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29.41% My Alpha System / Chapter 4: Roomates

Roomates - My Alpha System - Chapter 4 by JHOSalomy full book limited free

Chapter 4: Roomates

'I think my father just sold me to be the son of another man! Someone I've never seen before! Father what have I done wrong for you to sell your only son!?' Lew exclaimed dramatically in his mind

The School was huge! That is an understatement, if the school was a beast or a person it would be described as a monster. Lew's main focus when he was taken for the tour was to see how big the training ground was.

°Okay, with all due respect you have been showing me the none interesting part of the school like the football club, the locker rooms, the cafeteria even the toilets! Where are the places I want to see? Like the Library, Tennis court, Training ground, the Gym, and the dorms?!°

°Patience is virtue My Prince, you will see them in no time but for now, someone will like to finally meet you°

°First what do I call you? High-Guard 1? after all you're the only guard with a face to remember no offense to the others!°

`Hmm I see why he took a liking to you` The guard mumbled quietly

'did he say something? Whatever I just want to sleep the journey was hectic'

°By the way I'm Flex°

°Wow! Flex as in flexible? Are you flexible tho?°

Lew asked eyeing him and trying to gauge if he is.

They had taken the stairs down going to the second floor where it could be boldly seen as the dormitory.

°Wow, wait what! This is......°

The Dormitory wasn't what anyone would expect, it wasn't as grand as the other parts of the school it wasn't beautiful it was plain. The walls were painted in Deep green, the floor wasn't tiled it was cemented with water on the ground making it slippery, dirty, and disgusting. His Italian shoes were stained with dirty water and he felt irritated with himself.

°Why is the dorm like this? This is disgusting! For everyone to live here what kind of torture is this? Was the rest just a fancy decoration to deceive us all?°

°Not at all, This is just the dormitory for the freshers, the first years. The reason it's this way is that if we give everyone a silver spoon, how will each of you grow into strong Alphas and learn things about the world?°

°The rule of the school is for everyone to work hard to earn their place. Your hard work pays off in the end, That is all I can tell you and any other information you need is in the booklet you were given by the master two hours ago also please make sure to go through it. This is your room your roommates are inside, get to know each other°

The Camp wasn't all about the Golden treatment or the exterior it was all about worth and hard work. Lew's eyes had been opened to see what he was in for and couldn't help but smile.

The First year's dormitory had Army green walls and Mocha for the concrete ground. The dormitory and everything related to the first years was all in the form of the military. The School had reasons for this and as they get promoted to different years the more the system status change.

Walking towards his room Lew could see the other student's disgusted expressions due to their environmental situation.

'I know right I feel you brothers' he thought

Lew hadn't noticed the looks he was getting either his mind has been preoccupied with thoughts of what the President of the school had said and also his living situation. Stopping at room number 107 all he felt was anxiety without knowing what his roommates were like and how they will react to his status was making him anxious.

Turning the doorknob he was surprised to see how big and spacious the room was and also quiet and peaceful he was hoping it would maintain this atmosphere throughout his years of school.

He has seven other roommates making them eight in the room, they were all busy doing something. On the right side of the room closest to the door were two bunk beds lined up accordingly and on the left side of the room were two bunks in the same formation. The space by the door was a big wardrobe for the eight of them. On the other side of the room was where the bathroom and toilet are located, the bathroom was divided into eight stalls and the toilets were four stalls one per two people.

The first member of the room is known as Nam George, He is the soon-to-be Alpha of the pack Blink. They are known as the pack which trains mostly their Speed and are the fastest park in history. their Speed is what they are mostly known for.

The second member is known as Jordan Karl, He is the soon-to-be Alpha of Kanata Pack, Their pack is known for its unique traits of regeneration. They are the only park with the Regenerative Ability.

The Third member is known as Carl Johnson, He is the soon-to-be Alpha of Carlos Park, Their pack is known to be the only place for a free man. There are no restrictions and only have few rules that they abide by.

The Forth member is known as [Lily] Manuel Bright, The soon to be Alpha of the Sunflower pack. They are known for the unique ability of Verdure. They plant herbs, vegetables, and so on, all packs rely on them for their products and abilities.

The fifth member is known as [Hulk] Levi Huffman, The soon to be Alpha of the Emboss pack which is known for their unique abilities for crafting. All packs depend on them in the production of all of their appliances.

The Sixth member is known as [Short-Demon] Liam Daniels, The soon to be Alpha of the Hegemony Pack which is known for its unique ability for control. They tend to use their power for good but when in a bad mood or when wanting to show dominance, get out of control. They mostly dominate machines.

The Seventh member is known as [Divo] Raffy Crosby The soon-to-be Alpha of the Embroidery Pack, A pack known for their Sewing/Fashionability to create clothing accessories for the werewolf community.

The Eight members are known as Lew Orlik a Gamma and Soon to be Alpha if he passes the Alpha Academy. Their pack has its background and ability but they have never revealed it to the world because of how dangerous it is so they made sure not everyone in the pack can perform it and just a select few who they trust. They have two different abilities one that everyone knows and practices which is known as The Galvanic Ability.

°Hey! Are you done ogling? It's not like it's anything fanc, Roomie!° Liam said startling Lew who had been admiring the room and also figuring out the roommates he had.

°Hello!, I know it isn't fancy but it's better than some schools°

°True! but what brings you here?°

°What? This I. I. Is my room?°

°Not that I know you're not that dumb°

°I'll be inheriting my pack soon°

°Oh! so you are here for some Alpha training? that's cool, By the way, welcome°

°Ah! Thank you!°

Shuffling towards the left side of the room where he could see the empty bed underneath the second bunk closet to the Wardrobe. Opening the wardrobe, he began to open everything looking for his luggage that was sent to his room earlier till he found it in the middle. Pulling out his bags he noticed another bag deep in the Closet with a Dark green color.

°What is this?° Lew mumbled Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This made everyone stop what they were doing and shuffle towards the Closet, they pulled out the large luggage placing it in the middle of the room just watching it waiting for something to happen.

°What are we doing!? Let's just open the damn thing!° Levi huffed

°Maybe we should let the owner do the honors?° Nam muttered shifting all the attention towards Lew.

°Fine I'll open it but first let's check all the Closets to make sure this is the only one° Lew suggested.


Taking out seven more pieces of luggage they weren't worried anymore instead it fed on their curiosity. Counting till three they all opened the bag at once only to find Army Green plain uniforms, Black belts, and Boots along with Hats.

In another part of the school, a woman could be seen in a control room with white hair flowing due to the fan she had on, she was in charge of watching the students that night. A large screen on the Tv and different computers operating in her command watching every student in their respective rooms with a very tiny surveillance camera which isn't visible to the eyes that were on the doors of each room.

With a cigarette between her lips, she had been watching room 107 due to the Gamma that had captured her attention and was presently residing in the room.

°It's like this room and the students in it would make the school interesting this year What do you think Father?° She said with a sadistic smile on her lips.

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