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100% -MUFFIN- Younghoon Theboyz imagine / Chapter 1: -MUFFIN- Younghoon tbz imagine [part 1]

-MUFFIN- Younghoon tbz imagine [part 1] - -MUFFIN- Younghoon Theboyz imagine - Chapter 1 by Muffin_7 full book limited free

Younghoon Theboyz imagine -MUFFIN-
Younghoon Theboyz imagine original

-MUFFIN- Younghoon Theboyz imagine

Author: Muffin_7

© Webnovel

Chapter 1: -MUFFIN- Younghoon tbz imagine [part 1]

Your pov.

I slowly closed my window, don't want to disturb anyone's sleep. While making my way out of the house.

I'm sure you'd have guessed what I am going at this point. Yes I am sneaking out the house. Don't worry I have a pocket knife incase if something happens. ( Entry of author nim : *screaming from my room's window* that my knife bish- give it back before I cut your neck instead of my apples )

Y/n : catch me if you can bish *runs*

Author nim : you dipsheet- *try to catch her* *falls down from the window* *breaks my neck* 🙂

[ Back to the story ]

The moon shines brightly as I walked the street which is completely empty, the only sound of my footsteps can be heard at this point.

Few minutes later I reached my destination. The door automatically opened. I loved to come to this shop because it's 24/7 open.

I smiled at myself and went to the counter "I'd like my usual" I said while looking at those delicious blueberry muffins.

The boy behind the counter gives me a small nod. He knows me too well atleast by my face because I come here almost everyday ordering the same muffins, at time.

Not gonna lie but he got a face of a model, his facial features are extremely gorgeous. Compared to him I'm too short. He is probably of my age or a year older? Nevermind

He stretched his hand while handing two muffins. His voice was very smooth when he said "here you go". I nodded while mumbling a small thanks.

I made my way out of the shop while humming a song under my breath.

"Hey stop" a male voice screamed. But I continued to walk, cause no one would call me at this late and I don't even have much friends.

"I'm talking to you" the same voice shouted again, "muffin girl".

And that made me stop.

I turned around to see that it was the same boy from the store. I gulped as he started walking towards me, "stop right there, I know karate" I said while taking a karate pose.

"What do you want?" I said still in my karate position, as he gave me a very boring look. " I think this slipped from your pocket". He said while handing me my pocket knife.

"Oh---" I just made a big fool of myself.

"Thanks" I mumbled.

He gave me a slight nod, while asking Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Why are you out so late tho?"

"Oh well..I like to walk at night, got any problem?" I said while raising my eyebrows towards him. "No, but it could be dangerous" he mumbled.

"Look who is saying...a stranger" I said crossing my arms around my chest. ( Author nim pop out of no where )

Author nim : hey don't act so cold towards my son *smacks head*

( Author nim dissappears )

"Ouch-" I rubbed my head, as I heard a giggle from that boy *death glares*

" have a point, but do you mind if I walk with you?" He said while taking small steps towards me.

"You want to walk with me?"

"Yes" he said coming more closer towards me. " Um.. okay let's go".

He smiled at me as I said that, oh my gawd his smile made my stomach flip. We both started walking, while our steps matched with eachother

"Oke- do you mind if I ask you a small question?" I asked.

"Technically you just did" he said while giving me a side glace. " I'm serious" I said as I narrowed my eyes.

"Okay you can ask, only if I ask you something in return too".

"Okay" I nodded feeling satisfied with the deal.

"Why do you work here so late? Don't you have school or something?"

"I do have school" he said while stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"Then why?" I scrunched my eyebrows. "Well I'm afraid that you'll run away if I answer that question".

"Why? Is it that scary?"

"No" he lightly chuckled." It's like if you Know the truth you'll be surprised."

"Surprise me!"

"Are you sure?"

"Hell yesss" I said feeling a bit excited.

"Actually my friend works here, oneday I decided to stay with him in the shop, when a girl caught my attention.

"Then what happened?"

" Then I switched places with him, so that I could see and talk to her." He said as he looked at me intensely.

We both stayed quiet for a while, as I turned to him "so you're telling me that you pretend to work there just to see and talk to that girl?"

A part of me felt A bit jealous, I don't know why while he nodded with a blank face.

"That's pretty cute if you ask me" I mumbled as I forced a smile. But it lasted for a few seconds when I realised something----

"Wait-, why does that girl of yours sound like---"

"You?" He cut me off, a lazy smile take over his lips, " cause it's you..."



"It's always been you" he said while running a hand through his hair. As his dark chocolate eyes shined brightly under the moon.

" I like you muffin."


sup? I'm criz aka author nim, ntmy y'all~✨

M new in this app💀hope you like my stories.

bbye for now see ya in the next part

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