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Chapter 3: Title Hidden

Aki returned to Uchiha clan, he met Tajima Uchiha, Tajima said: " oh if it isn't my genius son, we haven't met much lately. how have you been doing Aki? ".

Aki answered casually " I have been doing great father thanks for asking ", he then started talking toward Madara's location and found that Madara was in a gloomy mood, interested he asked: "Madara whats with the gloomy mood?".

Madara looked a bit sad and said: " From now on we are not friends with hashirama Understood?! "

he said while activating his 1tomoe Sharingan and looking directly at Akihiro.

Aki was shocked, then he figured out that they were found out, everything happened like the anime good thing he was training at that time or Tajima would have thought they would win and attacked them, someone would have died and the plot would have been destroyed.

While he was thinking, his face was blank. Madara sighed and said: " We were naive, dreaming to end the conflict. "

Aki got his bearing together smiled and said: " it doesn't matter as long as we have each other right? ", Madara looked a bit relieved and said: " yeah, you are right ".

After chatting for a while Aki left Madara and heard systems voice saying:

[System awarded host for not interfering with the plot, (1x world travel ticket) (1x creation bonus)]

" Well the world travel ticket is obvious, System explain the creation bonus "

[Creation bonus: let you create an ability and learn it instanly]

"Ok use it and give me the ability I will describe and add it to my Mangekyou Sharingan's power ok?"

[Ok, describe the ability you desire]

" Give me the ability to materialize chakra in 2 ways, 1- something like Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, the bankai of Byakuya Kuchiki, with the number of sakura blades dependent on the amount of chakra I put into the technique, 2- combining all the sakura blades forming 1 blade and swinging it like Ichigo Kurosaki's Mugetsu its power depending on the number of blades I use ".

[New ability created and added to your Mangekyou Sharingan]

[Warning, if host fuses other abilities into his Mangekyou Sharingan, it will explode, it has reached the limit of abilities it can hold]

Aki felt the knowledge of the abilities flooding into his brain and he felt his eyes becoming full ' so this is the limit of Mangekyou Sharingan '.

[Host is wrong, it is the limit of your Mangekyou Sharingan, it can host more power if you upgrade your Uchiha bloodline purity or awaken eternal Mangekyou Sharingan]

"how pure is my bloodline?"


"how much does it cost to make it 100%? "

[13000 system point]

"WTF, I am broke as f***. ahhh, System is there a clone technique that can last a long time and can live separately from me, but I can disperse it when I want to and get its memories?"

[Yes host its called perfect blood clone technique, host can only have 1 active at a time, its power is 60% of host's maximum, it costs 2500 points to purchase, proceed ?]

" yes "

learning the technique, he created the clone which needed 27 handsigns, after performing the handsigns a glass of blood left his body and formed an identical copy of himself, it cost him 12000 chakra points.

He felt a bit weak but was satisfied with the whole deal, after pondering for a while he decided his future path ' I will first go to Fairy tail world before zeref was cursed, stay there till the end of dragon king festival and hunt some dragons for system points, I am broke right now, come back to naruto world at the point the timeline reaches where the anime began and surprise myself with what my clone accomplished here and get the memories '.

" System use the ticket to Fairy tail world before zeref was cursed "

[Starting Portal creation ...




Portal created]

he walked through the portal and went through a tunnel with no light, at the other side there was a vibrant forest full of ancient trees with beautiful emerald leaves, after enjoying the view he felt a sudden pulling force dumbfounded he asked the system " what is this feeling, whats going on system? ".

[Host's dead blood clone body was used as a base to cast Rinne rebirth technique by Madara on host which is pulling host soul to place it inside the clone's body to revive it]

" what? why? I just traveled here isn't it a bit too soon for Madara to have Rinnegan what the hell is going on? "

[Fairy tail and Naruto are 2 different dimensions there are no laws synchronizing their timelines]

" doesn't that I mean I can time travel anytime I want with the world function? "

[No, host can't travel to a time before appearing in a world, which means host cannot travel to a time before stepping in the portal, if you accept the Rinne rebirth jutsu summoning, you cannot travel to a time before the casting of the Rinne rebirth do you wish to accept the summoning ?]

" wait a moment what happened to memories of my clone? "

[After going back to naruto world or accepting the summoning, its memories will transfer to you]

" what will happen to my original body and will there be a limit on my strength? "

[No, the reason the clones strength was limited was that it had no soul]

[your soul can travel to naruto and stay there as much as u want, System can help you get back here with 500 system points and time wouldn't have passed for your body]

[Warning, you can't use system except for the status and returning soul function till you return to your original body]

"I won't get stronger there? "

[host will get stronger and lvl up because its part of the status function, host can learn Skills like other ninjas there because the shop will be unavailable]

" Well, my skills are top notch, so I don't need to learn anything new hopefully "

"Accept the Soul summoning"


Aki suddenly felt disoriented and a massive spacial shift ' its as if I am riding a roller coaster, damn '.

In a Dark massive underground hideout, Stood a boy in his late teens missing an eye and the right side of his face was full of scars (Obito Uchiha) his eye was a spinning Sharingan staring at the figure in front of him.

The figure was an old man with one Rinnagan eye and one Sharingan eye (Old Madara) performing a jutsu on a lifeless body on the table Madara said to Obito "Tell Akihiro everything I told you beforehand he will help you retrieve the tailed beasts, also don't forget to implant this Rinnegan in Nagato only if the 2 eyes unite will their true power be unleashed ".

Obito nodded Madara said to white and black Zetsu " you know what to do, assist Obito and have Nagato bring me back with Rinne rebirth jutsu when the time is right ".

After several Seconds a bright azure colored soul appeared from the sky and went directly into the underground hideout and into the body after that Madara died after the jutsu, the body suddenly sat up.

Its features was that of an extremely handsome man in his early 20's with black as night eyes, very dark blue hair in Ichigo's mugetsu hairstyle stretching till his waist, he had an extremely well-trained body his muscles were filled explosive power with a lean figure, he had pale white skin. It was the adult version of Akihiro Uchiha.

Akihiro was blankly staring ahead while absorbing his memories, after 2 minutes he suddenly smiled sinisterly while thinking ' well I changed the plot massively but it doesn't matter anymore, it finally begins huh '.

In these two minutes, Obito took out Madara's remaining Rinnegan and gave it to black Zetsu, so that he can transplant it in Nagato's ordinary eye. Black Zetsu went away, he started to prepare to talk with Aki, Obito said: " Ok, Madara said that I convey these words to you Akihiro and you would help me. "

Chapters Title: New power and Rinne rebirth

Next chapter: Clone's memories

EternalMonarch EternalMonarch

Finnaly the real plot begins :)

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