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100% My Cute (Yandere) Disciples' Side Stories / Chapter 14: One Night In The Bar

One Night In The Bar - My Cute (Yandere) Disciples' Side Stories - Chapter 14 by Draekai full book limited free

Chapter 14: One Night In The Bar

*Takes place during Chapter 234*

[Before we start, I'd like to remind you about my promise. That is all.]

Diao Chan X ???

(Diao Chan POV)

I hummed a little tune while I sipped away at my white wine, enjoying the burn as it went down my throat.

It's a good thing that the inn we decided to stay the night before the Princess's coming of age ceremony had a bar below the rooms, letting me have a late night drink.

My other sisters should be in their room, we did have quite a bit of fun with Master after all and they're all pretty tired.

Except for me, since Master hadn't really punished me much so I'm here to drink a little before retiring for the night. Who knows, maybe Master might come and indulge me while I'm drinking? Hehehe~

Right now, the bar is serving the late night people so there's still a few patrons here drinking as well, though most chose to keep to themselves and never looked in my direction.

I was just about to take another sip when the door of the inn was pushed open and a group of four men entered, all of them heading straight to the bar.

Unlike the rest of the patrons who were quiet, this group of men were particularly loud where they laughed and shouted over each other, sometimes smacking each other around.

They quickly called for the bartender and ordered their drinks, clinking their glasses together obnoxiously and laughing at their jokes.

I suppressed the urge to sigh at the noise and concentrated on my drink instead.

Unfortunately for me, it seems like their leader had taken notice of me and chose to take the seat beside mine.

"Hey there, beautiful. What brings a beautiful girl like you alone to these parts? And to drink alone too! Want to join us? It's always better with more people!"

"Beau… Ahem… I'm not interested, please leave me alone," I told him off flippantly.

He grinned and leaned a little closer, "Oh come on, don't be like that. I can tell you're bored and lonely, aren't you? We just want to talk, nothing more."

I did my best to ignore him by sipping at my wine. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";-side-stories_15487704406726605/one-night-in-the-bar_53585607665961345">;-side-stories_15487704406726605/one-night-in-the-bar_53585607665961345</a> for visiting.

The man sighed, "Alright, alright, I get it. I'll leave you alone. At least let me buy you a drink?"

I said nothing.

He took my silence as consent and pulled a silver coin from his pouch to place it on the counter.

"Bartender, give her the best one you've got."

The bartender slid the coin off the counter and nodded, moving to pull a few bottles off the shelf.

I thought the man would go back to join his friends but he remained seated beside me.

The bartender placed the finished drink in front of me, the liquid a cool blue in colour.

"Try it, it's their best. I always come back for this one."

I decided to at least try it, perhaps he would leave me alone after this.

Lifting the glass up, I observed the colour for a bit before enjoying it's aroma and finally taking a small sip of it.

It was surprisingly sweet but still gave me a comfortable burn when the liquid went down my throat.

"Good isn't it?" He asked.

I grunted begrudgingly.

"Haha, told you so. I'll just leave you alone now."

He went back to his friends, all of them having already deep in their own drinks and had been watching our exchange with interest.

Good riddance.

Now I can go back to concentrating on my drink.


Time passed and I realised I had emptied both mine and the drink that he had bought for me. By now the bar was also empty except for those group of men and myself. The bartender was nowhere to be seen as well for some reason.

I suppose now's a good time to return back to my room.

Just as I tried to stand up from the bar stool, strength left my legs and I collapsed back onto the chair heavily.

At the same time, my body got really, really hot. So… So very hot… What… What's happening?

The man was by my side almost instantly, "Hey… You don't look so good. You ok there?"

No, I'm not ok. Which part of me looks ok? I feel so hot. Why is it so hot?

What do people do when they're hot again? They… They take off their clothes… Right? Yes, yes they do...

I unbuttoned my blouse and left the front open, but it was still hot.

"Oh, you look like you're sweating quite a bit, want me to take those clothes off for you?" I heard the man ask.

How nice of him to offer. He's really kind...

I told him he could go ahead and his hands reached up and tugged my blouse off my body.

It's still kind of hot…

"Still warm? Maybe you should take your pants off too."

"Mmm… Help me then," I requested.

He spun my chair around to face him, allowing him easier access to pull my pants off.

It's getting cooler… But it's still uncomfortably hot. The area between my legs also started to feel a little itchy.

"I think your underwear should go as well. Want me to take them off for you?"

I nodded.

He reached up and unhooked my bra, pulling it off my arms to reveal my naked breasts. He then reached down and pulled my panties off as well, leaving me as naked as the day I was born.

Mmm… It's definitely cooler now. Yeah… This is good. But the itchiness is getting worse.

He whistled, "Damn… You sure do look fine girl. You don't mind if I feel you up right?"

Hmm? Why would I? It's fine, go ahead.

He moved behind me and cupped my breasts from behind, massaging them in slow circles.

I couldn't help but let out a moan of pleasure, this feels really, really good. The itchiness is really getting to me now… Right here between my legs… I should scratch it… Should I?

