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69.04% My Hero Academia: Reborn as Denki Kaminari / Chapter 58: Chapter 58

Chapter 58 - My Hero Academia: Reborn as Denki Kaminari - Chapter 58 by HolyJoker full book limited free

Chapter 58: Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

Title: Cooperation...


Mirko's knee wasn't even half its way to hit Kaminari's back when his electricity shocks her.


She was knocked out instantly.

It was a common misconception that when Kaminari moves his electricity through his body it shows on the outside in the form of crackling electricity. But he had gotten rid of this weakness a long time ago and just lets it be shown now because no one can react anyway unless they have a Quirk that improves their vision tremendously or they are close enough.

The reason why he wouldn't hide this "weakness" of his, was because he liked it when people assumed that he had that weak point, that way in a situation like right now. While Mirko was talking, he already had his electricity at the tips of his fingers without her even noticing. This was the difference in her assumption because she would have hit him instantly without talking otherwise, but she let this farce play on.

He burned off his handcuff and picked up Mirko like a potato sack over his shoulder.

*sigh* "What a troublesome woman," he complained out loud as a droplet of blood came out of his mouth and landed on the ground.

Kaminari then looked to the side and saw the woman who owns the dango shop, she is shocked and had a scared look on her face. 

"Sorry about that," apologized Kaminari, taking out 50,000 Yen (~500$) and gave it to the woman. Putting it in her hand. "This should pay for what she ate and the damages to your yard. Again, sorry about that. I hope that you find it into your heart to forgive two reckless young people like us."

She couldn't say anything as she was still in shock. The old woman just came at the end of the fight so she saw Kaminari and Mirko in a compromising position… one second later and Mirko was knocked out.

'What even happened here?' She wondered, 'Was it some lovers quarrel?'

As Kaminari walked away. From one of the electric towers on the outskirts of the village. The Police Chief of this village looked at him as he walked away with Mirko in his shoulder.

A smile appeared on the Police Chief's face. 'Finally, my chance has appeared.'

Blood Rider, who was the new Police Chief arrived at the scene where Mirko and Kaminari fought, he saw a lot of blood around. Mostly Mirko's but some of the other combatant too.

"Oh, police chief!" The old woman is surprised at this.

He looked at her and smiled gently. "Ah, Dataka -san, no need to worry. I am just here to take a look into the scene. I am still the Police Chief, so I have to make sure that you are okay and were properly compensated for the damage caused to your yard."

"No, no, there is no problem here," said the old woman, she had now calmed down and looked at the Police Chief with a relieved smile on her face. 'He has always been dependable like this, even when he was young.'

She remembered the man in front of her ever since he was a young kid, he was assumed to be Quirkless, but he still went to the city and entered the Police Academy and came back recently to help keep safe the place he grew up in, even if he could have gotten a higher salary if he had worked in the city.

"Yeah, but I will still have to investigate and do a report. Don't worry though, you can go and relax inside, I would feel bad leaving you to wait outside like this." The man's tone was gentle as he looks at the old woman.

"Ah, I will leave everything to you then, Akira -san." The old woman walks back in, trusting the police chief to take care of everything.

Akira (Villain name: Blood Rider) couldn't keep the smile off his face, his mind going back to the past.

In truth, he didn't know he had a Quirk till recently, and even then, everything was going bad for him in the city. He was homeless and wasn't in the Police Academy at all, his parents were dead, but these people from the village he grew up in always sent him letters. He was overwhelmed by it, one day he had asked the woman that he is currently in the yard of, for some money due to some "difficulty" in the city. Saying that he would return it soon, he never intended to… but… when she said okay without a second thought… It made Akira feel guilty. He was becoming a scammer, he hated himself.

In the end, he didn't take any money from the old woman and tried to steal some from a guy in the city, but he was beaten by him half to death. Left in a bleeding mess in the city, the man had bruised his fists by how much he had punched Akira and a drop of the man's blood had dropped in Akira's mouth, and by then he had multiple of his teeth broken.

And that is the day everything changed, Akira could see everything. He saw the whole man's life, the ones who beat him, he knew the future of the man. Akira used his Quirk to make money, as any other normal person would, but he also saw that his home village was in a difficult place, people weren't coming around here and the old folk didn't have enough money to fix some of their old houses.

That had brought Akira a goal, it was as if divine intervention had shown him where he would need to go. 'I will help this place no matter what.'

