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15% My Hot Vampire Sponsor / Chapter 3: What A Day

What A Day - My Hot Vampire Sponsor - Chapter 3 by AndrewBlomme full book limited free

Chapter 3: What A Day

Without Wasting Time, Mira Ran Straight to her neighbors house, luckily her best friend Mia lived accross them, she needed to take a shower and urgently. Although Mia's Parents never really liked Mira as she was believed to be a prostitute, due to hanging out with guys and going to clubs. Mia's Parents tried their best to separate them but terribly failed as they were unbreakable since child hood. Mia was More of an innocent girl good in makeup, photography and fashion, with her skills she helped her best friend to get a million followers on Instagram.

Mira Entered the Dennis Family living room (her bestfriends house) without even bothering to knock, Mia's Mom Mrs Bianca Dennis wasn't surprised of Mira's suddenly budge in what surprised her was that Mira Was at her house, after what she have done? Wasn't her daughter supposed to hate Mira, wasn't their friendship over? Questions kept ringing in her ear that she just sat with the Tv Remote frozen staring at Mira. When Mrs Bianca snapped out of her thoughts she was More shocked now "Mira, was she not here?" Just muttering to herself "where did this pig go?, i thought I saw her" then she stood up marching to her daughter's room as she was sure that's where this pig went calling out her name "Miraaaa!!!" In anger,just like she thought she got Mira in her daughter's room but in the bathroom, this girl don't really have manners. "My gosh Mira what are you doing here, Mia left town didn't she inform you?" The women asked aggressively " no she did not Ma, It's not like I'm here to see her by the way" Mira responded in annoyance tone "then what are you here for?" She said trying to calm herself down knowing that her daughter didn't confront Mira, she'll gladly do it for her than "I'm here to take a shower" Mira said coming out of the bathroom, It's true the Dennis Family were much richer than them. They had bedroom bathrooms in each bedroom and their house was much bigger than theirs.

"Well Miss Mira pi..uhm I mean Brett, did Mia Tell you she left town?" She asked for with a raised brow, " No she haven't an anyways I haven't gotten time to contact her i will.." then Mrs Bianca cut her short "Well i don't think that will be necessary, As my darling daughter is truly upset with you" then she let out a laugh before continuing "I mean she blocked your digit, i think it's high time my daughter realised how useless of a friend you were to her" Mira went silent for a moment drying her her with a towel, she just turned to the lady and smiled, Mrs Bianca was burning at this rate, wasn't she supposed to feel bad? I mean she lost her best friend and I'm insulting her, no I won't give up I'll break this girl just the same way her stupid mom broke Me in high school that bitch; I'll have my revenge by breaking her daughter.."and yes abaut your further studies, i can see you've been stuck home for four months now,and Mia she has been doing education she'll soon become a Teacher now, what abaut you no don't tell me Hazel the Salon Boss is unable to pay for your studies?" She said while giggling, Mira just looked at her as she headed for the door she turned around when she reached the door then spoke "Well as for your daughter I'll get back to that virgin when I'll have free time and as for you" she rolled her eyes before continuing "My Parents get enough cash to enroll me to any institution in Namibia but no I want to study abroad so I'm a little patient, who knows I might be heading to France Tommorw" Mrs Bianca broke into laughter hearing that "What hahaha where haha" she couldn't even form a sentences, Mia just looked at the women with a wtf questioning face "so you are headed to France huh" she asked while wiping her tears which accuared due to laughter, but Mira didn't feel the need to respond to her she just left without even turning back as she was running late."I'll break you just the same way your mom did to me, she took my bestfriend from me and I managed to take your bestfriend from you, then she took my confidence and self-esteem which I'll eventually take from you too, i know it will be difficult but it's my mission now Mira, oh Hazel you shouldn't have done what you did" Mrs Bianca thought before heading to the bedroom to take a warm bubble bath with a glass of Champaign to celebrate her first victory "mision one accomplished hahahaha" she laughed..

