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24.13% Multiversal internet cafe / Chapter 7: Chapter 7 - Internet Cafe Upgrade and One Piece

Chapter 7 - Internet Cafe Upgrade and One Piece - Multiversal internet cafe - Chapter 7 by TheOtakuGod full book limited free

Chapter 7: Chapter 7 - Internet Cafe Upgrade and One Piece

I get up from my bed and walk towards the counter.

'wait, did the cafe just upgrade?'

"System, what happened to the cafe?"

[The Internet Cafe upgraded while you were asleep]

"Oh that explains why it's astronomically larger than before, there's even more equipment now."

The pill I made for aqua has just given me an new idea,


[What do you want to create?]

'Create pills with randomized effects'



"System, is there a way for me to tell them we got something new without having them to come in to see?"

"Yes, you can use skill creation"

Oh, I never thought of that

"Create Skill: Advertisement"

{What do you want to advertise?}

'Advertise about the randomized pills I made'




Naruto universe


Minato and Kushina playing with naruto when an blue interface shows up in front of their face, it's an advertisement for something new in the Multiversal Cafe.



Kazuma was on his way to the internet cafe when an blue interface appeared in front of him,

he stood there before running at full speed towards where the door was.

(DBZ also got this message)


Alright now time to wait for my customers-

"HA..... HA..... HA... IM HERE" Kazuma said when he ran through the door

"Where are the pills you mentioned!"

Kazuma sat down, getting an breath for air

"Ah they're right here" I said while taking out an box full of randomized pills

He slammed 3 gold coins on the table and went to go pick a pill

"Do I pick?"

"Yes but you don't know what effect it gives" I said with an smirk

Kazuma looked around before picking up an pill

"Hey! We came back!" Goku waved his hand at us with an unconcerned expression

"Hey!" I waved back

"Woah, the shop has gotten bigger than I remember"

"Yeah there was an upgrade last night"

I walk into the kitchen and gives Kazuma water so he can swallow the pill,

Kazuma swallowed the pill but felt no change.

"Do you know what effect I got?"

"Hmm let me see..... Oh! you gain an 20+ in both strength and agility permanently,

"and it also says when holding an weapon it goes up to 30+" I said intrigued

Kazuma's Pov


These effects are going to be game-changing, my luck has gotten me through this one!

I'm gonna back an new man!


"We didn't really come for the pills but for the food, also what are those coffin things" Goku pointed towards the Full-Dive vr equipment.

"Oh, those are our Full-Dive vr equipment. if you play an game using this equipment then you can actually go in the game"

"That's cool! Hey Vegeta want to play to with me!"

"Hmph, whatever kakarot"

Goku, me, and Vegeta walked over to where the games were. Goku and Vegeta sat down on the chairs waiting for me to start the game,

"So what game do you want to start?"

"Any game that has fighting in it!" Goku said excitingly



Kazuma also wanted to play the game however he got what he wanted, so Kazuma left after that

"KAZUMA!! You know you can't do anything without me!!!" said Aqua as she ran towards Kazuma

"Well I would've been better off without you, how about that?!" Kazuma teased

"I don't have an weak mindset anymore! I'd never lose to a person who died from shock from an tractor"

Kazuma then stole her panties which ends with Aqua crying, she didn't have an strong enough mindset




"Hey why is this door on my boat?"

then Luffy and Zoro walked in, they're confused why there is an door on their boat that leads to the cafe.

"Hello Luffy and Zoro!" I looked around for his crew but I didn't see them

"Where's the rest of your crew?"

Luffy blankly told me,"Oh they're doing something right now"

"L-Luffy you idiot!" Zoro smacked him on the head,

"We don't tell information to random strangers! How do you know our names" Zoro took out his sword cautiously.

(He took out one sword because he thought one was enough to beat him)

'Create Skill: Informer'

I teleport in front of Luffy and Zoro touch both of their foreheads, giving them everything that has happened so far

Zoro proceeded to back up but Luffy didn't.

"So that means you sell meat here?!" Luffy said excitingly

"of course!"

"it'll cost 500 berries though"

"That's cheap, we'll have some meat!!"

"Coming right up" I said as I walk into the kitchen.

Maybe I should cook CaveMan Meat from Food wars,


Zoro seeing me walk into the kitchen, calmed down and took an seat

"This place is weird" Zoro sighed


"Whew! That was fun! We had something like quirks which is superpowers, it was really fun!"

"Dinner is served"

"Oh this looks delicious!!"

"Oh yeah, Goku I never got to ask you but where is Beerus and Whis"

"They're attending an meeting with other gods"

"I see then....."

"See ya later!'

"See ya"


Goku and vegeta walked out the door, they were both in their dimension again.

Then suddenly Goku's power level went from threw billion to seven billion

"K-Kakarot, how the hell did your base form go up"

"You did too Vegeta!

"I did?"

Goku then felt an sudden emergence in his body, and the next second, chains grew out of his hand.

"K-KAKAROT, WHY THE HELL ARE CHAINS GROWING FROM YOUR HAND?!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I think it was from the game"

"WAIT THEN THAT MEANS" Vegeta looked at himself, expecting something

then Vegeta also suddenly got something new, his body got covered in rocks which increased his defense.


after an few hours, everyone left the cafe

Let's check on how minato's doing,

'Create Skill: Watch over'

the second I used the skill, I could see a lot of chaos. this is when the nine tails fox attacked, this isn't good

if I can use advertisement to advertise something new, then surely.....

'Create Skill: Quest'


TheOtakuGod TheOtakuGod


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