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4.16% Morningstar of Sin / Chapter 3: Waking Up

Waking Up - Morningstar of Sin - Chapter 3 by SykoNex full book limited free

Chapter 3: Waking Up

When I opened my eyes to see I was surrounded by topless women standing over me with worried faces. I look on my right and see Candy had tears welling up in her eyes. On my left, the other women were standing around me on the deck of the yacht talking.

As I sat up I heard Candy gasp and she threw her arms around me crying on my chest.

*sniffle* "I thought you were dead, I was so scared." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I look down at her crying face and lightly pat her head. "I thought I was as well, it seems it's harder for me to die than most others."

As I lightly push her off of me I stand up still stark naked and look down see my member has grown a bit. It matters not to me, it was already sufficient size before, any more and I don't think I could even take a woman.

The girls move out of my way as I get up and stand at the bow of the deck looking out on the setting sun thinking on what I just learned about myself. If I truly am as powerful as the pig said then punishing the evil should be easy. I could create my own era in this world… any world, a place free of evil where people are truly free.

I shift my shoulders and my wings unfurl from my back from seemingly nowhere, it feels much better this way. I turn back to Candy and the random prostitutes I got from the port town near here. The prostitutes are on their knees praying and Candy is just staring at me dumbfounded. I step close to one of the prostitutes and take a knee in front of her.

I put my hand on her chin making her look me in the eyes. I can see there are tears in her eyes and she is still muttering something in Spanish I don't understand.

I look deep in her eyes "Tell me, what is it you truly desire."

She doesn't stop crying but she still replies "I want to be free, I want a happy life for my son."

I tilt my head a bit at her answer "Why are you not free?"

She gestures at the other two girls on their knees, "We are whores for the cartel, they would never let us be free, I am hardly ever able to see my son."

"Interesting, and who controls the cartel you are a part of?" I can feel myself getting a bit angry at her words.

"His name is El Diablos, he isn't human, he is a monster." She starts to sob into her hand.

"Ironic," I say as my horns grow out of my head "When we reach the shore you will show me to him."

She just nods still crying as I go and sit on the couch Candy was on. I put my hand on her shoulder and she seems to jump a little out of surprise.

"Go below deck and tell Ray we are heading back to Veracruz," I say in my normal calm voice.

She just nods and heads below deck.


When we get to shore I already put away my wings and horns. I don't really care about if people see me like that, but it makes things complicated to walk around as the devil. The girls are just sitting silently on the deck's bench and Candy is sitting next to me resting her head on my shoulder.

On the way here I was thinking of a plan moving forward. I need to get my emotions first, being unable to feel happiness or satisfaction means I don't even know what I'm missing. All this lust but I'm only able to have the physical pleasures. Once I get my emotions I will begin building my kingdom… but that may be a while. I am not even sure if I will change once I get emotions.

After I put my clothes on we get off the boat and head towards my limo parked near the entrance to the Marina. Ray gets in the driver's seat and the girls and I get in the back. I tell the girl I now know is Maria to take us to El Diablos.

After an hour's drive into the desert, we finally stop near a hill leading to a mansion with a large mortar fence around it. I step out of the limo my usual 3 piece suit on.

I turn to Maria "This is where he stays?"

Maria and Rose nod.

I smile as my horns grow from my forehead and wings extend from my back unobstructed by my suit. I calmly walk towards the mansion but as I pass the front of the limo I see Ray smoking a cigarette while sitting on the hood. As he sees me the lit cigarette falls out of his mouth when his jaw drops looking at me in shock... and fear? I just smile at him and keep heading towards the gate.

As I approached the gate the armed men noticed me and began yelling things at me in Spanish they look particularly panicked… wonder why. I ignore them and pay attention to their rifles, I have seen them before. I know my weaponry and I know these should not be here… they are Stark tech. He calls them ATR's, Tony's take on the ACR, more of a punch, less of a kick.

One of them holds up his ATR and fires at me, I am tempted to stop time but I am curious as to what happens when a bullet hits me.


It hits my forehead right between my horns and does nothing, it only stings a bit. As the bullet falls off my forehead to the ground looking like a flat pancake I smile at the man who shot me. He lowered his gun and just stared at me in shock, the man next to him also had his mouth agape.

"That was a damn good shot, and also the exact reaction I would expect if the Devil himself walked up to someone," I say still smiling.

They both glance at each other nodding their heads in agreement.

'Are the giving up?' I wonder to myself.

They both turn back to me and raise their ATR's to fire at me. I roll my eyes at their stupid decision. Before they can fire I snap my fingers and everything seemingly stops. This is my first using this power but it feels very natural as if I'd done it a million times. I look closely at the two men at the gate as I approach them and notice they aren't completely stopped.

The weapon fires and I see the bullet slowly come out the barrel. I grab the bullet out of the air, don't want a stray bullet killing an innocent. Before either of them fire another bullet I grab them by the neck with each hand and squeeze… HARD. When I squeeze their necks cave in like a tube of toothpaste being pushed down and I drop them.

Time resumes at its usual pace and their bodies topple to the ground. I raise my eyebrows at my strength, I squeezed hard but it was nowhere near my max. I look up at the metal gate in front of me and put my hand on the center of it.

With a firm push, the two large doors are broken off their hinges and the bar behind the door is sent flying. The two men standing at the entrance of the mansion look at me with the two metal doors laying a few feet away bent. Then they look at the two corpses of their former companions with their throats crushed like aluminum cans. As I start walking towards them they stare at me with terror written on their faces before turning and running inside the mansion screaming something.

SykoNex SykoNex

I don't know if you guys will like where I'm taking this. Since he is by technicallity an Elder God he is incredibly OP... and edgy. I'm currently at training again for work so I'm writing from my phone, sorry if I messed anything up.

I'll be home Friday so I'll try to get a chapter for Reaper then. If you guys hate where I'm taking this I can always rewrite things since it's just off the top anyway.

Also with the votes, it looks like there will be smut so look forward to that.

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