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Mortal to Omnipotent

Author: EternalMonarch

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Chapter 1: Transmigration

Just like any other day, our MC was on his way back home from the workout. he kept complaining to God about life being so boring and monotonous, The only things that kept him going was his curiosity, towards deeper meanings in life or entertainment industry, Well you might think he is an average guy but in fact, he is a genius who got invitations from all reputable universities across the world to study.

Some might wonder why he became like this well when he was little he was captivated by the concept of personal power and changing the world all by himself ( world domination 'cough cough' ) that he dreamt of that every day, unfortunately, such is impossible in the earth so he became like this.

Anyway, as he ate dinner and went to bed he wished "if only I could be a godlike character in my own adventure" unknowing to him God was listening and he had gotten really tired of listening to this boy's rants so he granted his wish put him in one of the boys favorite anime Naruto with a system like those fanfics and hoped the rants would end.

First person narrative :

As I woke up the next day I noticed something strange, I was not feeling comfortable in fact I felt numb and disoriented I was incredibly confused, "what the hell is going on ?!!", but when I heard my voice I was shocked because it was a bit high pitched like a child's voice, on top of all that I was in a freaking forest instead of my bed I was shocked silly ' Why am i in a forest and in a child's body did i get transmigrated or something ?! '.

As I was checking my surroundings I noticed, I wore black pants with bandages around my ankles with dark blue scandals, a dark blue shirt, a black coat my size with a small white and red fan symbol on the forearms which was torn in some places, a small pouch on my right leg, another in my waist both were full with metallic weapons looked like kunai the other one shurikens.

It was at this point I froze and realized my situation fully, I am in Naruto and that symbol is for Uchiha clan, which means I really transmigrated into naruto ' this is so sick man just thinking about the stuff I can do makes my blood boil, finally, someone heard my prayers haha '.

While I was daydreaming, I suddenly sensed danger behind me, so I dodged to left and 5 shurikens pierced the place I was standing on, I broke out in a cold sweat, that was so close these ninjas are the real deal I should be careful or I will die before I get to do anything cool.

I started to run while taking out the kunai, getting ready to deflect anything that came towards me and started paying attention to my surroundings for possible enemies, suddenly a boy around 11 years old appeared in front of me a kunai in hand ready to attack, he had the symbol of the hagoromo clan according to the series on his forehead. I started to pay attention and plan to take him out, this is a dog eat dog world I can't afford to be soft or I will die, he attacked targeting my heart I jumped to the left took 2 shurikens and fired them at close range to his side which hit him, he fell in a pool of his own blood and died.

I felt nauseated and nearly throw up but held myself back, after all, it was my first kill I carefully hid in a bush to think of my next move when I heard a voice in my head,

[Congratulation host for integrating with The Anime System]

[100 exp,10 sp rewarded for killing a genin]

[Do you wish to begin the tutorial ?] [y/n]


[system has 5 major functions, 1-Status(shows hosts state, skills, situation, ...) 2-Quests(tasks granted by system completion of the task comes with a reward failing it comes with a punishment)

3-Shop(host can buy anything with system points from the shop) 4-Inventory(host can put nonliving things in there, Current capacity 3x3 cubic meters) 5-World travel(cost 1,000,000 sp currently Unlocked)]

[host has been granted a beginner gift package for accomplishing your first quest (survive the genin assault) do you wish to open it ?] [y/n]


[Congratulations; Sharingan (1tomoe) unlocked, zanpakuto(sealed), 10,000 sp has been granted]

I felt a tingly and warm feeling in my eyes and then the world became much more detailed and everything moved in slow motion ' so this is the Sharingan no wonder it's so overpowered '.

"system show me my status"

[Race: human

Name: Akihiro Uchiha

HP:120/120 CP:950/950

Bloodline: Uchiha, Sharingan (1tomoe)

Age: 9 (mental 18)

Living Relatives: Madara Uchiha(older brother by 2 years), Izuna Uchiha(younger brother by 3 years), Tajima Uchiha(Father)

Stats: (10 avg adult & academy student {D} , 30 avg genin {C} , 70 avg chunin {B} , 120 avg jonin {A} , 150 elite jonin {S} , 200 kage {SS} , 270 Sage {SSS} , 320 demigod , 360 Six paths , 400 god)

lvl: 44 (100/440)

Strength(Str): 40

Dexterity(Dex): 55

Endurance(End): 42

Vitality(Vit): 41

Intelligence(int): 18 (iq=182 upgradable under certain conditions)

wisdom(wis): 54

Charm: 42 (Very Cute (handsome in the future) upgradable under certain conditions)

chakra: 95

AP: 0

Skills: (Amateur, Adept, Skilled, Master, Grandmaster)

Taijutsu: Adept 180/200 (hand to hand combat)

Ninjutsu: Adept 80/200 (combat technique related to chakra)

Genjutsu: Amateur 20/100 (illusion and deception combat techniques)

Kenjutsu: Adept 190/200 (weapon mastery for combat)

Skill points: 0


Genius +30% exp to skills training

Curse of hatred (from Uchiha bloodline) ]

Well my status is that of a high genin at least I didn't start at zero, but I am still too weak compared to those monsters like Madara and hashirama of the future, I need to get stronger to protect my life and act cool.

hmm, "system how do I get exp to lvl up without killing ?"

[host you get exp by completing quests, killing and defeating ninja but not killing will give 50% original exp of killing]

"I see show available quests"

[1-kill 10 enemy genins, Reward: 500 exp, 50 sp, {C+}

2-kill 3 enemy chunin, Reward: 2000 exp, 400 sp, {B}

3-Defeat Madara in a spar, Reward: 2500 exp, 1000 sp, {A+}

4-Befriend Hashirama with Madara at the river, Reward: Unsealing Zanpakuto, {C}]

All right I can do this I need to complete the first 2 if I want to beat Madara, for the 4th one I have to follow Madara lets do this.

