strike did not necessarily have a greater effect than a Critical Hit.

Lastly, a Lucky Strike was a lucky attack with a small probability of occurrence. In such a situation, the player's attack would skyrocket. The probability of this strike could be increased by lucky attributes from the highest grade of equipment.

Of course, with a set of normal Violet Equipment, it was impossible for Qin Ruo to deliver a Lucky strike. Thus, he could only focus on making a Critical hit and Fatal blow. Under the frozen effect, the chance of a Critical hit was higher. What he needed to do now was try his best to find out Frandy's weakness in a short time.

Five Frost Arrows with Tier 2 attack strengths were formed in midair. Qin Ruo controlled them and aimed them at several parts of Frandy's body. He then shot them out furiously!

Frandy, who had been slowed down greatly, could not evade the attacks at all. All the arrows hit their respective positions with precision. His accuracy startled the girls, who had sharp eyes.

Head! Heart! Waist! Hand! Foot!

The consecutive attacks forcibly interrupted a wave of Violetflame Bonepikes that Frandy had cast earlier.

As soon as Frandy's attack was canceled, Qin Ruo quickly realized that his fourth attack was supposed to cause some double-digit damage. However, unexpectedly, it turned out that it had dealt 360 damage points. At the same time, Frandy had been in a Frozen state for nearly two seconds.

Fatal Blow! 

Gotcha! Frandy's weakness is his hands!

Qin Ruo was thrilled. Next, he rapidly split some parts of the Aquarampart that he used to defend against Frandy's attacks. After some consolidating and compressing, it became three Frostsoul Shura's Needles. They were like white jades.

*Shoof! Shoof!*

These three Frostsoul Shura's Needles hit both of Frandy's hands. Higher damage records, one after another kept appearing on the opened battle log.


Qin Ruo no longer paid attention to the situation on the battlefield. He began to concentrate on condensing a variety of ice attacks.

Frost Arrow!

Frostsoul Shura's Needle!

Frost Lance!

Even the Tier 2 Frostawl!

Through water manipulation, the skills appeared one after another so frequently, and all of them were accurately shot towards the poor Frandy.

Before that, this Boss had been imposing and arrogant. Now, it seemed like he had become a personal punching bag for Qin Ruo. He continuously took more than ten magic attacks, and only managed to find one gap to make to a counterattack. It then became a one-sided battle, which was not in favor of the Boss.

After realizing that he was in deep trouble, Frandy finally started to move. Unfortunately, this did not work as the Twelve Frostrampart Formation moved along with it under Qin Ruo's control. The formation definitely moved faster than the Boss, whose body was constantly being subjected to freezing temperature.

In addition, the frequent water magic attacks often dealt Fatal Blows and Critical Hits to him. This caused him to constantly be in a frozen state. In this situation, it was impossible for Frandy to escape.

When his HP dropped below 5,000, Frandy finally gave up on his meaningless gentlemanly demeanor. All of a sudden, a pair of violet talons splayed out. As he shrieked, his magic robe burst into pieces due to the rapid expansion of his body. His true appearance, which had been covered under the magic robe was now revealed.

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