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26.08% My Life As Tadano / Chapter 30: Plushie Shop

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Chapter 30: Plushie Shop

After the cooking class, Hito immediately left the scene so he wouldn't be concerned by Najimi, he went to his classroom so he would wait for Miu to arrive. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

However as he was near in his classroom, he saw Miu standing outside, his classroom door looking for someone, and naturally that someone is him!

Miu inspected Hito's classroom, but she couldn't see him! She muttered.

"He isn't here? No way could it be that he lied, and we aren't classmates at all? Now that I've mentioned it, he didn't wear my school uniform…"

"No Furinji-san, I didn't lie."

Startled by his sudden appearance, she shifted her gaze into Hito, and she immediately apologized.

"A-ah! I'm sorry...I didn't mean to say that I'm just afraid to be lied to.."

Hito shook his head, and slightly smiled.

"Don't worry, I can understand you, now like I said yesterday I would like to visit your family Dojo! So lead the way."

Miu nodded, and energetically exclaimed.

"Okay! I'll lead you there! Follow me!"

"Right…" Hito followed Miu, he couldn't wait to learn Martial Arts, but he guessed that learning Martial isn't as easy as those subjects.

While he was walking together with Mui, Yamai saw him together with Mui, she said.

"Tadano and who is that blonde haired girl? They seem awfully close? Could it way! His girlfriend?! Then I should let everyone know this, especially Komi-san! With that Komi-san would distance herself from him!" Yamai grinned widely, that moment she started rumors about Hito having a girlfriend from this school.

(A/N : Triggering An Event Successful : Initial Event For Confession Incoming.)


Currently Hito and Miu are currently at a plushie machine shop, how? It's because along the way while they were walking in the streets, all of sudden Miu stopped as she saw a cute looking racoon inside a shop.

That shop was naturally a plushie shop, seeing her like that, Hito asked.

"You want that?"

" N-no sorry I got distracted for a while let's continue."

"No, just be honest do you want it?"

Miu shyly lowered her head and spoke.


Hito smiled and then said.

"Okay then! Let's go inside and I'll get it for you!"

"E-eh?! No you don't have to!"

"Give it up, I'm kind of stubborn at this kind of thing, now let's go inside and get that racoon!"

Miu tried to stop him, but she unsuccessfully did so she gave up in the end.

Now inside the shop, Hito exchanges his 1000 yen paper to coins, since he doesn't have any money other than papers.

So he started to play, he used the joystick decently and his first attempt of getting the racoon is a failure.

The racoon plushie was a little huge, so he continued to play.

2nd attempt the same failure..








Now it was his 9th attempt! He still ended up a failure, each play was 100 yen and he played 9 times so the remaining of his 1000 yen is 100.

Miu finally spoke after a long time.

"Tadano-san you don't have to try anymore.. forget it you're wasting your money." Even though she said that, there was a bit of disappointment in her tone.

Miu wants the plushie so badly, but she is also concerned about Hito's money, he doesn't need to lose money because of some plushie.

However Hito grinned, and said.

"Don't worry, this is the last one...but don't worry I'm confident of getting it now!" He is confident now because he has finally gotten the skill that he needed!

Ding! Discovered A Skill [ Plushie ] Do You Wish to Have This Skill for 1 Surprise Point?

Certainly! He bought the skill without hesitation! Though the skill has a weird name...but that's not important!

He upgraded the skill to Expert just a grade lower than Prodigy, it wasn't something that he could use often, so it wasn't worth upgrading it to Prodigy, because simply it's overkill!

Now various knowledge from many kinds of Plushie Machine, he gained a lot of tricks on how to get a plushie from the rip-off machine.

His aura changed, as he held the joystick, Miu could also feel it. She thought 'It's like I'm looking at a different person!'

With all the honesty, he could have easily gotten it even without the [ Plushie ] skill, he could simply calculate by using his [ Math ] skill, but he didn't.

He intended this so he could get a skill so he gambled and so he really got a skill!

Suddenly he pushed the buttons a lot of times, only he knew how many times he did. He put the coin inside the machine and he started to play.

The way he pushed the buttons many times isn't pointless as it seems, it's a trick so that the claw inside the machine would grip the racoon plushie tighter, more like instant win.

Once the claw gripped the plushie, it wouldn't let go unless he pushed the release button, it was just one of the tricks he could do more but, he is worried about the CCTV cameras around the shop.

This trick was the most effective and less suspicious one.

He had already gotten the racoon Plushie, he looked at Miu, and spoke.

"Here, I got it for you."

Dumbfounded she didn't expect that Hito would get it! But unknowingly her face slowly turned red, as she received the racoon Plushie she said shyly.

"Thank you….."

Hito smiled and said, "You're welcome, now that we're done here let's go."

Miu nodded, and stayed silent; currently she doesn't know how to express her emotions, she hugs the Racoon Plushie. She promised to treasure this because this was the first gift that she received from someone.

Then she continued to guide Hito to her family Dojo.

( END- )

Please tell me if there are some misspelled or misplaced words.

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Host : Tadano Hitohito

Age : 16

Skills : Math [ Monster] [+], English [ Prodigy ] [+], History [ Beginner ] [+], Music [ Prodigy ] [+], Art [ Prodigy ] [+], Basketball [ Prodigy ] [+], Cooking [ Prodigy ] [+], Sleeping Resistance [ Prodigy ] [+], Negotiation [ Beginner ] [+], Fear Resistance [ Monster ] [+], Lying [ Prodigy ] [+], Plushie [ Expert ]

Surprise Points : 4287

Inventory : None

Shop : [ Open ]

It didn't decrease because he had gotten more surprise points from his smelly dish, manga and Yamai's rumor.

Just a reminder Kenichi doesn't exist in this world.

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