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Chapter 67: A Day To Relax

(A/N: The poll is still up until friday but it is looking like the winner is already decided by the legion of simps lol. Hope you guys are having a great weekend.


Love y'all <3 )


A few minutes pass before I am heading back to the library with the girls in tow. I had to tear them from the sauna nearly with my hands. The girls all look like they had fun so I guess it was a good choice to connect this palace with my home.

After retrieving The Ancient One from the Library we head out to the city. There are hundreds of shops lining the streets with families out and about. I give each of the girls a few thousand gold to shop with. Gold in hell is mainly used for travel and luxury since a lot of the races don't require food.

Travel usually consists of going to the different hells as they usually have cities where the Lord's live. For example there is a city of fire demons on the fourth layer with Asmodeus's Fires of Punishment realm.

Hel and Nocturne are the only ones without cities at the moment. I don't see how Nocturne will get a city since it is eternal darkness but Hel already has the foundation. Although not many will like the cold, Hela will probably want to make one if she wants to make some extra money.

I try to give the girls room to explore as people usually stop and bow their heads when I get near. Either that or they drop what they are doing and fall to their knees. Many of the winged ones I gave Arawn don't seem to know who I am.

I prefer it that way, but using envy feels degrading. The girls move shop to shop, book stores, weapon shops, magic items, clothing, magic materials, magic tools, and Jessica's favorites, magic armor. They stop as each store forgetting the time.

The light from the sky begins to fade as they make their eighty-second stop. I watch them scramble along the shop as I thankfully hold the bag of holding they got me in the very first store. It is almost like they planned this.

Considering I am the one who brought them out I guess that isn't the case. I always intended to sit on the sideline while they went around shopping.

The city is incredibly well built and organized. The residential homes are organized to be near shops. The giant spires are actually lined with entries leading to small subspaces containing homes locked with blood keys. To access them they must either buy them through Arawn or independent owners who already bought them from Arawn beforehand.

The girls gather their new items and put them in the bag of holding as we walk back to the palace. For the first time since I picked her up, I see Angela genuinely laughing and smiling with Tandy, Jessica, and Darcy.

The Ancient One notices me watching the girls and catches up to me. "Were you concerned about her?"

I shrug "I wasn't sure if she would be able to acclimate properly to her new environment. I was right, perhaps she should join Jessica in her defense company. She is a warrior after all."

The Ancient One smiles "You are rather caring for one without much emotion."

I shake my head "My wives should be the most privileged beings in existence. They are MY WIVES after all. I merely do what should be done. I have until the end of time, what is a few hours to me?"

She smirks "Sure, well thank you. I haven't gotten out in over a hundred years. It has been refreshing."

"I am glad you enjoyed yourself. You have done well teaching Tandy, she is probably the wife with the highest possible strength." I say staring at Tandy's ass.

The Ancient One nods "She is indeed. The Lightforce is incredible. If she learns how to control it she would put even gods to shame."

I laugh a bit "She could go much further than godhood. I am sure I could bring her to a universal level. She will need to be in order to become head wife."

"Oh, is that a position we will need to fight for?" She asks with a joking smile.

"Of course not. I can already tell how powerful you all are with a glance." I say grabbing her shoulder pulling her close.

Her eyebrows raise "And where do I land on that list?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Currently at the top for the sheer fact that your abilities easily counter Hela. If you were not given time to prepare Hela may be stronger but overall I would say you are stronger at the moment." I smirk as we make our way up the path to the palace. The surroundings are now dark as 'night' has fallen and the citizens have returned home.

"You would place me above a God? I am flattered." She says with a fake blush.

I roll my eyes "You know well that the earthgods are nothing compared to you. They aren't even real gods. Just humans with special blood. Not only that, you defeated Mephisto who was the third most powerful Hell Lord. If not for his tricks you would have killed him."

"I am glad you know my worth." She says with a confident smile.

"Honestly, with your new connection to Hell, I would be scared to put Hades against you. I don't want to shame my Hell Lord but he would struggle against you… but he would certainly win. The power he gained when I force fed him Kronos was truly surprising. But I'm not sure he would be able to accept the fact a mortal could match him." I turn to see her giving me an odd look.

"You did what to Chronos?" She asks with an accusatory tone.

"Nothing major. Back on topic, Jessica will find it hard passing through the strength of an earthgod. Darcy has no talent at all. Angela could probably make it to becoming a galactic power but I doubt any higher." I say judging each of the girls as I watch them walk into the palace.

"What do you think my maximum is?" The Ancient One asks curiously.

I shrug "Universal probably, with your magic I would say Universal with multiverse implications."

She looks a bit happy at my judgment as she walks through the door Sebastion is holding open "I can already connect to other universes mentally. All I need is more power."

I laugh a bit at her words as I follow close behind "Looking for power isn't always how you obtain it the most effectively."

Once I step inside I see the girls staring at me "So, are we going back tonight?" Tandy asks first.

I smile as I walk past them, I approach the first door opposite the library that no one opened. I pull the doors to the side like sliding doors revealing an elevator behind. I turn back to the girls to see their understanding faces.

"This elevator is connected to ours on earth. Just take this up and ours down, you can come any time. I was thinking of using another elevator shaft but I figure it will be better to just add another button. I own the building anyway so we will be the only one using it."

"While you are here you are expected to wear these." I pull out golden ribbons with red runes on them. "These mark you as my wives and will keep people respectful to you. I would hate to destroy a merchant because they cheated my wife." I say handing each of them a ribbon.

Tandy ties hers around her neck, Jessica uses hers to put up a ponytail, Angela puts hers on her sword hilt, and The Ancient One puts hers on her wrist.

"They change form if you don't want them to stay as ribbons. Only demons will permanently see them as ribbon. Now I'm going home, you are free to lounge around if you like. Are you coming, Darcy? Jessica?" I ask looking at the two.

Darcy quickly jumps forward grabbing my arm "I'm coming!" She says giving Jessica a smirk.

Jessica looks conflicted as she looks at Tandy, The Ancient One, and Angela who obviously plan to stay and relax at the spa area. She sighs "Yeah I'm coming, I don't often get a full night with you."

I smile as I wrap an arm around her "All you need to do is ask." She blushes a bit but doesn't refute.

I wave at the girls as the three of us step into the elevator. "I will see you guys in a few hours. You will see me tomorrow I guess." I say with a joking tone.

Darcy peers over my chest at Jessica "You can share right." Jessica only rolls her eyes.

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