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83.33% My Face Slapping Goddess / Chapter 5: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - My Face Slapping Goddess - Chapter 5 by bfanco full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 4

"miss Zhang, are you in?" Zhang xin heard a soft knock on her door. it was the voice of shasha, her personal maid.

well, she was assigned to her by emperor. its just like ancient times when you have your own personal. only he knew the reason for this.

"come in" Xie Xiang said lazilly.

"yes young miss, I just came to tell you that dinner is ready."

'dinner?' Zhang xin thought aloud

"umm... shasha, what's the time?"

"young miss, it's already 5:00pm" shasha said looking at her watch.

"what the...."Xie Xiang was busy drawing on her phone, she didn't even know that the time was already 5:00pm. Well, not as if she's gonna sit all day long and not make use of her talent. the owner of this body seemed to be somewhat ashamed of it but Zhang xin had a wide dream. with this, she could make her money and not have to depend on emperor for everything.

"thanks, I'll be there in a minute"

"never knew being an artist is so fun" she thought

thinking of the clothes to wear, a stupid idea popped out of her mind, his shirt! she ran to his room and searched through his shirts.

he wasn't around so she could wear whatever she wanted and arrange it whenever she had the time! yaay!


Walking towards the dinning room, Zhang xin froze at the sight of what she saw. Chang Liu was eating comfortably on the dinning table.

"This is just not possible." She thought "He was supposed to be away for a week. it is hardly 13 hours. this is so unfair!" she cried in her heart.

"Why is my shirt on you?" a cold voice asked interrupting her thoughts.

'alert! alert! you have been caught' rang in Zhang xin's head. her lips refused to obey her so she ran back to the room, and wore her dress. thinking of what she did when looking for a shirt she really regretted it.

how did she get herself into this irreversible mess!

everything was fine a while ago!!

she quickly went to emperor's room and started arranging his shirts. even his wrist watches weren't arranged. and his perfumes. and also his shoes! good lord! she was in big trouble.

Zhang Xin was terrified, but what for? it wasn't as if he could beat her or do any irresponsible thing.

she left all she was arranging and went back downstairs to eat. who cared if he became angry? And she wanted to see his expression too!

if anyone was close to her, they would be shocked at her sudden change of mood and expression.

as they ate, there was an absolute silence which had not been broken since when she came downstairs....expressionless.

still, it didn't break when she went upstairs but immediately she locked her door, she knew that it wouldn't take long before she hears a voice full of rage shout her name. mere thought of it made her laugh.

Before emperor called her, Zhan Xin decided to continue with her drawing. but before she could even sit, she heard a knock on her door.

'so fast!'

"miss, what have you done? young master has sent for you and his mood is very bad" shasha wore an expression of I'm-frustrated-and-about-to-cry. she looked miserable.

'looks like every one in this house fears emperor' except if you had nerves, would you be able to ignore his if-you-dare aura.

Zhang Xin sighed "don't worry shasha, I'm very sure that when I go there, he'll become very happy. leave it to me, after all I'm his dear wife"

but how could poor shasha not be worried? young master had a very bad temper and if anyone dared to provoke him in the slightest, even you won't be able to imagine what's in for you. shasha couldn't stop herself from remembering Luo shengxiao, the poor servant who accidentally tripped and the cup of water in which he was holding fell in front of young master. though shengxiao, knowing the type of person young master is, was very cautious and only a teaspoon of water had poured.

but who knew that with that single mistake shengxiao had made, he called for trouble worth it 100 times!

Shengxiao was taken to the 'cold prison' which as its name implies, is like a freezer, without food and water for three days, scrubbing the floors of the prison every four hours and also mopping it. he would also not receive his payment for six compleate months! According to young master, scrubbing the floors was because he had spilled water and made the floor unclean. this would teach him a lesson on how not to be careless!

young master had a frozen heart!

but after remembering all these, who was she to talk? she'd probably make a mistake worse than that of servant Luo and end up destroying her life. who couldn't live without money?! apart from that, her punishment could even lead her six feet under the earth!

no! she couldn't take such risk. she had better kept quite.

Zhang Xin laughed like an evil witch in her heart but on her small pink lips, rested a warm, soft, angel like smile.

this woman was indeed gentle. how did she find such a heartless man like young master to get married to? didn't she value her life?

after the maid left, Zhang Xin let out an evil laughter and inhaled, enjoying the air. 'that feeling of victory!'


Zhang Xin gasped as soon as she saw emperor.

"dear husband, what happened to your face? you should learn to be more calm and happy every time if not, you'll be mistaken as great grandpa Chang and it taint your reputation" Zhang Xin said with a faked expression of extreme concern. ingact she was somewhat sad because he was completely expressionless. 'this guy depends solely on an expressionless face huh?'

from the time she was still in the hospital till today, his face was completely rid of emotions much less, that eyes of his.

'this woman!' Chang liu 'she is really shameless!'

Zhang Xin walked closer to him a and used her hands to spread the edges of his lips to become wider. "yes, you should smile like this often. I also heard that it is good for the health..."

Chang liu slowly used his hand to push away that of Zhang Xin. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'you godforsaken woman. you really are unaware of what you're doing'

"Zhang Xin, i will ask you this only once. what happened here?"

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