Mira Was Already dressed she wore Jeans and a White Crop top,matching with white sneakers. She did light make-up , letting her curly hair fall on her shoulders, yes Mira is african but colored since her mom is a White and dad black, with this beautiful genes Mira came out to be the most beautiful women in Namibia, she's even one of namibias beauty slayer. But she wasn't really interested as she got many brand ambassador deals plus modelling deals an politely declined them as her dream was to own her own bussiness one day (to be the boss not the employee) since Mira came from Mrs Bianca's house she haven't checked her phone as she was busy thinking abaut her bestfriend and what Mrs Bianca said, if her friend hate her now the most aching part was that she didn't know the reason why her friend hated her. Finally she snapped out of her thoughts due to a *beep* from her phone which indicated she had a new text msg, she went to the bedside were her phone was lying then picked it up typed in some numbers which are pin locks I assume before reading the text which read 'I'm outside Mira, Are you ready?' well it was a text from her friend Flyyn who was a cab driver too..They've been friends for 2years now and they pretty much get along accept that he's male.. Mira didn't respond to his text instead just grabbed her documents and went out, she didn't lock their house door as the gates man was around she just instead closed the door and went out..Mira greated their gate man "Hey Hugo Whatsaap?" The man stared at for a few good seconds before responding "I good, Madam you de go wheya?" He kept staring at her "Well am I supposed to tell a helper where I'm going huh?" She looked at the gate man up and down before continuing "Hugo don't forget your place in this house, you are lucky I even tark to you I'm a princess remember, anyways bye I'm running late" the man responded with a nod obviously embarrassed after what he was told, It's true he's a helper shouldn't stick his nose were it does not belong, after closing the gate Hugo started singing going back to his guest home "madam Dr angry today" he sang repeatedly of the same phrase.

Meanwhile Mira arrived to the car greated her friend then set in the passengers seat before they drove to away in silence , feeling the uncomfortable silence between them Flyyn started making small tasks just to decrease the awkwardness "So girl, you gonna do a passport? I mean for What? Are you travelling abroad?" Flyyn couldn't help he had so many questions, "Uhm Flynn one question at a time , and yes I'm gonna do a passport gir..oh I mean bra, and what is a passport used for obviously I'm travelling abroad if my plans aren't disturbed lol" Flyyn could sense the his friends tone and he knew right away that she was upset, he Didn't bother to ask though as knowing Mira she don't like tarking unless she wants too, so he just nodded offering her a big smile "good luck Mira Everleigh, hopefully your passport goes through"

"Oh thanks Flyyn" after that small tark silence fell in the car again with Mira looking through the window, well it wasn't long as they arrived to their destination..Well Mira said goodbye to her friend and headed inside a building that was written *MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS AND MIGRATION* she stepped inside and ofcourse it wasn't empty and all eyes fell on her, she tried to brush it off and took a seat next to a cute couple who were cuddling, "shame, how can you cuddle in public are you not embarrassed at all?" She thought to herself, well her thoughts were disturbed again as she heard her name being called "Miss Everleigh Mira Brett" a women's voice called out, before she could respond she heard someone else say "Which bitch is that? They've been calling her name for ages now" when she turned around she realised it was the same women who was cuddling in public with her boyfriend,the women turned around to look just to come across a pair of blue eyes boring holes in her body she was shocked as she didn't know why that women was staring at her just as she was abaut to turn an face her boyfriend to get away from shame she heard a deep voice burning with disgust and anger say "The bitch who is a VIP and paid extra cash to be assisted here fast and furious" the women just shrugged in shame saying "oh it's you I'm so sorry plea.." but Mira didn't let her finish "you are lucky I have to attend to this or else you could have named all the guys i slept with for you to call me a bitch" then she turned her attetion to the women calling her it was a surprise that the lady just stood there waiting for her to Finnish without complaining that she was wasting time it shocked everyone, even Mira herself was shocked then the lady said again "Miss Everleigh Mira?" In more like a questioning tone, and she responded with boredom sound in her voice "Yes" "alright! we recieved a call from the United States abaut your urgent needed passport, we'll make sure you get it today, please follow me this side do we get started" "Sure" After abaut like 30minutes she was done with the paper staff's, she didn't even have to lift a hand she was treated like a celebrity or maybe presidents wife she felt so relaxed until she was called to go pickup a call that someone needed to tark to her. when she picked the call she didn't say anything first and she heard a sexy, sensual, attractive voice from the other side saying "Hello, is this Mira,?" Mira just froze the fact that this guys voice sounded like for a youngguy was surprising she was expecting an Old man's voice but hey quite the opposite happened, It's crazy but just the voice was enough to make her wet. She never felt that for a boy before never, infact it's hard to believe but she was still a virgin although only a few believe that due to her behaviour but trust me, she was a virgin she doesn't know how sex felt...."Hello Mira can You hear me?"" Gathering all her guts out she responded "Oh yes I can hear you Mr, how are you doing," trying to sound normal "I'm great and you Mira?" She went mute as his voice was too much to handle it was like music to her ear and she was the type that don't sing to the music when it's playing she instead just listen an daydream , unfortunately this guys voice was like a song to her ear.."Mira, Please do not adress me Mr Again plus those people in your country think I'm your fiancee,I told them so" what he said i was his fiancee my gosh she was over the clouds but she decided to play it cool "oh really, no wonder they are treating me like a VIP now" he chuckled before answering "ofcourse you're a VIP Mira, anyways I ju st called to check up on you and yes I brought your ticket already,when you go you just give your name to the reception I informed them already" Mira didn't say anything she just chose to listen but paying attention ofcourse "and yes I'll be in a plane for the next 3hours I'm headed to France, incase you go respond to my texts" oh he texted me, you stupid me I didn't check my DM's today "Mira are you there?"

