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100% Morningstar of Sin / Chapter 72: John Jones

John Jones - Morningstar of Sin - Chapter 72 by SykoNex full book limited free

Chapter 72: John Jones

When we appear again it is in front of the Philadelphia Ninth District Police Department. "What kind of alien is here?" Angela asks as she looks around at the shops around.

"A green martian," I say opening the door letting them walk in first. Angela looks like she doesn't know the race so she just shrugs and walks in.

I follow behind the two as I see a female officer at the desk I approach with a small smile. "Hello," I say leaning against the desk.

She stops her typing on the computer as she meets my eyes blushing a bit as she does. "How can I help you today?" She says clearing her throat trying to remain professional.

"I am here to see Detective John Jones, is he available?"

She stands up as she gives me a smile, "I'll go check, he cleared a case earlier so he is still probably doing paperwork."

I nod as she turns and begins to walk away. I watch her ass as she walks through the door into the precinct.

I feel a smack on my arm, I turn to see Angela giving me a glare "You horndog."

I give her a grin as I look her up and down "I would do the same for you."

She rolls her eyes as she sits in one of the waiting chairs. Hela just smirks at her jealousy and sits down next to her.

After a minute or so the female police officer comes back with a normal-looking man in tow with a tall frame in a long overcoat. He gives her a nod as he steps around the desk and approaches me.

I smile as I notice his eyes narrow, he can't read my mind. "I think it's best if we speak in private. Got anywhere in mind?"

His face turns serious as he nods. I gesture the girls to follow as we walk out of the station. We follow him a short way until we reach a small diner away from the busy street.

As we walk in he waves at the waitress "We will have four coffees please." we sit at a long table and he lets out a long sigh.

"Who are you? Lanterns?" He asks leaning back in his chair.

I laugh a bit "Not unless they get some cooler powers." I say with a joking grin.

His brows furrow "Then who are you? I am sure you aren't here to speak with the human John Jones."

I nod "I am Lucifer Morningstar. On a request from my wife, I am going around talking to all potential disaster level aliens on earth. If they are refugees I am helping if they are here for malicious reasons… I'm sure you can guess what I'd do."

"So you are here to know if I mean harm to earth…" He says as he takes his coffee from the waitress.

"Thank you, darling," I say to the waitress waiting for her to walk away. "Yes, and no. I already talked to another martian and heard what was happening. I assume you are a refugee, no?"

He looks a bit taken aback "The only other Martian on earth is my niece."

My brows furrow "Your niece is a white martian? I thought your kind didn't mingle with each other."

(A/N: I am modifying Miss. Martian's backstory to fit Manhunters better.)

He takes a sip of coffee as he gives a sad sigh "My sister fell in love with a powerful white martian. He was an honorable man, one of the few who earned my respect. They started a family, lived among us green Martians…"

"They had a lot of kids. I was happy to have such a large family… That was until the white Martians attacked… They were stronger than they originally were, faster… They butchered every man, woman, and child in the green martian colony." I notice even Hela flinches a bit at his words.

"I managed to hold them at bay with my brother in law from chasing the ones who managed to escape. But he was slain by their leader Protex. He didn't even flinch when I tried to crush his mind. They were like feral beasts driven mad for war."

"We managed to hold out for a few weeks but they kept finding us over and over again. No matter where we hid, they would come. During the final battle when only a hundred or so of us were still alive my sister and most of her children were killed…"

"I narrowly managed to escape with M'gann in my arms. Last I heard the Yellow Martian's managed to use sorcery to hide. But I'm not sure how long they have until they are found. I am not enough to help them." He says as he puts his face in his hands leaning over the table.

"I feel as though I already know the answer, but what is it you want? You get one request, make it count." I ask trying to keep up a sympathetic face.

"It can be anything?" He asks seriously.

"Not anything, but almost, I will judge whether or not it is worth my time," I say looking the girls who are both looking at him with pity.

His face hardens "I don't know how powerful you are, but can you help the yellow Martians. I don't want their fates to be the same as ours."

I shrug "I figured as much." A contract appears in my hand in a small unnoticeable fire. I slide the contract over to him "Sign once you've read it." I say as I hand him a pen.

His eyes narrow as he reads "This says you'll get it done within the year."

I nod "They have been hiding for what, ten years? What is a few more months?"

"They could be found at any moment!" He says obviously upset. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I sigh as I see Angela giving me a glare "Fine, fine." I wave a hand over the contract and the words scramble.

He reads it again "Sending a representative to tell you when they need help? I guess that would be fine, you just have subordinates that are strong enough to do that?"

I scoff a bit "I could send a lord and have done in a week. But I want to punish them myself, the benefits mount in my favor." I look around to make sure no one is close enough to listen.

"Legion, you are here correct?" I say in a rather quiet voice.

"I am, my lord" A single voice replies from my shadow.

"Send The Keres to Mars to protect the Yellow Martians. If the White Martian's launch an attack tell me." I feel Legion's presence disappearing as he returns to hell.

"Sign please," I say with a small smile.

He nods as he quickly signs his name "Is that good enough?"

He asks while handing me the pen again. "It is, I'm thankful you were more cooperative than the last alien."

He lowers his head "If you could save them I will be eternally thankful. Feel free to ask for any favors in the future."

I wave off his offer as I stand up with the girls. "It is fine, you don't really have anything I need anyway. Perhaps if you become more powerful in the future." I hand him a business card.

"You seem like a good guy. Here is a card to my wife's defense firm, if you ever feel like giving up detective work and want to be in defense call her and tell her I offered. Or if you want a position defending earth I guess I could take you in…"

"Nevermind, have a good day Detective Jones." I say putting my hand on Hela and Angela's backs guiding them out the door with me.

Hela looks at me as we walk out the diner doors. "So you said there was one more?"

I nod as we vanish from where we were standing in and appear in a wide open desert seemingly in the middle of nowhere. But in actuality it's just the Nevada desert.

I look down at the grave and it reads 'Abin Sur' I click my tongue "It appears we were too late."

I hear a voice speak up from behind us "Uh, hey were you guys his friends?"

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