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2.85% My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered / Chapter 5: My Life As A Virtuous Child Is Over

My Life As A Virtuous Child Is Over - My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered - Chapter 5 by TokyoAnime_Seven full book limited free

Chapter 5: My Life As A Virtuous Child Is Over

December 23rd, Wednesday

5th Floor Kalinga Palace,

In the corner of a well-decorated, furnished room, "Hmm....hmm... Which one should I choose for my little boy? Which one will look good on him an Indian Sherwani or a Japanese a kimono or a modern coat & suit, hmm.... kyaaaaaa!!!" shouted Anisa in an excited voice.

'My cute little boy will look good in all of them, why don't I make him try all, we have plenty of time before the party,'

Looking at her fired up mother Aryan had a bad premonition, or you can say a bad hunch that he could sense from his previous life.

Anisa looked at the dresses for a while before speaking out "Aryan my little angel, mommy is really confused, what to choose for you. Since we have plenty of time, why don't we try them all,"

Looking at her mother's tone of speech and physical reactions, Aryan asked in a timid voice, "Mom are you into those things?"

"What things??".

"Those things".

"What things?? I really can't understand what you are saying about"

"Those, those things".

"My Lil boy say it clearly".

"Like cosplaying and cross-dressing, I have read about it in a book a few days ago".

"Kyaaaaaaa.... are you a psychic or something, how did you know your mother's hobby, naughty boy, you shouldn't barge and read other person minds forcefully".

'Barge my ass', Aryan thought inwardly.

"My dear mom isn't it crystal clear that you are into cosplaying & cross-dressing, anyone can deduce that after looking at you and your hands," said Aryan in an irritating voice.

"Hands what about my hands ??".

"You have an eternal spirit camera of the highest grade on one hand and several dresses on another and wait a minute why in the world do you have girl dresses too and your body language has changed to that of an octopus, you are creeping me out".

Anisa looked at the girls' dresses in her hand and told Aryan that she had bought them five years ago, before his birth in hope of a girl, but it turns out to be a boy and remained unused.

Aryan flabbergasted from her mom's answer and asked "Bought it 5 years before?!!"


"Are we filthy rich or something".


"Don't give me hehehe...".

"You will know in the future."

"Whew, I can't pursue you anymore" admired Aryna and stopped asking her questions.




"Don't give me hmmm, and say something".

[Her eyes sparkled all of a sudden]

'I don't know why but my left eye is twitching, I have got a terrible vibe about it,'

"Lil boy, do you love your mom??"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"How much?"

Aryan pondered for a while before replying "As much as stars in the sky"

Anisa acted like a tsun tsun and said "Hmph, You sweet talker don't lie"

"No, really".

Hearing out her son's answer a grin appeared on her face and she asked Aryan to prove his love for her. The lil innocent, naive boy unaware of his upcoming future asked her "How?"

Anisa looked at the skirt she was holding and then to Aryan, looking at her mother gesture Aryan got a tingling sensation throughout his body, he mustered his courage and asked "Dear beautiful mother of mine, you don't have an intention of that right??".

"Hehehe my little boy let me rectify you I don't have an intention, I have many intentions I have been suppressing for the last 5 years."

"No mother no, I am a boy, your little angel, you can't do it to me can you".


"Earlier you are creeping me out, now you are freaking me out".

Anisa moved forward with a little step and "huss…" instantly covered the distance between her and Aryan. The little helpless boy couldn't do anything and was about to submit when a ray of hope came from behind.

It was his doting Gramps, the Grand Elder the absolute ruler of the family, he ran towards his Gramps dodging her mother and hugged him with delight.

"Gramps, gramps save me, mom is forcing me to cross-dress for her."

Grand Elder roared and asked," Anisa, how dare you to do something like that?"

Aryan thinking inwardly 'Hehehe mom now you are done for.'

But the reality came out to something different.

Grand Elder roared again and asked "Anisa how dare you to do something like that without me. Me too have many girl's dresses, that I had bought in hope for a granddaughter".

"The fck" cursed Aryan, he was about to spurt out a fresh batch of blood, but controlled it with acupressure and reversed its flow.

In his endless day of despair he began mumbling the ancient scripts from his past life "Those who are destined to die will die.

If the apocalypse has to come then it will come.

If darkness hovers upon you then no amount of sun can save you.

The sea will rise.

The land becomes dry.

The cloud will roar...."

But who cares about his mumbling. Both his parents were busy in taking her cross-dressing photos. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Aryan look here, here, yes just like that, yes now do this pose, now this, yes, yes just like that, yes good."

They made him wear miniskirts, high curve qipao, and a variety of skimpy dresses. Lolita fashion, gairu fashion, and girls lingeries were on the queue list, after defiling his pure mind and body, when it was time to throw him away, something unexpected happened again.

Anisha remembered that she had kept some of her youth time swimsuits in her spatial ring, god knows why and how she remembered it suddenly, starting from one-piece maillot, followed by monokini, then some classic bikini swimsuits and at last the one-piece slingshot, these were some dresses that defiled my virtuous soul.

In the endless sea of despair where no light can reach he had to suffer an utter bitter defeat and another crick, crick, crack sound came from his inside Aryan "look like another crack appeared on his little heart of gentleman".

Half an hour later~~~~~~~~

After defiling and toying with the little boy's body and mind from head to toe up to its core, the two of them decided upon a Sherwani for him. That fitted him perfectly and increased his moe moe charm by another realm.

The Sherwani was made with a high-grade mulberry spirit moth's silk, which can endure an attack of Fifth Stage Tatwata (Elemental Immortal) cultivator practitioner.

The Sherwani top was white with a golden leaf-shaped embodiment on it and the button pants of the Sherwani was reddish-brown in color, just a dress made only for this occasion.

While he was getting defiled by his gramps and mother, his father had also come in between, waiting for their crossdress play to finish. He was afraid of the fact that the Grand Elder & Anisa will target him next for cross-dressing & cosplaying, so he had completely erased his presence and was looking at his son's demise.

When Aryan got completely dressed Aditya came behind him with a flash step and said with sympathy "Son I can understand your grief I had also suffered the same in the past, to satisfy their carving of cross-dressing & cosplaying both of them had played with me like a doll, but now I am not worried about it anymore".

With hope as big as a sun to escape from the apocalypse of cross-dressing Aryan asked "Pops did you find any way to escape from them??"

"My boy the answer is yes and it's not a temporary solution it's a solution for eternal".

Aryan with a light of hope in his eyes asked "Pray please tell."

Aditya grinned and said, "The solution is standing before me and talking with me".


"Yep, it's as you understand".

"Don't tell me they..."

"Yes, they got a new toy, so they are fed up with me".

Aryan cursed in his mind " What father could sell his son to devils to save his own life? Sorry, one cosplaying devil and another cross-dressing demoness, sob, sob (crying in his heart)."

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