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Morningstar of Sin original

Morningstar of Sin

Author: SykoNex

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Chapter 1: Abigor Creed

My name is Abigor Creed, my friends… friend, and 'partners' just call me Ab. I grew up in a strict Christian household but was usually neglected due to a priest proclaiming I was devil spawn. He said it was because of a birthmark that I had which resembled a Leviathan Cross. My devout parents believed him outright changing my name from what used to be Joseph. I've always been lucky outside of family life so I never cared much and just pretended I never had parents.

I was always popular at school due to my handsome face and a silver tongue. When I was 13 years old I lost my virginity to my teacher Miss. Patterson who was fresh out of college. Not long after that, I became the type of person my parents thought me to be... living a life of debauchery and I LOVED IT.

I did all the drugs I could get my hands on and fucked any woman willing. I never really did anything bad per se, I wouldn't steal or **** as I find those things abhorrent. I was not a very good person, but I was living my best life. I may never have been the most intelligent in class but I was by no means dumb and the drugs never dulled that. In fact, I needed at least 3 times a normal person just to feel something. That's why I liked Cocaine so damn much, a quick 5 lines and I am GOOD.

During my senior year of High School, I woke up one day after an orgy to get a call from a police officer. My parents had been a part of a mass suicide in their church, the priest had talked his congregation into it.

They had written "Satan Walks Among Us" in blood on the stained glass behind the altar. I would be lying if I said I was sad about their deaths, what I was sad about was the money. My father was a paper pusher and my mom just did a small flower shop out of the house. Despite that, they had a lot of money saved up nearly a million… and none of it went to me. They have their wills made before the suicide that all their money would go to the church.

No need to cry over spilled milk I figured, since I was 18 I wouldn't be shipped off to a home or anything. After my parents passed I needed a way to make money so I called up a few of my past orgy mates and got them to help me start a strip club. A few of the women were surprised to learn I'm in high school still, I never really kept it a secret I just never bothered to mention it. None the less majority agreed to start a strip club with me, rather than giving them a base pay I instead give each of them 1% ownership totaling 23% on their part. I handle all of the business side of things.

Two peaceful years went by partying, doing drugs, sex and on occasion work until that day. Twenty years old, I was twenty years old when I killed my first person. I was in my office at the back of the club when one of the ladies burst into my office.

"Ab! Kingpins men are back and they already hit Sapphire," Candy said obviously out of breath.

I stood up with a cold expression grabbing my Beretta M9 I keep under the table and head towards the VIP lounge. I have an agreement with Fisk, his men get the VIP lounge and to sell in my establishment, in return I get a cut and a discount on what I buy. It's hard to do business in Hell's Kitchen without being harrassed by Fisk I just got lucky as to know him from my younger days.

As I walk into the room I see Sapphire on the ground unconscious with her clothes torn off and blood running down her forehead. Three of Fisk's men were sitting around the table with their feet up drinking as if nothing happened.

As they see me walk in one of them perks up "Ohhhh, Abigor the great demon is here!" the three laugh as if they just heard the best joke ever. It's obvious they are a little drunk but that's no excuse to hit one of my girls.

I sweep my eyes across them "Which one of you hit her?" my voice was cold obviously impatient.

One of them shifts a bit in his seat "It ain't my fault she wouldn't suck m-"


Before he finishes his sentence I put a bullet between his eyes. The other two jump up trying to pull out their guns.


I put one in each of their heads before turning around and walking out. As I pass by Candy I tell her "Call an ambulance for Sapphire and cut her a check. I'll call Fisk and take care of it."

After the talk with Fisk, we ended up arranging a better deal, his men were no longer able to use the VIP lounge and I would get a bigger cut of the sales. There are perks to being the highest seller in Hell's Kitchen and getting away with murder is one of them.

After re-arranging the agreement I started to make some good money and expanded locations. I set up 2 more strip clubs and 1 up-scale topless bar on the top floor of a skyscraper in downtown New York City. The lot itself was as expensive as the other 3 places combined, but man was it worth it. Rich men will pay a lot of money to see titties with a scotch in their hands and blow on the table.

The bar is the only place Fisk isn't allowed to operate so I still make nearly 80 million a year easily. That bar was also the place I met my only and first best friend, Tony Stark. A billionaire who liked to party just as much as me… just fewer drugs, but that was fine since we had a lot of good talks. Despite not being as educated he would explain all of his projects to me in great detail which I didn't always understand.

After becoming friends with Tony I started cutting some ties with Fisk, limiting how much he could sell to one person. Tony got me thinking about how many people inadvertently die due to overdoses caused by overbuying. Not that they can't buy from others but I don't want to be the reason someone can't wake up and see their loved one the next day.

I may have never been in or even felt love but I know it is something that shouldn't be so easily taken away. That's why I've lived my life like this until now, to hopefully feel something someday. I am no saint by any means but I have my own set of rules I follow whether others agree with me or not.

Years passed and one fateful day I got the news that Tony Stark had been killed in Afghanistan while showing off a new weapon he had created. At the time I was told I just so happened to be balls deep in Candy snorting blow off a random prostitutes ass on my yacht off the coast of Mexico….

And that is how I am here now, dead at 28, I had a heart attack from the sex, blow and the news… too much at once I guess. At least I died doing what I love, I would say I regret it… but the only thing I regret is never being able to feel anything.

I look around and realize it's different than I expected, I mean there is definitely fire and brimstone as far as the eye can see. I'm wearing my all black 3 piece suit and it's not hot, and my back and head feel heavy for some reason. I look behind me and see large black feather wings attached to my back, I roll my eyes up and see large curved horns are sprouted from my head. My usual sleek black hair is surrounded by fire so thick it's almost unseeable almost like a crown. The most frightening thing is I feel like I grew a foot and a half when I was already 6'2". Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In front of me sits a 10-foot tall fat demon with bat wings, horns, and red skin. He sat on the bottom step of a staircase that leads to a large throne 10 feet wide and 40 feet high. When he noticed my presence he immediately stood up with a straight back as if frightened.

"W-Welcome Back Mr. Morningstar." he stutters out.

SykoNex SykoNex

If you guys want some smut you have to tell me now so I can make it 18+ only.

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