Akira shook his head and his mind came back from its memory lane. He looked at the blood on the ground in front of him and tried to determine which one was Kaminari's and which Mirko's. His Quirk was strong, but it had many conditions to activate, in a way, it was an inferior version of Nighteye's Quirk.

But Akira had finally been able to find a small drop of blood in the dirt and remembering the battle, he concluded that this must belong to Kaminari. He crouches down like he is looking closer, but he licked the ground with the blood on it, not minding the dirt at all since he was already used to it.

Immediately his eyes turn hollow… he was now taking a look into Kaminari's future...


But while he was doing that, Kaminari was flying in the sky, using binoculars to look down at the man investigating where he and Mirko fought. 

A smirk appeared on Kaminari's face. "Caught ya… little rat~"

He knew that after he leaves, the real criminal would show up due to his Quirk having some blood activation requirement. It didn't take long for Kaminari to speculate how Blood Rider previously escaped the Heroes, even when they put traps beforehand. He already saw the future and knew what would happen.

All of it, even the fight with Mirko was a deception, he wanted to paint a certain picture… after he did… Blood Rider was already in his trap by now. The trap couldn't have been predicted because only Kaminari knew of it and will know about it. So unless Akira drank Kaminari's blood… he would already have fallen.

'He can no longer escape.' Concluded Kaminari as he dismissed his iron sand wings and started falling.


But that is when Akira comes out of his trace, looks up terrified, and dodged to the side.


The ground is covered in dust at where Kaminari landed.

Blood Rider got up and looked at Kaminari with terrified eyes. "I am a police officer, if you assault me right now, you will be held accountable for that!"

Kaminari smirked. "Well, I will deal with it when the time comes."

"W -Wait!! I can help you!! I -I know-" the man was stuttering and panicked, wanting to change what he saw in the future. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.



Kaminari appeared in front of the man and twisted his neck at an awkward angle. Breaking it in an instant.

Mirko was already unconscious, so the only one who could sneak up on him or have any idea what might be going on... wasn't here. From now on he can build his narrative to the events that transpired.

'The winner can write history as he wants it to be,' concluded Kaminari before he started damaging the backyard, making it seem like a hard-fought battle went on. 'Future sight Quirks aren't undefeatable, one can trick their users with a good plan.'

Hours later after Mirko woke up, she looked around and saw that no one was around the hallways. She immediately knew that she was in the Police Station due to the decorum all around them. 'Fu*k, this sh*t is so old style, it sucks.'

She heard some noise from the outside of the building that made her curious. It sounded like a crowd, but now way would be so since this was a small rural village. The police station was only for a couple of villages, so nothing big ever went on here no matter what. So she got up and as she did so, her body felt slightly cranky.

"Damn that brat," she complained, "He just hits too hard. Hasn't he heard the words to go easy on ladies."

She complained about Kaminari's generally annoying attitude all the way till she was at the front doors. She opened the entrance to the Police Station… and she sees that there were already cameras and news anchors around the entrance. The whole place was noisy and camera flashes were everywhere.

"Flash, do you believe that the police chief's death was a necessary sacrifice?" Asked a news reporter.

Kaminari had a grave look on his face, but then a forced smile appeared on his face. "The man has given his life for the people in this village that he loves very much. I don't think he would want you to pull his village's conscience down. I did not know police chief Akira for long, but I saw his brave spirit, the villain had a body possessing Quirk so when the Police Chief took his own life, he took down the villain with him."

"By the way you are saying it, then were the Heroes needed here?" Another journalist asked. 

"Of course, we worked together with the police chief to figure this out as a team. We kept every detail secret since Blood Driver could have been any of us." Answered Kaminari seriously, though it was a little crooked now, showing that he has difficulty holding it on, it expresses that his serious look is to hide his sadness.

He was more hurt than he shows. That was what everyone got out of it.

Once Mirko came out, the media's attention immediately turned towards her. The rabbit woman didn't know the situation, in her eyes... she just finished fighting Kaminari…


A/N: Blood Driver did evil things, but he had reasons. He was like a dr*g dealer who needs the money for his family, the reason for the crime doesn't make it right. But that doesn't make him outright evil… but then again, the other's perception decides that.

P.S: Are you curious about what Blood Rider saw in Kaminari's future?😏

P.P.S: Mass Release comming up.👍

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