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100% Mr. Tycoon's First Love / Chapter 8: One miracle

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Chapter 8: One miracle

After three months, Zhao Ting Ting was rushed to the hospital due to shortened contraction times. Every few seconds, contraction will happen. Ting Ting was groaning in pain, Mimi accompanied Ting Ting to the hospital while her husband takes care of Miaomiao.

"Mimi, it hurts... I need to push.." Mimi held Ting Ting's hand and reassured her, "We're almost at the hospital. Hang in there. You can do it." Ting Ting nodded, her head were full of cold sweat. After few minutes, they arrived at the hospital's delivery room. There were several nurses in the room ready to help with the delivery. The female gynecologist arrived after Ting Ting was placed in bed.

"Miss. Zhao, relax and take few deep breath. You're going to be fine. I'll inject epidural into you, you'll be in less pain." One nurse told her and Ting Ting felt better in a few second, "Mimi, stay with me." Mimi nodded, "Of course I will, I'm his god-mother."

"Doctor, it's ready." One nurse notified her. The female gynecologist nodded and looked at Ting Ting, "When you feel the contraction, you need to push hard." Ting Ting felt the contraction again and tried her best to push. The doctor and the nurses monitored everything to make sure everything is going smoothly.

"Good job, Miss. Zhao. I see his head. Keep on pushing, you're doing well." Ting Ting didn't have any energy left but she gave it her all. Mimi held her hand and encouraged her, "You can do it, Ting Ting. Just a bit more." Few minute later, they heard the baby's cry. Ting Ting was relieved, she saw his son being wrapped around a towel. After they cut off the umbilical cord, they checked the baby's Apgar Scale (Measurement for newborn babies to see how healthy they are- usually 7-9 is normal).

"Your son is very healthy. His Apgar scale is 8, here you go." One nurse handed Ting Ting her son, her very own first child. It's a miracle indeed. Mimi was ecstatic to see her god-son, "He's so handsome. Look at his eyes, his small nose and lips. He's so tiny." Ting Ting never felt this warm before, "I did it, Mimi. I did it." Mimi happily nodded, "You're the best."

"Have you thought of his name yet?" The gynecologist asked her, Ting Ting shook her head, "I don't know yet but I've thought of this for a while... how about Zhao means happiness and joy. What do you think?" Mimi agreed and the doctor smiled at her, "It's great name indeed. Very beautiful name for your first son." Ting Ting was glad his son's birth was successful.

The doctor took Ting Ting and her son to the general ward for recovery and the nurse taught her how to hold and feed the baby. An hour later, Alex rushed to the hospital to see Ting Ting, "I'm so sorry, I'm late." Ting Ting smiled and showed her son to him. Alex couldn't contain his happiness, "He looks like you. Looks like I'll be his uncle." Ting Ting nodded, "A very nice uncle."


After Ting Ting and Xinyi were released from the hospital, Alex helped her pack her belonging and Mimi came along to help as well. Ting Ting was so grateful for these two people in her lives. From today and onward, she'll be living with Alex.

"Mimi, thank you so much for everything. I couldn't have done it without you being by my side. Make sure to visit me. I'll send you rest of the rent through your bank number. It will take a few days." Ting Ting told her as Mimi was surprised by her comment just now, "No need, totally no need. Save it for Xinyi, you'll need it. I'm serious, keep the money." Mimi was firm in her choices and Ting Ting got no choices. She nodded and said, "Okay then. Say hi to Miaomiao for me." Mimi hugged her for the final time, "You need to take care, okay? You can come to me any time. We will always have room for you." Ting Ting tightly hugged her, "Thank you for everything. Thank you!" Few minutes later, Ting Ting waved farewell to Mimi. Alex reassured her, "Everything will be fine. You'll love my place, it's huge and enough for Xinyi to play around." Ting Ting slighted smiled, "Alex, I know I've told you this before but I really thank you for everything you've done. Thank you for always helping me when I needed someone the most. I'm really grateful." Ting Ting looked at Alex and smiled.

Alex is a great man and a great doctor. He's very caring and helpful in everything he does. He's what other patient called, "Male version of Mother Theresa." Alex replied, "Everything I've done is because I like you. Can you give me a chance? I will never hurt you. I'll take care of Xinyi like my own son. I'll wait for your answers. You don't have to give it to me now." Ting Ting really felt bad because ever since Lu Ting broke up with her, her wound did not completely heal. She was alive because Xinyi, Alex, and Mimi were with her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-first-love_16727089005005005/one-miracle_46601441086858261">;s-first-love_16727089005005005/one-miracle_46601441086858261</a> for visiting.

"Alex, I understand that but right now I cannot. I need some time to think about it. When I'm ready, I'll tell you." Ting Ting voiced her own thought and told him. She didn't want to lie because these words were her true feelings. Alex understood and did not ask any further, "We're almost there. The house in front of that tree is mine." Ting Ting saw his house and she was shocked at how big it is, "It's totally bigger than mine." Alex helped her unload her luggage and personal bags, "I've asked my older sister to prepare baby items for you. You'll see when you go in."

The house was not a joke, it was way bigger than her own house when she lived with her parents and Mimi's. Ting Ting looked around and the house was so clean, "Does your sister often clean the house?" Alex shook his head, "I usually do the cleaning whenever I have free time, mostly it's my parents. But, they are on vacation right now. Your bedroom is upstairs, I'll show you. Come on." The room was so nice and cozy, there were stuffed animal and toys, even a crib. There's even a queen size bed in the middle of the room. Alex dropped her stuff inside her room, "Don't worry, I sleep in that room down the hallway. This room is all yours. Do you like it?" Ting Ting couldn't handle her emotion again and hugged Alex, "Thank you so much. I feel like I don't deserve any of this." Alex smiled and hugged her back, "Whatever you want, I'll try my best to give it to you."

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