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26.97% My Dearest General: It Has Always Been You / Chapter 40: Pink Bubbles In The Air

Pink Bubbles In The Air - My Dearest General: It Has Always Been You - Chapter 40 by delanasiwarka full book limited free

Chapter 40: Pink Bubbles In The Air

Shi Nian didn't have any choice but to dismantle the bouquet and used another wrap paper to create another one, a smaller and more pleasing to the eyes one.

After confirming that there was nothing out of place, Shi Nian smiled in satisfaction and went out. Coincidentally, it was Nurse Zhang's shift today. As soon as she caught sight of Shi Nian, Nurse Zhang stood up and approached her. "Do you need something, Shi Nian?"

Ever since the incident of her getting into another short coma, Nurse Zhang transformed into an overprotective mother hen, she didn't lose out against Doctor Chun at all. No matter how many times she stressed that it wasn't her fault, Nurse Zhang felt a twinge of guilt and strived to watch Shi Nian better.

Shi Nian put her forefinger on her lips and gestured for her to come over. Then, huddling together, she wrote on her board. [Flower gifting to Mr. Jiang.]

Nurse Zhang's face turned strange. Who didn't know that just this morning, a certain detective appeared carrying a large bouquet and swooned countless nurses' hearts, almost creating a new wave of gossip and a mass of fangirls?

"You…are giving this flower to Mr. Jiang?"

[Yes, I asked uncle detective to buy it.]

Nurse Zhang silently lit a candle for Detective Xu in her heart. "Do you want me to help you?"

She smiled widely and refused. [I want to do it myself. Don't worry. I will be back soon.]

"Okay, then. Be careful."

Thus, wearing a patient gown, Shi Nian rode the elevator to the first floor and approached the receptionist. A delicate brow and small faced nurse lifted her head and smiled gently. "Good evening. How may I help you?"

Shi Nian wrote on her board. [Excuse me, I want to send flowers to Mr. Jiang Jinyan who stayed on the fifth floor.]

"Sure, please let me check for a moment." In the bustling hospital lobby, she didn't attract much of an attention, especially when there were many patients with hospital gowns strolling around. "Mr. Jiang. Yes, we do have a Mr. Jiang here. May I check the flowers please?"

The nurse stood up and only then did she realize that the young girl in front of her was wearing a hospital gown.

The dumbfounded nurse: "…excuse me, are you a patient too?"

[Yes! I live on the fifth floor!]

The corner of the nurse's lips twitched, but she didn't comment further and accepted Shi Nian's flowers. "To Mr. Jiang Jinyan. On behalf of whom do you wish to send it?"

[No. Just send it anonymously.] She grinned.

Such a weird visitor…sending flowers to a patient living on the same floor…the nurse tried hard to maintain her smile. "Sure, we will do it."

[Thank you very much!] Shi Nian bowed slightly and walked away.

She hummed a random tune, feeling that the sunset today was especially nice. The cherry blossom was going to wither soon, what a pity. But this kind of short lived beauty made people appreciate it more, the light pink petals against the orange sunset was such a spectacular sight to behold, it made people who saw it feel good and relax.

Shi Nian couldn't resist imagining how Jiang Jinyan would react upon receiving the flowers. Daffodils. She chose it deliberately for him. It represented hope and brightness in life. She wished for him to be strong and resilient like daffodils, that he wouldn't be disheartened just because of his legs.

She really wished for Jiang Jinyan not to drown in depression and sadness, through this flower, she wanted to tell him that he too, could have a new beginning.

Shi Nian hoped that her wish would get through to him.

Humming, she skipped her steps and conveniently decided to walk around. City A's hospital was so nice. Besides the cafeteria, there was also a small library where people could spend their time quietly reading. There was also a four star guest house for the patient's family to live in. It was very hospitable and comfortable.

Shi Nian passed through the hallway toward the elevator, her eyes glancing outside toward the parking lot and inadvertently saw a familiar figure. Instantly, her feet halted and she stared wide eyed.

Wasn't that…Mr. Jiang's girlfriend, Miss Wei?

Yes, it was indeed Wei Xiameng.

She was just coming down from the car and then someone handed her backpack to her which she received with a bright smile. It was a man with a clear cut and handsome look whom Shi Nian didn't recognize, his whole body exuded freshness of youth yet there was also a hint of maturity and pride between his brows. Judging from their closeness, he should be Jiang Jinyan's friend too, right?

Shi Nian nodded and had just wanted to look away when the sight in front of her nailed her to the ground.

Besides helping her put on her backpack, the man also brushed her bangs away with a slightly intimate gesture. Then, Wei Xiameng's glittery eyes peered up at him, bashful and exquisite. Her cheeks painted in a light blush.

Shi Nian blinked, blinked and blinked.

Weren't they…a little bit too close?

The distance between them was only an arm's length away and just when Shi Nian thought about it, the man cut down the distance even more and hugged Wei Xiameng, whispering something into her ears which made the girl pout her lips coquettishly and hit his shoulder in a playful manner. Then both of them laughed happily, Shi Nian could almost see the pink bubbles in the air.

The elevator in front of her dinged, snapping her out of her reverie. She hurriedly dashed inside and pressed the fifth floor.

The elevator door closed slowly and from the gap, she could still see how they laughed together. Then the man reached out toward Wei Xiameng…and Shi Nian's sight was replaced with her reflection on the metal door. The number of the floor started to go up. One, two, three...

Only then did Shi Nian realize that her palms were sweaty and her heart was almost sinking down to her stomach, she even held her breath. She took in a deep breath, her mind clamoring wildly.

The man…should be Miss Wei's close friend? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yes, she must have thought too much. It's all because of the dramas she saw in her free time! Shi Nian shook her head. It was Jiang Jinyan's girlfriend ah, how could she doubt her like this?

She slapped her cheeks a few times to sober herself up.

delanasiwarka delanasiwarka

hmm me sus

My Dearest Babies~

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