"Yes I'm listening Austin"

"Great are they done yet, they can't keep you for that long you need to relax as you got a flight tommorw" he said with an annoyed voice "no actually they are done, after this call I'll grab my passport and go home to rest"

"Alright go get your passport then,I have a flight to catch too"

"Alright Austin Thank you very Much"

"Welcome, but this is the last time you thank me I'm tired of that okay; and don't forget your flight tommorw you're flying in the private jet"

"I won't please take care "she said with care in her voice

"Alright likewise Mira, catch up later okay"

"Alright" when the call was disconnected she was surprised to see a women standing just abaut 3metres fro her she was shocked on how she didn't realise her, guess she was lost in the SPONSORS husky voice.."I'm sorry Ms Mira, your passport is ready you can travel tommorw"

She ignored the lady still not pleased on what she did "how long have you b een standing there?" The women was shocked she thought an apology was enough to make her forget abaut the incident, little did she know whom she was dealing with exactly *Princess Mira The Cold Blooded Heir* "I'm so sorry Ms Mira I couldn't help but spy you guys are adorable not even these thousand miles separate your love for each other,How did you guys meet I want to meet such a guy too" the women stuttered clearly with fear "it's Okay I was just pulling your leg, anyways let's go I want to get the hell out of here" they warked down to the reception where she'll get her passport and sign some documents for verification.. The words the women said to her kept coming back, how she wished it was true hopefully she go find him single if he is, she'll die for him..Mira was lost in her thoughts that she didn't even realize when she finished signing the needed documents "Ms Mira, you are done now you can go home" the same women who spied on her reminded her "oh thank you, I'll take my leave now"

"Alright bye MISS" almost everyone who was there said bye to her "blessed day you'll" then she turned to leave, Flyyn was already waiting for her then she wondered how long he have been waiting for her, she wondered why people are being so kind to her;? Was it cos of her bestfriends mom who insulted her this morning that God was replacing the bad memories with good ones, but it is Said the bad memories will stuck in your brain forever no matter how happy you might try to be.. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After abaut 30minutes, She arrived home she's glad they got a customer on their way which made Flyyn not ask so many questions or she didn't know what to answer him,, As she opened the main living room door she saw her parents sitting comfortablyon the couch watch tv, As soon as they saw her they started greeting her both at the same time Her Dad"baby Mira how was your day? Oh come have a seat, It's your favourite show Mehek playing"

Her Mom"My bubu, come sit on mommy's lap, ooh I have good news for you" she just moved and set on her mothers lap, her mom was fixing her face, toying her ears "mom stop I'm a grown up now 19 is quite a big age you know"

