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23.47% My Life As Tadano / Chapter 27: Bento

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Chapter 27: Bento

Hito is currently in his classroom answering easy questions English, but of course it's only to him, his classmates had a hard time answering it.

The English teacher suddenly gave them a surprise quiz, many of his classmates despaired though their teacher explained it to them, they still couldn't understand stand!

But some are exceptions like Hito, Shouko and Agari, they were above average compared to others. Shouko herself might be bad at communication, however she is at least knowledgeable in languages, but still useless because she couldn't properly communicate.

That's why people often say, God is blind! But in reality it's just a cover up word that covers a person's jealousy and envy!

It's because they couldn't have the same! 

Thus the quiz ended, as expected Hito got aced in the English quiz, it wasn't surprising, but what surprised him was that Najimi actually aced the quiz too!

(A/N : Najimi wasn't as smart as you think, I've just added some studies perk to him in this novel.)

The quiz is about some Hollywood movies, and actors from the US, it wasn't exactly hard but it is still a pain in the ass to remember those.

So the top 5 ranking In the quiz is.

Tadano Hitohito

Osana Najimi

 Nakanaka Omoharu

Agari Himiko

Komi Shouko

And so on, thus the time passed and it was time for lunch, Hito looked at Shouko and asked.

"I wanna eat lunch together?"

Shouko hesitated because she wasn't comfortable with Hito around, she hadn't gotten over with this strangeness that she felt.

But with great difficulty, she agreed. Shouko doesn't want to be rude, like constantly refusing his Invitation, she might be having a hard time looking at him, because her heart would beat crazily, but she doesn't want him to hate her!

Just because of these feelings, she doesn't want that, imagine Hito would hate her and wouldn't talk to her again, she would feel really hurt.

So she wouldn't distance herself from something like this, but of course Hito noticed her uncomfortableness.

"Komi-san? Are you okay?"

Shouko immediately nodded, but still she's trying hard to look at him without blushing . She couldn't stop herself from doing so, especially Hito's new look.

Hito smiled and said.

"If there is anything I could help just tell me, and I'll you!"

Shouko wanted to say 'Then what if the problem is you?!' but she didn't say it, because it would cause many problems, and the most important thing is that she doesn't have the confidence to say it.

It's embarrassing!

After that he and Shouko ate lunch together, then Najimi joined after but he still feared Shouko's stare, he would unconsciously shiver, then not long after Yamai joined them.

But it was noticeable that Yamai is avoiding Hito's gaze, she would either look away, as Hito would look at her or she would close her eyes.

The way she looked at Hito changed, unlike before she could glare hatefully at him, but now she would have a hard time doing so, because she would unconditionally drown to his handsomeness.

(A/N : Cough-, Cough- now that's what I call cringe!)

Currently they were eating their personal bento together, however Najimi noticed something particular at Hito's bento, he actually a meatball that is glittering!

He couldn't help but say.

"Tadano! Is it just me or you meatballs are glittering?" Najimi stared at Hito's bento.

Hito suddenly smiled wryly at Najimi words, he actually intended to hide the fact that. He is good at cooking, so every time he makes a dish for bento, he would make the dish have less fragrance, so that there wouldn't be anyone that would ask for his bento!

Okay it was selfish of him, but so what?! If it's known he wouldn't be able to eat his bento peacefully at that time, and would give most of his bento to them.

"No, it's not you're just imagining it!"


"Yes, really!"

"Okay, then if you say so…" As curious as Najimi, what could stop him?! So he quickly stabs a meatball from Hito's bento!

It caught Hito off guard, it was too late to stop him! Najimi already swallowed the meatball in his mouth, at the moment he moaned like he was in ecstasy!

"AHHHHHHHH~! It's so delicious! Omg! It's meat was so soft! And the juices inside the meatball is soooo delicious! It's flavors exploded in my mouth! Tadano! You bastardo! You actually dared to hide this God like bento to us?!"

Najimi's loud words were heard by the entire class, his classmates went to his desk one by one.

"I heard that your meatball is delicious! Here I'll exchange my sandwich for my meatball!"

"Here I'll exchange my Yakisoba Bread for your meatball!"

"I'll exchange my pizza with your meatball here.."

"Here my condom…."

?! Hito felt like he heard the word condom, he couldn't pinpoint who because his desk was filled with people!

He was helpless to stop them, he gave up and then as his classmates ate the meatballs one by one, they moaned loudly.

Imagine an entire class moaned at almost the same time? Isn't it such a strange sight?

The boys who moaned looked weird and strange, but the girls that moaned looked lewd.

Now his desk is filled with foods, and now there are only 2 meatballs left in his lunchbox, he looked at it with a sigh then, he saw Shouko stare at his meatball, he could see that she desired to eat it.

"Komi-san, if you want you can get the meatball in my lunchbox too Yamai."

"What's with that slight pause?!" Yamai exclaimed, however Hito shrugs.

"You want it or not?"

It would be a lie if she weren't interested in eating the meatball from Hito's lunchbox, especially when she saw the satisfied looks on her classmates' faces while eating, the meatball.

She didn't say anything and she used her chopsticks to get the meatball from Hito's lunchbox.

As for Shouko, she thanked Hito for the meatball, unlike a certain someone but well it doesn't matter, for it is just a small issue, more importantly he wanted to see how would Shouko would react after she ate his meatball!

Yamai was the first one to swallow the meatball, and then her eyes widened, her face started to turn red, she tried to suppress her moan but she couldn't.

"AHHH~ ish delicious!"

Now it wasn't time to focus on some minor character, he looked at Shouko with an expectant expression.

Shouko slowly puts it inside her mouth, suddenly as she swallows it, her face starts to turn crimson like she just had a really high fever.

But it was just her suppressing her moan! She tried but it ended up a failure, it was too delicious!

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Hito felt that he succeeded in doing something Impossible, he was extremely satisfied then Shouko's moan was repeatedly heard in his mind.

He thanked God for this amazing opportunity.

( END- )

Please tell me if there are some misspelled or misplaced words.

Feel free to join in my Discord Server :

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