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50% My Guide to being in a new world: Overlord Edition / Chapter 3: Day 0: the last day of my old life

Day 0: the last day of my old life - My Guide to being in a new world: Overlord Edition - Chapter 3 by DDDNave full book limited free

Chapter 3: Day 0: the last day of my old life

You know what funny, memories. There such an odd thing, they come and they go but there is some stay with you. Whether you want them or not. And when it comes to that night and the day that followed definitely fall under that category of things that I will never forget.

I can close my eyes right now, and I am back to that night. Back to the seizure-inducing neon lights, back to the awful music that was playing so loud that you can barely hear yourself. And of course, back to the horrible dancing that everyone was doing.

It was the night of my graduate and everyone I had ever met was there drinking like it was the end of the world. People were drinking like it was the 18th tens and a doctor was coming to saw our legs off. It was crazy. He not pulling any stops too night.

Plus, it was a costume party and who does not love a little dress up. To make it more interesting, we decided to play a little game a month before. In which they would pull out a theme from a hat on which they would have to get their costume based off of.

And Luckily for me, I draw the theme I was looking for"The Overlord". And not to toot my own horn but my costume was hand down the best one there, an amalgamation of a month worth of blood, sweat and tears. And I have to say it turned out pretty good: I was a dress from head to toe in dark grey 3D plastic printed armour, a high-count red fabric cape fit for a king, two clawed gauntlets I found in a yard sale that had least five inches long talons.

And of course, my crowning achievement, my piece de resistance: a full-face covering mediaeval style helmet made from an old biker helmet I had found (thrown at me). The helmet itself took an entire weekend work of effort and was fitted out with six small spikes on the very top of the helmet to accompany a solid black visor in the front and a pair of bone-white ridged horns that curve outwards making them resemble goat horns.

To say I look good would be an understatement, I look pretty bloody good and anyone who tells me otherwise you're lying. Though it would probably help if I had a sword or something along those lines.

Unfortunately, my last sword got repo by the Authorities and to make matters worse, no store is willing to sell me one after "The goose incident".Which is not my fault. That bloody goose starts it when he carpet-bombing my car. But no, that bastard goes away scot-free because he a wild "animal" god the next time I see the infernal waterfowl I'm going-


"Jesus!"My train of thought was interrupted as a distinctly feminine voice call out behind me, causing me to jump back and off of the set I was sitting in shock, doubled over on the floor in an attempt to help calm my rapidly beating heart.

"Did I scare you?" The voice said with a snickered. "Because you certainly look like I scared you?"I glanced behind me to right to uppercut the dumb fuck who snuck up on me, only to stop as I immediately recognised the person in front of me. "Alright, first of all, don't not get ahead of yourself merely started me. And secondly, how many times have I told you not to sneak up on me like that, you know I hate it, Catherine."

Catherine Pierce. The owner of the voice and my dear older sister who would be so much more tolerable if she kept her mouth shut. Catherine always a free spirit tomboy, capable of handling just about any situation with a carefree attitude smile on her face. Because of that she always seems to be quite popular with people (especially boys), which has to lead to some issues. But that being said, we get along particularly well, even by siblings standers and I'm proud to have a sister like her.

Even if she is a pain in my ass.

"Ahh, but that would mean giving up my favourite past time." She said Weeping crocodile tears in mock sympathy, giving her the evil eye best I could under the mask though I couldn't help but give her a once over. Catherine was a fairly short woman for her age with smooth pale skin and long chestnut hair with short bangs, with some tucked in the front of her left shoulder and which was being accompanied by a pair of white cat ears?

Yes, cat ear, why you may ask? The reasons for this was because she got the 'Anime Catgirl' card as her theme for the evening. Which led to some playful jabs from your truly, but I will be lying if I said she didn't pull it off. The outfit she was wearing consisted of mostly a bright pink and white carnation dress which complimented her petite figure quite nicely, a sat matching pink gloves and boots with white over-knee high socks and a white cat tail attached to the back of the dress.

