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Chapter 2: chapter 2 : Rage

"I'm coming "

so I got to the building no surprise but I find some guards there so I knock them out and proceed inside where I find Sarah and some other guy dressed in our uniform .

"might as well save him too"

I said as I started untying him but-

"hey who the hell are you"

man I've been caught but wait this could be an opportunity .

"hey im talking to you" he says with a rather loud voice .

"what do you want you bunch of blockhead's"

I've insulted him it's obvious it was effective just looking at the veins popping out his forehead.

now I was actually quite angry when I said this because I saw bruises on her hands and head.


what the I got hit in the head that hurts.


"ouch ah a-"


????. POV

some weird guy snuck in here so we knock him out and leave him on the floor while we get rope .

"hey he's moving"

what? no way we definitely got him

one of my guys takes a swing at him but he catches the bat and .

*crack* *splat*

"w-w-what the fuck?!!!???"

he just punched him, but my guys head just got smashed and his blood got splatered.

"boring he's so weak next"

he says in a monotone voice that makes him seem like he's some kind of-


someone shouts and my whole crew goes after him I expected him to go down but he just starts dodging and punching some had their skulls caved in some were flying into walls some where getting their bodies cut by their own weapons it's horrible.

"ahhh".I scream as he dashes towards me and gets a hold of my head .

"n-no please".

"shut up"


Ken's POV.

yo names Kendrick satoukin but everyone calls me Ken well long story short I was kidnapped while going out to buy some snacks at night hey can't blame me right well I was here for like two days now when they bring in a girl .

I expect her to be scared but instead she was bad mouthing them and saying.

"you guys are so gonna get it when he finds out I've been kidnapped "

what's she babbling about her dad an officer or something?

"shut it girl"

"hey I'm trying to save you guys here if you let me go you guys might actually live a bit longer"

"what was that"

ouch he hit her a couple of times and just let her be .

"y-you okay?"

"yeah I'm fine but I'm not joking these guys might actually die if they don't let me go".she said rather weakly.

I didn't think anything of it at the time but now, this is a freaking massacre I woke up and saw a guy wearing a weird gas mask literally just rip through them .

blood and the sounds of bones breaking can be heard it like a scene from hell what's worse this guy's killing them with punches. what kind of strength is that?.

he crushes the skull of the last guy and starts walking over to me ,oh hell I'm screwed is this who she was talking about this is insane I mean he even dodged some bullets .

he gets closer when I see someone behind him

"hey watch out!! "


The heck is this ?

I just woke up while standing and saw a guy with his skull smashed and blood on my hands,I can generally guess what happened I went beserk and killed them huh? oh well.

I notice the other guys awake and decide to walk over, he looks scared but what can I expect he just probably saw me rip apart grown men speaking of which why am I unfazed by this? I mean I know I killed them but I feel normal maybe adrenaline? wait what's he.

"hey watch out!!!"

I Dodge but very slightly and smash the guys skull in, I actually did that on accident though when did I get that strong I could always control the output before.

"oh man my mask broke". I say with slight annoyance

"welp no helping it".I fling the mask off

I turn back to the other and ask.

"you okay?"

"y-yeah i-"

"kill that guy!!!".

your kidding right? well this will be a long night , I dash forward and leap into the crowd.

as I say with my most menacing and pyshcotic voice .

"kill? ....sure...let's play"

im not sure why but I feel very awesome right now this is great .


Ken's POV.

damn it they didn't let me finish.

he took off his mask and now that I take a look I feel like I know him let me think

brown hair , olive skin , deep voice , handsome,inhuman strength .

"Rex the human monster?"

as soon as I said that he turned and looked at me angrily .

oh boy I may have just screwed up my chances of leaving here alive . But wait if that's Rex then the girl is Sarah .

wow these guys were really unlucky with the target this time in these two are basically Bonnie and Clyde boys with intentions other than honest ones don't even try going near her even if they did she'd shoot them down so hard theyd wish they hadn't approached as such the've been called .

'The untouchable princess and her monster '


'beauty and the beast'.

that last one is a bit harsh but if anyone tries to even think of getting physical she'd just scream his name and almost like he was summoned he'd appear from nowhere and be all scary and say.

"you called ?"

but that's off point and besides he's been fighting quite a bit but they keep coming .


Your kidding right he fought for two hours straight and they where so many this guy really deserves his title .

he puts the mask back and sighs

"well that's done"(Rex)


I tried as hard as I could to control my strength but Everytime I actually got hit I thought I'd go beserk again I think I might have a little bit I'm not sure my mind's actually been a bit hazy since I woke up . I put my cracked mask back on .

"well that's done" I say as I sigh and walk over to where that guy is and untie him then I untie Sarah and she wakes up..

"... Rex?"(Sarah)

I keep absolutely quite so she doesn't recognize me cause I'll never hear the end of this .

"hey answer me !"(Sarah)

I try to look away but she pulls my mask off .

"hah I knew it was you, why'd you come save me huh? I thought I was a pain?"(Sarah)

"w...well you see um i-"

she suddenly takes a hold of my face and kisses me on the cheek

"thank you "(Sarah)

"I ..um w-when did that start "

"don't know guess"

I'm blushing so hard right now I think I'm gonna die is what I'm still thinking when .

"..*cough*...um hate to interrupt but we were escaping right?"

oh I actually forgot about this guy

"yeah let's go "

we all start to walk out when we get shot with something

"A dart?"

Sarah and the other guy fall down but not me wondering why?

my body is special in the sense that low class drugs don't work on me even poison to some extent but even if I say that this one seems Abit strong I need to .

"you're still awake huh? such a little beast well I can fix that"

he tried to hit me but I fought back I dodged and tried to hit him but I'm so dizzy my aims off .

he lands a blow on my face so I grab his arms and headbutt him.

"ahhh that hurts you trying to kill me well I ain't easy to kill boy"

he managed to gain some distance from me I dash at him he tries to sweep me I jump and he pulls out a



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