First, I need to drink water I am a bit thirsty after looking for 10 minutes while jumping on trees, I finally found a river I stood in front of it and looked at my face's features, I have black hair with a tinge of blue in it pale white skin, very good looks and dark as night eyes, my hairstyle is similar to Ichigo when he fought Aizen final form, overall I looked very cute I was a bit mad because I don't want to look cute but well I am a child so there is nothing to do I just have to age.

After drinking water, I started my hunt I found a genin of Senju clan barely 13 wandering around I killed him with a simple shuriken, it was pretty easy hunting genins because I had pretty good status I wonder how the original died I think it was jonin lvl ninja that killed him, anyway after I killed the 10th genin without much effort it had already been 5 hours of searching and hunting I lvled up 2 times making me lvl 46, I got 10 attribute points I put them 3-4-3 in str-dex-end.

After getting the rewards of the quest, I started searching for chunin I came across a battlefield where 5 ninjas of hagoromo where fighting 7 ninjas of Kaguya clan, all of them were stronger than genins and in their late teens, so I started doing handsigns like in the memory related to ninjutsu I cast fireball jutsu, it took them by surprise killing 2 and injuring another, I threw 2 shuriken one slightly missing my target but the second one changed its course which killed him after hearing the notification of system I ran away with all my speed while doing a clone jutsu to confuse them.

after that ordeal, I started to think where the Uchiha clan lives after figuring out the location in

the memories I started running in that direction, after 1 hour I reached the clan, then I checked my status my lvl went from 46 to 53, I had 35 ap I distributed them the same matter I will do from now the leftover which is 5 points went to chakra.

my taijutsu and kenjutsu broke into the skilled tier and ninjutsu got 60 points, I got a new skill because Sharingan was active in my fights so I got Sharingan mastery to adept lvl "system how can I obtain more tomoes ?"

[when Sharingan skill reaches skilled tier you will get 2 tomoe and when it reaches grandmastery you will get complete 3 tomoe sharingan]

fine its time to meet the legendary Madara.

As Akihiro walked into the Uchiha clan he kept looking at everything with interest after all its this place where he will live for sometime and after searching a bit he found Madara Uchiha training his taijutsu against an older Uchiha who looked middle-aged.

akihiro walked to the front and looked at them practicing and started learning and analyzing their moves, after 5 minutes the training ended Madara looked in his direction and smiled waving his hands saying "hey brother how was your mission did you kill any genins ?".

akihiro looked thoughtful then answered "I killed 10 big brother", Madara looked surprised then smiled and fist bumped him in the shoulder saying"well done I knew you were a genius, little brother".

while they were both chatting Akihiro was silently thinking 'this Madara is nothing like the series he is kinda cool well with the hell he went through according to series no wonder he became like that hmm should I change the timeline?! ... nah I wanna fight Kaguya but I will save Madara before I defeat Kaguya somehow I suppose yeah that's better hmmm'.

"hey Madara I wonder can we have a friendly spar ?! I wanna see how good I have become after training." Madara looked thoughtful for a while then smiled and nodded.

They both took their stance and started a taijutsu battle Akihiro moves were fast, hard and elegant, while Madara moves looked overbearing, aggressive and unpredictable, after 1 minute Madara took out his kunai so did Akihiro they started fighting with their kunai, no one was yet wounded it continued for 3 minutes, Akihiro took his shuriken and imitating Itachi Uchiha from the series, started deflecting them mid-air, while Madara dodged and gained closer distance to throw unpredictable shuriken, at Akihiro who was slightly disadvantaged he activated his Sharingan and Madara was very surprised that single moment is all it took for Akihiro to defeat Madara with holding a kunai to his throat and kicking his ankles he fell down and his back was facing the ground it was Akihiro who won.

"you awakened the Sharingan little brother and at such a young age too indeed my little brother is a super genius hahaha"Madara laughed cheerfully while Akihiro held out his hand and he took it they stood up and Madara asked, "how did you awaken the Sharingan ?!"

Akihiro answered coolly "in a life and death battle brother" Madara looked worried for a moment then relaxed and happy he said"congratulations but be careful brother don't die on me ok ?!"

Akihiro answered with determination"I won't and thanks brother".

after that, they started training together and went to eat dinner and sleep after doting on little Izuna who looked deadly cute, before sleeping Akihiro though 'tomorrow I will follow Madara to finish the last quest system show me my status and only battle related stuff'.

[Race: human

Name: Akihiro Uchiha

HP:120/120 reg:5hp/min CP:1100/1100 reg: 50Chk/min


lvl: 56 (20/910) (High Genin)

Strength(Str): 55

Dexterity(Dex): 75

Endurance(End): 57

Vitality(Vit): 43

Intelligence(int): 18 (iq=182 upgradable under certain conditions)

wisdom(wis): 55

Charm: 42 (Very Cute (handsome in the future) upgradable under certain conditions)

chakra: 110

AP: 0

Skills: (Amateur, Adept, Skilled, Master, Grandmaster)

Taijutsu: Skilled 280/400 (hand to hand combat)

Ninjutsu: Skilled 120/400 (combat technique related to chakra) (D&E rank jutsu mastery, C Skilled, B Adept)

Genjutsu: Amateur 30/100 (illusion and deception combat techniques)

Kenjutsu: Skilled 310/400 (weapon mastery for combat) (kunai & shuriken)

Sharingan: Adept 65/200 (Ability to use Sharingan in combat) (1tomoe)

Skill points: 0]

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