"Well you should be more careful as next time I will let you have my furry," I said in a putting emphasis on the last word. Catherine certainly heard it and for the way she was looking at me, she had to accept the challenge that I lad at her feet.

"I'm sure you mean that meta-fur-kitty, "suddenly her happy go lucky smile gone replaced by a look of utter seriousness. "Because if this is fur real then I will promise a real cat-astrophe will find you!"

"Oh my dear sister, I do mean that quite litter-ally. " I getting up in her face and in a stern voice said, "and that would be Mew-sic to my ear!"

A long pause followed as an air of killing intent fills the room as we stared each other down, to any onlooker as if we were about to break into a fight at any second. How confused they must have felt when we begin to break down laughing, unable to keep a straight face.

"HAHAHA!! Mew-sic? Litter-ally? My furry?!

"It was better than "meta-fur-kitty", HAHA!"

If you're confused let me explain. Every sibling have there strange quick, whether that be they have odd inside jokes or weird ritual that they perform. For us, it was "pun fighting". A process in which we pretending the fight while sprinkling in puns. I'm not quite sure how this little ritual started, but we knew when one gives that look we know it was time.

"Well, I see the Trouble duo are enjoying the party that I work so long for." We turn around to see a middle-aged gentleman with light skin, grey eyes and short black hair, which all most has a blueish tint to it. Alongside a well-kept, medium-sized goatee.

"Well of course we are, when isn't an uncle Dargan party," I said watching the gentleman wedging himself into the circle that was forming.

"But of course, it is your big day and a true gentleman always give out the just deserves," He said tipped him almost comedically long top hat. Dargan Faust. Are flamboyant and chivalrous Uncle and the man responsible for the party. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Good to see you, Uncle," I said give him are they signature greeting the half hug. A hug from Socially awkward people. Catherine watches on roll her eyes at are awkwardness."Glad to, dapper as ever."

"But of course a gentleman man is such all ways be dressed for the occasion," Dargan said one of his favourite saying growing up. Dargan had apparently gotten a 'gentleman' theme for his choice, so he was wearing a white striped dress shirt which he wore underneath a set of black suit pants and overcoat with elegant blue trimmings. The coat extending past his knees and flaring out dramatically when he walks, judging by his constant smirk, he's fully aware of this effect and takes delight in it.

"I figured I'd go with a classic," he said smile seemed genuine. "I have to say absolutely adore your costumes." I smile at his genuineness, I was one of the many reasons why I love him so much.

"But of course a gentleman man is such all ways be dressed for the occasion," I said, quoting what he had said earlier causing him to blush awkwardly.

"Well, I. Uh. Oh," he mumbles nervously, causing us to laugh at his expense. Uncle Dargan likes to think of himself as the last true gentleman, a James Bond type but in truth, he was a recluse introvert who never really interacting with anyone outside of family and even then, just me and my sister.

Which, make him decided to throw me and all of my peers a massive party at his house incredibly weird? I mean don't get me wrong, I love the fact he was doing this for me but it all felt a bit out of character for him. But then again he is a very spontaneous person towards me.

It's such a shame that my dad didn't feel the same way. Dad always hated Dargan and the two would Inevitably get into fights. While I never really knew why that is, I had guessed that it was for the same reason that I like him so much.

Catherine let out a snort, "Glad you're happy."

"Gotta say, I'm surprised, didn't think you'd come as Neko from NEKO NEKO, "I noted, finding it a little weird.

"Yeah, well, it's not like I had much of a choice," She huffed, folding her arms, "This was the first pic I found when I was searching up anime catgirls. And well… I found myself resonating with her a little bit."

for a brief moment before glanced down at her... Before ultimately decided not to say anything on the matter. Silently having a good idea of what gravitated her to this character in question.

"Anyway, how are you two enjoying the party?"Dargan said abruptly changing the Conversation. "I hope I didn't overdo it."

"I, uh, I mean…" My hand scratched the back of my head as I hesitated and tried to take in my surroundings again. The movement and music and chatter were overwhelming. "It was, at first, but… It's good. They definitely didn't hold back."

"Wow, are you sure you're not describing like a prison than a party?"

