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Chapter 60: Professor X

(A/N: It must really suck for the Professor. He is the only one who can tell how blindingly powerful the people in front of him are. Asmodeus and Rowena are fuckin goals though, he was an utter fucking failure and she still forgave him. Probably the most unrealistic thing in the novel so far lol jk. There is a poll up right now by the way, for those who don't check it.


Enjoy <3 )


"So what are you here for?" Xavier says with a glare along with mutton chops.

I smirk "I am here to make a deal." I gesture at Asmodeus and Rowena "They on the other hand are here to visit their child."

"What are you?" The beautiful woman asks.

I hold my chest faking offense "How rude… Just kidding, I am Lucifer Morningstar, the devil of course."

Seeing they aren't saying anything I gesture to the door "Shall we go in or?"

Xavier nods his head "Come to my office." He is still obviously defensive.

The others look at him oddly but still follow along. I shrug at the three behind me "Let's go."

We make our way through the mansion into the main hall where there are giant bifurcated stairs leading to the second floor. Behind the staircase is a large door leading to his office.

He rolls his chair behind the desk as the rest stand around him. "Logan you stay, Storm, Hank, you two show Mrs. Rowena and Mr. Asmodeus to their kid."

The beast-man nods as he and the beautiful woman walkout leading Asmodeus and Rowena out. Ruby stands next to me looking around the office curiously.

"And what's the kid here for?" The man named Logan asks.

I shrug "She just wanted to tag along."

"You let brats tag along on business trips?" He asks with a grin.

"You may not want to offend her, she may be a cute and girly teenager but she could purge this planet and only I am the only one in this realm that could stop her." Logan looks a bit taken aback by my words but Charles' eyes seem to agree with me.

"I may not be a perfect esper but I can feel she is far stronger than anything I have ever felt, even more than you." He says with a hard voice as he clasps his hands on the desk.

I shrug "I like to hold back."

Ruby scoffs, earning herself a glare from me. "Anyway, I am going to high school soon and I wanted to check this place out. I've never been to a school before."

Charles' eyes go to Logan "Why don't you show her around?"

Logan looks at me then back at Charles, "Why do I have to show around the dangerous rugrat?" He says with a disgruntled face.

Charles sighs "Please Logan, you handle rouge so well."

Logan glares at Charles "Fine…"

Logan walks past us angrily as he gestures his head for Ruby to follow him. She happily follows behind with a small skip.

I sit down across from Charles with a small smile "Great, finally alone." I pull out a contract from the air in a roll of fire and set it in front of him "This is what I'm here for."

He looks at me skeptically as he picks up the parchment. He begins scanning over the text looking for holes while understanding what I want.

He sighs as he sets down the parchment "Are you really the devil?"

My horns grow from my head, wings sprout from my back, and crown blazes to life "I am."

He looks at me with a bit of shock hidden behind a calculative gaze "You want my students to work for you once they graduate. That is what I am getting from reading this, correct?"

I nod as my demonic features return to normal "I want your students to have the option of joining my company under any of the fields I operate in, up to them. I know it can be hard for mutants to get jobs as they are discriminated against and I figured I could help."

"Why?" He asks leaning back in his wheelchair.

"Because helping people only when it's convenient for me is a philosophy of mine. Bonus points if I get things out of it. One of my wives opened a defense contract business to help employ fellow mutants like her. I figured I'd help her since my servant needed to find his son anyway." I say with a kind smile.

"I don't want my kids going into battlefields on foreign lands without supervision.." He says with a stern face.

I nod "Of course, children do not belong on the battlefield. In my wife's company, only people over the age of 23 are allowed to work out of the country. Everyone else is in urban areas within the country to protect companies."

He reads over the contract again to make sure there are no loopholes. "I think this contract will be beneficial to both of us Mr. Morningstar." He pulls out a pen and signs it without another thought.

My eyebrows raise in surprise "I didn't think you would be so easy to convince, being the devil usually puts people off."

He shakes his head as the contract disappears in flames "I have learned never to judge based on appearances and prior accounts as they usually do not accurately depict the depth of a person."

I nod my head in agreement "That is rather wise… Do you mind if I see the list of the powers that your students and faculty have?"

His brows raise in surprise "... Sure." He says grabbing a file out of his desk drawer.

Seeing his uncertainty I grab the list from him slowly "I swear I will not share this information with anyone else."

He smiles as he nods "I'll trust you then." he says letting go of the file.

I read over the powers and abilities of the students one by one and a few catch my eye, a potential Omega level is in the mix at that. There are a few Epsilon levels and Gamma levels, they are the ones I'm looking for.

I pull out every Epsilon, Gamma, a few Beta levels, and the two Omega levels and set them on the desk. "Bring me these ones and I will repair their damage."

He looks surprised "You can fix their defects?"

"Of course I can. I am the Devil." I say a-matter-of-factly.

"What about Storm and Rouge?" He asks confused.

I smirk "I want to offer them jobs."

His brows raise "Storm already works here… and rouge has an… issue."

My brows raise curiously "Problem?"

"She absorbs the powers of anyone she touches, that's why she is a potential Omega. But that also means she can't touch people." He says grimly.

I rub my chin "That's… neat, I can fix her as well, it isn't a big deal."

"That's an incredible power." He says with surprise.

I shrug "It is just a contract, most demons can do it."

His eyes narrow skeptically "What will they pay?"

I smirk "Nothing major, they will sign a contract saying they cannot Sin, in return, they gain full control over their X-Gene. By Sin I mean the big things of course, not the petty things. Senseless murder, ****, the general things no one should do."

He nods "That is good, they wouldn't do such things anyway."

"I hope not it would be rough to become a demon because you lost your soul over a simple contract like that," I say with a smirk.

"I have Storm on the way with the kids you requested now." He says putting together the files I put in front of himself.

"I know. Telepathy sounds nice, I should work more on my magic…" I say leaning back stretching.

"Magic? Is it actually real?" He asks curiosity leaking in his voice.

"It is. Our mutual friend Tony Stark recently learned it on his own without my help. It's surprising he was able to do it without help. With your mental prowess, I'm sure you would need little help. But I'm not sure if mutants can become magicians, you would have to ask my other wife." I say using infernal magic to play with a vase on the edge of the room.

"Simple telekinesis is the easiest magic you can do." I turn to the door as I softly put down the vase. "They are here."

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