"She's stacked guys! Come here and check it out!"

His friends came and crowded around me, looking at me with their lewd gazes.

Mmm… Now the area between my legs is really, really itchy now. A bit won't hurt.

I spreaded my legs a little, just enough to give my hand access to my clit. My fingers twirled around the nub and that felt really good. Really, really good.

One of his friends squatted down in front of me and pulled my legs apart, allowing everyone to watch me play with myself. I saw no reason to stop him.

"Oh, looks like that aphrodisiac really kicked in, she's already practically soaked. Hey, you won't mind if I help you with this, right?"

I shook my head, "No, of course not. It's really hot and itchy down there so if you can help me cool it off…"

Gaining my permission, he immediately pulled my hand away and placed his head in between my legs, his cool tongue lapping against my raging hot slit.

Oooohhh… That definitely felt good. So good my toes curled up in pleasure.

I felt his tongue prod against my entrance and flick against my clit, sending shivers of pleasure down my spine.

The man behind me started pinching my already erect nipples, further enhancing my pleasure.

"Hey, hey, don't leave us out man, we want in on the action too," One of them protested.

"Help me carry her to the table then, we can all get a piece of her."

The four of them maneuvered me carefully on top of the bar's table, letting me lean against the first one so that he could continue playing with my breasts.

Such gentlemen.

The second one immediately continued to lick my pussy, causing me to moan every time his tongue teased my clit.

Another of the men dropped his pants and revealed his hard cock, moving it to my side, "This one's a slut alright! Hey, your hands are free right, why don't you play with my little brother here?"

I couldn't help but lick my lips at the sight of such a delicious thing. I reached my hand forward and grasped it at the base firmly, slowly stroking it up and down with my hand.

The last man also came up to me with his raging boner, pushing it near to my face.

I needed no instruction before my lips parted and sucked that wonderful cock into my mouth, giving it the attention it deserves.

Such bliss~ My breasts being massaged, a cock in one hand and another in my mouth while my pussy was being licked. Could a girl ask for more?

The man who had been between my legs stood up and dropped his own pants, positioning his wonderfully erect cock at my pulsating entrance.

I prepared myself to be filled by that wonderful cock, bracing myself for the inevitable orgasm that I knew would come.

The man thrusted his hips, I braced myself and...

And his cock hit my belly instead.

He moved to position himself better, pushing his hips forward once more but this time it hit the side of my leg instead.

The hands that had been massaging my breasts stopped and the wonderful cock that had been in my mouth and hand suddenly pulled back away from me.

"Master?" I called out, worried I may have displeased Him.

The man standing in front of me grimaced, "I did tell you I'm not used to splitting my bodies yet, controlling four of me while you're jerking me off and sucking me at the same time is… Quite distracting."

I giggled, "Oh Master~ You are free to punish this naughty Diao Chan however you wish for making such an unreasonable request~ Could I suggest tying me up and screwing me in all my holes with your new bodies?"

"It's not like--"

"It's not like--"

"It's not like--"

"It's not like--"

The four men spoke at the same time before stopping themselves.

The Master in front of me furrowed His brows before continuing, "It's not like I don't like it. I just didn't expect that you would come and ask me to split myself for a 'pretend drugged gangbang in a public place' so suddenly. Did you get the urge from somewhere?"

"Ehehehe~ I may have fantasized once or twice about Master filling up all my holes~"

The Master behind me squeezed my breasts, eliciting a moan from me.

"You really are one horny girl."

"Ehehe~ I'm Master's horny girl~ Is Master going to punish me? Pretty please?"

The Master in front of me grinned, "Who told you you can stop sucking and jerking on my friends' cocks you slut? Get your hands and mouth moving!"

Ahhhnn~~ Master! You sure spoil me!

I got back to work sucking off Master's other body, taking His wondrous cock back in my mouth while my hand reached out to stroke the other one.

I knew for a fact that Master was receiving all these sensations at the same time, which makes this even better.

Master managed to position Himself properly this time, plunging His dick straight into my deepest parts in one single thrust.

I moaned into His cock as the expected orgasm hit me like a brick, my entire body shuddering in delight at being filled by my most beloved Master.

I released the cock in my mouth to look at Master pleadingly, "Hnnnngg!! Master! Master! Kiss me, please!"

Four of them tried to kiss me at the same time, resulting in me being kissed on both sides of my cheeks, my lips and also the top of my head.

The overwhelming amount of love caused me to orgasm again, even squirting my juices out to stain Master's hips.

Master pulled back to grin at me, "So… Not trying to keep up the stranger gangbang anymore?"

I shuddered, "I want a Master gangbang instead now…"

Being surrounded by Master… That was the true bliss.

All four Masters reached forward to hug me.

"How about now?" All of them asked at the same time.

"HNNNGGGGSHOOGOODMOOORREE" I practically screamed.

"You said you wanted all your holes plugged right?"

The Master behind me lifted me up, settling me on His lap.