"No, I'm describing you're the trash hole that you call an apartment." She responded by giving me a death glare, though it was hard to take her seriously considering what she was wearing.

"Now, now, now. You two this is a party," He said to remove the top hat and begin Fishing around inside of it, looking for something."So why don't we indulge ourselves in the finer things in life."

It almost like he was a magician doing a magic act. But Instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat however it bottle clearly has some type of alcohol in it.

"A bottle?"

"Indeed, it is." He answered place it down on the nearby table."It was a gift by an old friend of mine and I have been saving it for a special occasion such as this."He not wrong just looking at it I could that this is no bargain bin vine you can buy down the road, no this was pure wine and by the looks of the bottle, it's been a long time since someone touches it let alone drank it.

"And we get to drink it?"Catherine asks mouth-watering in anticipation. At that, he popped the core off and begin pouring the contents of the bottle into two glasses, "Well, I don't see a Better occasion?"

"Uh hay unc, are you forgetting someone? " Catherine ask Dargan, causing him to stop and take a second to realise that what's wrong before.

"oh, god heaven! Where are my manners," he said smile awkwardly, retrieving another glass and pouring the alcohol into it. "Here you go Catherine enjoy."

"Thanks, Uncle that's better," Catherine said with a goofy smile on her face as downing the glass with a second thought. He smiles before he pickup the glass turning to me. "Right, then shall we?" He asks Gesturing me to follow before downing it. Not wanting to be left out I the following suit pick up my glass ready to get hammered. But, as soon as I touched the glass, I felt this horrible feeling of wrong. Like something was wrong. Really wrong, a feeling of impending danger coming and my body was ready to enter flight or fight mode.

"Hey Bro! You therein there?" I look over to find Catherine shaking my shoulders, her face steeping concern. I gasped, shaking my head as I came back to reality. "W-wh-what? "

"You, kind of blank out there."

"Oh, I. Well, I was just thinking to myself." I said nervously, wanting to keep the hole feeling to myself.

"Ok then," She said clearly not convinced but decided not to push it, probably thinking she's just overreacting. And she'll right. After all, its nothing more just my imagination brought upon by the drink I had earlier.

And so dismissing the warning, I put on a fake smile and took the drink.

"To new beginnings." And down the whole thing.

I was so wrong.

The rest of the night was more or less blur. Michael got a call on his phone said it was important and Catherine went off to get us more drinks leaving me alone again.

And then it began.

The feeling from before had returned with a bloody vengeance, along with a newfound headache which caused the world around me began increased blur. It was horrible, truly the worst experience I had ever felt and it won't go away. All I could do was walk it out as the more I tried to fight it off but the worse it got.

I want to talk, to yell, to call out for help but I couldn't. All I could do was walk. I continued to walk for what feels like an hour until I physically couldn't walk anymore collapsing to my knees. I feel horrible like my whole body was unbearably hot like as if was on fire and my stomach uneasy and I felt vomit, but nothing comes out. And then I saw it, a light hovering above me like a firefly for fluttering in the air.

The light flutter about close and closer to me until it landed on top of my head, sending out a plethora of sensations although out of my body. A feeling would be almost impossible to describe in words but could be summed up as best as possible with one.

Bliss. God, I felt like I had just died and gone to heaven. It was truly the best experience of my life.

And then I heard the first pop.

It felt like one of my bones had just snapped in two and to have that after bliss from before. God, it was horrible.

But remember I said "first pop". So of course it happened and. And. And. And suddenly my living heaven turns to a living hell as I a pain which can only be described as someone putting me through a metaphorical meat grinder. I felt my body go numb, as the blight light blind my vision.

"ARGH!!!" I screamed, trying futilely to break free of the invisible force, irresistible energy that seemed to be locked on to me alone. "W-what's going on?!"

He tried to ward off the invisible attacker, only to find… "I can't move my body!" he realized before he lost the ability to speak as well. Wait, is my hand fading away?! Though as my vision became darker and darker, reality fading before my eyes. Getting… dizzy...Is...This...dying? Was the last thing thought as I fall into darkness?

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