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8.6% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 61: Wealth in the Secret Chamber

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Chapter 61: Wealth in the Secret Chamber

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qin Ruo was muddled. Ever since he entered the game, he had never been so muddled in his life.

Maps were not things that were easily obtained by H&G players. The same was for this map of the Ruins' secret chamber in the lower third floor—not only did players have to fight with many other high-tier teams to get the key from the Crypt Messenger, they also had to collect all five parts of the Gorefiend Spider Demon in exchange for the map.

After all the hassle to reach this place, not to mention their success in withstanding the attacks from the clusters of spiders, Slayer's Heart ordered a retreat even before the pleasure of EXP farming ended…

Qin Ruo was speechless!

How long has it been since we entered? Not even forty minutes have passed.

After taking nearly ten units of Mana Potion, killing a batch of monsters and gaining a level, how could they leave without seeing where the treasure's located?

Qin Ruo could not help but internally rebuke Slayer's Heart for being a spendthrift.

However as time went by, Qin Ruo grew to notice that the situation was somewhat different from what he had imagined…

Without any break in between, Slayer's Heart, Little Apple, Burning Rose, iLittle Arrow as well as Violet Orchid were all leaning over and collecting the haul outside the Twelve Frostramparts Formation for a good few minutes.

Qin Ruo continued his potion consumption while he controlled the Chameleon Spiders in the Formation. Nonetheless, he could not stop wondering.

Are there so many things to collect?!

Don't tell me they're collecting silver coins…

Since the battle, he had been focusing on his manipulation of the twelve Frostramparts and self-defense. Whereas the rest of the time, he was busy consuming potions. Hence, he was not aware of the things that the Chameleon Spiders and Violetwing Venomspiders dropped after they were killed by the Meteor Shower; besides, he did not intend to pay attention to so many things around him.

However, it would be a waste if he had to use his MP just so that they could collect silver coins. He needed to consume one bottle of Mana Potion (M) every ten seconds, which cost sixty gold coins. They would need to collect silver coins for half a day to make up for that!

As the number of potions in his backpack was getting fewer, Qin Ruo panicked and said, "Not done yet? There's no need to collect coins. I'm still drinking potions!"

After he yelled, Burning Rose, who was right across him outside the Frostramparts stood up with two equipment in her hands. She glared at him, and whined, "How will we fend for you if we don't collect more stuff?"


Qin Ruo opened his mouth, but could not think of anything to refute Burning Rose after her retort.

When he saw that Burning Rose continued to bend down near the bottom of the Frostramparts, he could not believe it. How could there be so many loot that they had to collect for such a long time?

With his mind and manipulation, the six Frostramparts right in front of him staggered to the side…

Once the Frostramparts were moved, it all became clear!

Outside the formation, equipment, Mana Cores, coins, and other items were scattered densely all over the ground. Under the luster of the Illuminating Crystal, various colors were refracted. It was so dazzling that Qin Ruo was overwhelmed!

Slayer's Heart, Burning Rose, and the others were busy checking the equipment one by one. White as well as Blue Equipment were thrown far away and piled up together; only Violet Equipment were kept. Even if there were Blue Equipment of the highest grade, they could not care less as there were so many pieces of equipment on the ground.

As for the small accessories, Mana Cores, Spider Silk, Poisonous Sac and so on, they would put them into their backpacks without hesitation. Qin Ruo gasped in astonishment.


What kind of a drop rate is this?!

There were at least 200 pieces of equipment on the ground. Coupled with the large number of Spider Silk and Poisonous Sac that were worth over hundreds of gold coins, Qin Ruo had an inkling that there were nearly 1,000 pieces of items in their haul…

Thousands of spiders may have been farmed by a mere six people, on the Ruins' third floor, it was considered very terrifying to have hundreds of items drop!

In this place…

It was too terrifying!

At that moment, Qin Ruo was shocked by the haul all over the floor, wondering if the system was playing a huge joke on the six of them.

Could it be that… the treasure in the secret chamber was actually carried by this large group of monsters and spiders. As such, would they obtain a corresponding amount of equipment after they killed these spiders?

Hence, Qin Ruo finally found a rather reasonable explanation for this astounding scene.

Meanwhile, he felt a slight trance sweep over him all of a sudden.

Sh*t, I forgot to drink the potion.

With caution, Qin Ruo quickly took a bottle of MP Potion, and refilled his MP, which had nearly dried up.

Without stopping, he resumed his Elementalism again.

"Water! Condense! Freeze!"

Dozens of Chameleon Spider that had just recovered from their Frozen state were once again speedily sent into the Frozen state after walking a few mere steps.

"Hurry! I'm running out of potions!"

Qin Ruo shouted excitedly since he saw the haul all over the ground. His heart had started to fire up! He even hated himself a little now for not buying more Potions before he went in. At any rate, he was an Aquamancer worth tens of thousands of gold coins, how could he not have enough Mana Potions with him?

Alas… what a failure!

Fortunately, the second wave of spiders would not arrive before the Chameleon Spiders were completely killed. This gave Slayer's Heart and the others enough time to plunder the drops.

Again, several more minutes of hastiness!

In the end, after confirming that there was nothing being left out, Slayer's Heart and the others returned to the Formation. Two "small hills" made of equipment were seen piled up at the front and back of the long gallery…

"We don't have much time left, act fast!

"Remember, return to town immediately after disengaging from Combat Status! Don't hesitate! Our potions can't support us until the end of the next wave of attack."

After finishing his two sentences hurriedly, Slayer's Heart and Little Apple peremptorily forced dozens of Chameleon Spiders to one side. They were then struck by a Meteor Shower that fell down in a timely manner…

Qin Ruo had now completely understood. He dared not slack as he quickly put the Twelve Frostramparts together, encircling dozens of Chameleon Spiders that were suffering from the fire.

The chill from the Frostramparts was probably a timely relief for the Chameleon Spiders. Unfortunately, Qin Ruo gently uttered a word, which became a lethal weapon for them…


Right after that, a violent explosion spread towards the end of the long gallery. Amid the sound of ice being shattered, the Chameleon Spiders' lives ended.

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