I gasped when I felt His member prod against my backdoor, Master couldn't be... Right?

I didn't have time to ask what Master intended to do when the Master on my right climbed on top of the table to stand in front of me, His magnificent cock twitching just in front of my face.

The prodding below me turned into a push, Master gripping onto my waist tightly as He slowly lowered me onto his meatpole.

My tongue rolled out of my mouth as I let myself be penetrated in my ass, Master burying himself up to my sphincter.

"So smoothly? You were expecting this weren't you? Already having your ass lubed up beforehand?" Master accused.

"Gnnnhfff…" I moaned, my brain currently a mush of pleasure and in no shape to confirm his accusation.

Something smacked the side of my face, bringing me back to reality.

Reality turned out to be Master smacking my cheek lightly with his erected cock while looking down at me with a raised eyebrow, "I'm offering you a treat and you're not taking it?"

I opened my mouth obediently and He stuck his cock right into my orifice, His hands holding the sides of my head in order to throat fuck me.

At the same time, His other two bodies started pistoning their cocks into my pussy and ass in alternating thrusts, making sure I was filled in one hole at all times.

I gurgled in pleasure as my throat tightened around my beloved Master's pole, my entire body existing to give Him pleasure.

Gradually, Master's movements got faster and faster, the whole table creaking loudly from our fucking that a small part of me thought it might break.

"I'm going to cum," Master warned, His grip tightening on me.

I focused my senses on receiving His glorious seed, right as all my three holes got pumped full of it by Master.

I sucked on His cock greedily, making sure not to spill anything that Master had generously granted me. Both my pussy and ass also tightened to make sure none of Master's precious seed spills out of it, turning myself into nothing more than a receptacle for Master's love.

The fourth body of Master shot out His seed on my chest, the body having just stood by the side and watching the entire time. It seems like the pleasure was shared between all the bodies where even that body could ejaculate without direct stimulation.

Master grunted in pleasure, which was the highest reward I could ask for.

I made sure to swallow all of Master's seed before releasing it from my mouth with a loud pop, looking up reverently at the love of my life.

Master smiled at me and patted my head, "Well… That was actually tiring. I hope you enjoyed that."

"Oh~ I sure did, Master~" I giggled, licking my lips. "Could I ask to be fucked again?"

"Give me a break at least, that was equivalent to me ejaculating four times in a row."

"Then let me service you~"

I pulled myself out of Master's grasp, both of His cock dropping out of my pussy and ass with a wet squelch.

Taking a seat at the table, I made Master stand in a semi-circle around me so that I could suck off each of His cocks in turn while jerking Him off.

Being surrounded by so many of Master's cocks~~ This was indeed heaven~~

All four Masters groaned simultaneously, the pleasure I was giving Him amplified by four everytime I stroked or sucked one of his cocks.

With my careful ministrations, Master's member hardened again, ready for our next round.

"Round two?" I pleaded.

Master smirked at me, "Bend over the table. You wanted to be spitroasted didn't you?"

My heart soared and I immediately did as Master asked, making sure my ass was lifted high enough that Master could reach it easily.

One of His bodies stood in front of me and I tried to reach out for it, only to receive a hard spank from my behind.

Master tutted at me, "I didn't give you permission yet, you slut."

"Hnnnnggg!! Call me that again!"

Master spanked my other ass cheek, "You dirty slut, you want my dick that badly?"


"Beg for it."

"Please, please, please plug this dirty little pet with your cock Master! This one lives to serve you and only you! Please fill me up with your wonderful cock! I love it when you fill me up so good! Please grant this cum dumpster your love!"

Master made a face at me, did I do good?

Being penetrated from behind was the answer I needed.

I gasped out in pleasure but my mouth was soon filled with Master's cock, filling up both my mouth and pussy at the same time.

I gurgled in pleasure as both Masters started ramming me from both the front and back, alternating their thrusts like before.

The Master in front of me grabbed me by both sides of the head while the other grabbed me by the waist, ensuring that I could not escape in either direction.

I felt my feet being lifted up to wrap around another of my Master's cock, this one jerking Himself off with my soles.

The last of Master's body sat on the table right next to me and guided my hand in between His legs.

Of course I dutifully began jerking Him off as well, I wanted Master to cover me with His seed after all.

It took a good few minutes of me trying my best to milk Master of His seed before I felt Master's balls tighten.

"Cumming!" All of Masters' bodies groaned just as his sperm shot out from all four of His dicks at the same time.

My pussy tightened as I felt my insides refilled with His seed, joining the first batch of His baby batter within my waiting womb.

My mouth was also filled with His taste as His spunk shot against the back of my throat. Of course, I made sure to swallow every bit of that delicious nectar.

The other two of Master's bodies covered my feet and back with his cum, marking me as His property.

I am in heaven~~

Guhehehehe~ I really may get addicted to this~~

"Again, Master?" I pleaded.

All four Masters gave me a wry smile.

"Come and get it, you slut."

HNNNNGGGG!! I love you so much Master!!

I don't remember how I got into bed that night.

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