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Shocking Speed of Progression - My Idle Gaming System - Chapter 42 by Adui full book limited free

Chapter 42: Shocking Speed of Progression

The 25th Floor was a steeping point, as Noah finally stopped tearing apart Bronze Beasts, a singular Boss appearing on this floor.

It shone with an intense silver luster as it towered over 20 meters, nearly twice as large as the Flesh Giant- it was a Silver Rank Elder Treant!


Its grotesque human-like face bellowed out as the Silver light it released shone out resplendently, its many vines beginning to erupt towards Noah and his Units.


The Flesh Giant was at the forefront, its huge fist grasping and pulling the vines apart while rushing towards the Silver Boss faster, all the other units carrying out long distance attacks as they fought a battle of attrition!

With the SILVER Flesh Giant at the lead, it seemed like the Silver Ranked Elder Treant could only act defensively while its branches were ripped apart, the enormous fists of the Flesh Giant relentlessly pounding into it as after half an could only release a deathly wail as the enormous Silver tree fell to the ground!


Noah breathed out hard as they were kicked out of the Floor, his body feeling the enormous mental and physical strain, but the rewards that soon appeared in front of him rejuvenated him as he knew his hard work wasn't for waste.

[Rewards for clearing the 25th Floor] :: [+10,000 Iron Rank Equipment Upgrade Crystals], [+10,000 Iron Rank Unit Upgrade Crystals], [+200 Random Iron Rank Unit Shards], [+10,000 Iron Rank Cores], [+200 Bronze Rank Cores] , [+20 Random Bronze Equipment], [+15,000 BRONZE Rank Unit Upgrade Crystals], [+100 Random BRONZE Rank Unit Shards], [+45 Health Potions], [+45 Mana Potions], [+25 Strength Potions], [+1 INHERENT Skill Book], [+2 Random SILVER Equipment], [+5 SILVER Cores]


A truly glorious assortment of loot was given.

Every time he faced an enemy of that Rank for the first time, he received Cores of its stage as from the 25th Floor, he had now obtained SILVER Cores!

What was even more shocking though, was the skill book given this time around. It wasn't a Bronze or Silver Rank Skill Book, but instead something that Noah did not obtain when he first became a Blessed- an Inherent skill that grew with the user as they advanced through the stages.

Its power could be minuscule in the beginning as it grew to become terrifying in the future, or it could begin as something terrifying and continue to be so as one advanced!

There were many things he could absorb from the loot he just received, but he clicked on the Inherent Skill Book in his Inventory.

A bright light shone.

|Mind Dominator| :: A weak mind cannot advance far in the future. This is an inherent skill that strengthens the mind of the user while granting them abilities that can dominate others. The ability of [Subjugate] is currently unlocked, with many more abilities capable of being unlocked as the user rises in power.

A cooling feeling washed over Noah the moment the ability was granted to him.

A cooling sensation that reduced his rage and shame while making his eyes turn sharp!

His mind exploded with many thoughts and ideas as he closed his eyes to just think for a second.

When a few minutes passed and he opened his eyes, a sharp light coursed through them as he thoroughly understood his ability!

It was a truly wondrous one to have as it opened many avenues for Noah.

He breathed out slowly as he stretched his neck, unboxing the other rewards as his focus now went to the Bronze Upgrade Crystals that he had over 25,000 of in total after the rewards from this floor!

It naturally meant another SILVER Unit could be fused!

Noah's eyes turned to the remaining Bronze Rank Units he commanded as he had to make the choice.

When it came from the healing or support units being combined or gaining another offensive Rift Boss, his current situation led him to make another Offensive Unit to smash his way across the floors of the Tower as well as the Dimensional Rifts in the outside world!

Between the [Devouring Sands Serpent], [Illusory Willow], [Elder Stone Treant], and [Desert Kingsnake], he chose to fuse the two alike Offensive Units.


Energy fluctuated out wildly as the Bronze Unit Upgrade Crystals were pumped into the Devouring Sands Serpent and the Desert Kingsnake!

Their aura rose to the highest it could be before the prompt came for Noah to fuse, giving his command as the two units disappeared into a swirl of light.

Soon enough, an even more terrifying Serpent over 10 meters large made its appearance!

[Horned Serpent] :: A terrifying creature at the SILVER Rank that enjoys breaking the bones of its enemies before devouring them. Its abilities include [Venomous Cloud], [Constrict], [Enhanced Bite], and [Flash].

A terrifying Horned Serpent with vibrant silver scales raised its terrifying head as Noah analyzed its nature and abilities.

It was another terrifying addition that would increase his battle power greatly, but no strength would be more important than his own as after fusing this Silver Beast, he then took out the 5 Silver Cores from the Inventory.

Such things were extremely rare to get, with the truly important beings in the past Academy City being able to get their hands on them by diving into the only SILVER Rift within the City!

Noah had long since achieved the peak of Bronze as he had hundreds of such Cores in his Inventory, sitting down and beginning to absorb the Silver Cores as he sought to do something shocking.

It was the action of trying to break through from Bronze to SILVER!

A shocking Speed of Progression that others could not even dare to think about, with him only needing a matter of days to jump from Iron to Bronze as he now knocked on the door to Silver. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It truly showed the terrifying prospects of the future with the Idle Gaming System on hand!


Energy gloriously waved around him as he began to absorb the Silver crystal Cores in his hands, a shocking lustrous color beginning to envelop him as he forged forward!

Adui Adui


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