"You'll always be a baby in our eyes darling" her father said while ticking her abit, she laughed for like a minute before she asked her mom "Ma, what news do you have for me?" Both parents looked at each other like asking each other on who's gonna break the news to her, she just dump looked at them patently waiting for her parents to speak,,then her father spoke after stealing glances from his wife "well sweetheart, all this days we've been working hard so we saved a total of $1million Which we want you to use on your further studies"

"I read your diary one day and I saw your dream was to study abroad, i told your dad abaut it and so we decided to save up till we got to this amount, I'm sorry for reading your diary " her mom added, she gave her mom a hug as a high five to her dad, tears started strolling down her cheeks " don't cry baby" her mom spoke while wiping her tears, " I said Princess Everleigh never cries even if it's tears of joy remember" her dad said while holding her hand as she was still on her mom's lap, she quickly wiped her tears faking a smile " And we Don't " before he could finish she helped him finish the statement "A smile haha" her mom gave her a smile on her forehead, while her dad asked her to show him how strong her biceps were, she made a strong arm and he was proud of her but still inquired her to exercise more often as next Friday he'll ask her to show him her muscles, he expect changes this time around..then she turned around facing her mom while holding her dad's hand " Ma, Dad I have something to share with you guys" her parents didn't say anything just a go on nod " Well i got a sponsor to fund my studies and today I went to make my passport, they made it so fast that i got the passport today,and I'm travelling to France Tommorw " her parents didn't say anything again, they both just looked at their dotor " Ma, Dad I'm done say something or I'm crying " " no no no don't cry we are just embarrassed that our dotor had to look for sponsors while her parents are still alive, healthy I wonder if you ever slept in the nights" her dad's eyes started welling up with tears " No dad The Brett Family Never Shed tears remember plus you are Mr Brett Robert the last person to cry in the Brett Family" he started wiping his tears then spoke in a serious tone "I'm sorry My little tigress, But Do you trust your sponsor and which company is he from?" " yes dad I my sponsor dad they paid for my ticket and made my passport registration faster" then her dad cleared his throat before he spoke " Alright I know you are still a baby but after I heard abaut what you wrote in your diary, I'm sure only a selfish father will stop his daughter from chasing her dreams, you have my permission tigress" she gave her father an appreciation smile, which melted the man's heart Mira Was their only child if going abroad will make her happy then she have his blessing, after all they saved money to send her abroad too..then her mom turned to face her hugged her so tight after 2good minutes she pulled away and said " you can go wherever you want to get your happiness just promise to take along $50000 for just in case, or you're not leaving" she pouted her lips "Mom, i can't take that, please use the savings to send to the village and renovate our house, the windows are quite old especially the ones for my room plus i want my own shower in the bedroom" "it's settled she's not going anywhere" " Alright fine mom I'll take 50000$ with me but ma I want a bedroom shower" her dad placed his hand on top of her palms " granted when you come back, each bedroom will have it's bathroom okay" "yes" she exclaimed in extremely excitement, then both Mother and Father Hugged their dotor so tight like she was abaut to disappear..

Meanwhile sat a women in front of her pc l, Watching i this family reunion, she threw the champagne glass on the screen which damaged the pc screen she then she let out an evil laugh, "Just wait and see what I'll do next to your little pig, you are lucky I can't hear anything or I could destroy whatever plans you have" she paused before continuing " but no worries, your little pig is still in town her confidence and self-esteem will be destroyed I'll crush her, that's because I can" then she laughed like a mad women "hahahaha"

After A wonderful dinner Mira said goodnight to her parents and went to bed, she couldn't stop thinking abaut that sexy voice and the effect it had on her, if the voice made her wet then what will he touch be like she then recalled he said he texted her so she went in her dm's

'Good monirng Mira, don't forget to go to the HA for your passport'

'Having A great day?'

'You're flying private, so don't worry or stress yourself it's a private jet'

'Seems you are busy, tark soon' after Reading this she smiled just when a new sms popped in and it read

'Thinking Abut Me??'

She nearly jumped off The bed

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