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90.9% MORTAL GODS: Enouka / Chapter 60: The Harshest of Punishments (1)

The Harshest of Punishments (1) - MORTAL GODS: Enouka - Chapter 60 by Udeju full book limited free

Chapter 60: The Harshest of Punishments (1)

Every Keeper quaked in fear.

They had angered the Creator.


With quivering hearts, the Keepers watched the golden ray of light, tear through the sky, accompanied by the fearsome golden streaks of thunder and lightning.

Soon the brilliant ray of light congregated into a shimmering spotlight and shone down upon Statera, and a golden scroll travelled gracefully through the brilliant ray of light towards him.

It was the Creator's Will!


*The Creator's Will is a direct instruction from the Creator to a Keeper. A commandment that must be obeyed.

It was a rare privilege for any Keeper to receive the Creator's Will. Only a few Keepers ever had, and the vast majority of Keepers never would receive it for all of eternity.

This was simply because the Creator usually ignored every action of the Keepers. They were too mundane as to be worth his attention.

But he cared about every single one of his creations. Once his creations were destroyed outside of his express Will, he would react.

And his wrath was unbearable!


All Keepers, far and wide, watched as the golden scroll was being lowered, with their hearts in their throats...

The Creator's Rules had been broken once again, and this time, it was most disastrous. A large part of creation had been wiped out, and the Creator had been made angry enough to react! Angry enough to send his Will!

Someone, ( hopefully not everyone) was definitely going to be punished!


All of a sudden, the slowly descending scroll was seemingly hurled at full force towards Statera's head.


The scroll hit Stratera's honourable head heavily, as it was too fast and he had been stunned watching it descend. XD


Shocked stiff by the sudden smack on their most dignified, ever composed, highly reputable leader, all the Keepers collectively had a huge sweatdrop hanging on the side of their heads.

The amazing, and 'untouchable' Statera had just been smacked like a little kid!


Statera caught the scroll mid-air in one hand after it hit him, taking up his other hand to rub the painful bump he had sustained, with a teardrop in his eye, like a remorseful little kid who'd just been scolded.

Clearly, The Creator was p*ssed.


Indeed, the Creator was angry.

The Keepers had made a massive mess of things. They had destroyed so much of his creations in a silly battle. They were all collectively responsible for letting things go too far.

First, an entire galaxy was poisoned, and now, an entire universe was wiped out of existence, and several other creations, destroyed.

Statera seemed to be slipping in his duties. He deserved to be punished, along with all the silly Keepers!

The Creator had half a mind to...

The fearsome thundering and rumbling intensified with the Creator's wrath.


But No. He wouldn't. He decided against it. He would be merciful once again.

However, that didn't mean he had to let them off without a scolding.

In his anger, he hurled the scroll at Statera.

He had decided to be merciful and spare all the Keepers his punishment, but he could not resist smacking Statera as a warning for his apparent incompetence in keeping the balance, and by extension, the Keepers in control.

He would forgive everyone once again.

Everyone apart from the constant offender; Skotos, Keeper of the Dark.


Statera felt responsible. For some reason, Keepers kept breaking the Creator's Rules left and right, and all of a sudden, they were even going as far as to destroy the creations they were made to protect!

They all did deserve the Creator's punishment. He recomposed himself and accepted the scroll.

Preparing for the worst, he unlocked it by breaking the seal. Instantly, the scroll dissipated into a golden essence that was quickly absorbed into his head.

The process was complete. Statera had been successfully entrusted with the Creator's Will in the presence of all Keepers.

It was a rare and magnificently remarkable occurrence. But everyone still waited patiently, unconsciously holding their breaths in anticipation of the Creator's punishment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.




The Creator's Will to Statera, Keeper of the Balance, and Head of Keepers, was to make Skotos sign a Pact of Confinement!

Skotos was getting punished with an Eternal Confinement!

Oof... the Creator was really mad.

He had done it. Done the very worst.

He had meted out a mass destruction of invaluable living creations and beings on two occasions; the Galactic Genocide and the Love War.

There was no better solution. After breaking so many of the Creator's Rules, Skotos had to be banished. Restricted only to the Dark Realms forever. He was a danger to existence, even to fellow Keepers.

He deserved to be put away forever.

This was the Creator's will.



Just in case you forgot what the Creator's Rules were, here they are:


"The Creators Rules":

RULE 1:- *Never involve in dark practices.

RULE 2:- *Never refuse or hesitate to perform the Creator's will.

RULE 3:- *Never fail on a duty entrusted to you by the Creator.

RULE 4:- *Never impune on the Creator. You are nothing!

The Creator gave the Keepers these four rules to prevent them from slacking on their duties, or abusing their powers.

They were called 'The Creator's Rules', and were sacrosanct.


Skotos broke rules 1 and 3.

He had involved himself in cultivating dark energy, which was prohibited by Rule 1 of the Creator's Rules.


*Dark energy was only to be naturally engaged by a Keeper when given a mission of destruction within the Creator's Will. It was never to be cultivated for regular and constant use by Keepers as it was energy for destruction, and could only destroy whenever it was used.

But Skotos was cultivating this dark energy for constant use, not just by himself, but also for other Keepers, for the selfish aim of getting stronger unnaturally.


He had broken Rule 3 by destroying several creations with his fierce gash-tearing attacks. He had caused the Love War and refused to back down even when he saw the vast destruction he had brought upon the world with dark energy.

Skotos had destroyed so much and was willing to destroy much more. The Creator would not ignore his actions anymore.

Thus, he sent his Will. A punishment of Confinement to prevent Skotos from causing any further harm once and for all.


Then again, the Creator could have just punished Skotos directly with the curse of Eternal Confinement. But no.

He decided to make it into a quest for Statera to test his competence. A punishment in disguise. For slacking off.

*The Creator's Will can either make or mar a Keeper. Excellently performing the Creator's Will meant receiving a reward, while failing at performing the Creator's Will meant punishment.

If Statera failed to make Skotos sign, he would also be punished harshly.

It was like the Creator was saying to Statera,

"This is your mess. Fix it!"

Make Skotos sign the Pact of Eternal Confinement, or suffer punishment. It was a troublesome quest because;

A pact to be eternally bound within the Dark Realms, forever...

Who would agree to sign that?


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