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31.3% My Life As Tadano / Chapter 36: Restaurant Yukihira

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Chapter 36: Restaurant Yukihira

Saturday had arrived, he tried to forget what happened yesterday night but he couldn't! Damn Subaru! Hopefully he wouldn't suffer too much!

Hito sighs, he didn't have anything to do today other than going to Ryōzanpaku this afternoon to start training!

He stood up from his bed, and went to the bathroom to take a good bath, after that he wore casual clothes and started to cook breakfast.

It was just a simple meal, his family wasn't awake yet since Hitomi doesn't have school like him, as for his parents they took a break today, he didn't cook a fragrant dish because it would wake them up.

He doesn't want to disturb their sleeping time, he ate breakfast after he did, he decided to spend his morning touring around Tokyo buying some interesting things, since he still has a little few hundred thousands yen in his credit card.

Hito finished eating his breakfast, and slowly went outside and muttered.

"I'll be going..!"

And he shut the door, and left the apartment, he suddenly remembered that he had a bicycle, yet he hasn't used it once ever since he Transmigrated in this world.

The outfit he wears is a normal black T-shirt, and a silver gray pants, along with his white rubber shoes.

As he was about to walk, suddenly his phone rang and he picked it up from his pocket, he saw that it was from Sakura.

He smiled, and thought 'She should have been cured already! Right? Hopefully she didn't remove the sticker…' he answered her call.

Then Hito could hear her voice from the phone.

[ Hello? Are you there Hito? ]

Hito touched his Adam's apple, and he adjusted his voice, the same voice as his father.

"Hm? You're looking for my son?"

[ A-ah! Is this Hito's father? S-sorry can you please call him uncle? ]

"Pfft- hahaha!" Hito laughed, he was amused at Sakura's reaction.

[ E-eh?! That voice Hito?! ]

"That's right, it's me what do you need?"

[ Hey! Where is Uncle? I just talked to him a moment ago! Did he perhaps gave you the phone? ]

" it was me Sakura, I modified my voice a little, the same as my father."

[ That was you?! How dare you trick me! Hmph! ]

"Haha, sorry so what is it?" Hito asked, he wanted to know why she called him at this time.

[ Well...ummm a-are you free this Sunday? ]

Hito pondered for a while, and answered.

"Yeah, I am! Could it be you want to invite me to a date?! Haha as if!" Hito wanted to tease her, however.

[ Y-yes I'm inviting you to a I that predictable? ]

Hito's expression suddenly turned surprised, and he spoke.

"Wait what seriously? You're going to invite me for a date?"

[ Mhm...s-so ummm are you going? ]

He could feel Sakura's shyness and expection when she said those words. Hito was dumbfounded for a moment, but then he happily said.

"Sure! I'll be glad to!"

[ Yes! Ahem- I-i mean...let's meet tomorrow 10 : 00 AM at Paradise, be on time! I'll end the call now- ]

Dot~ dot~ dot-


Inside a private ward, Sakura threw her phone in bed, and jumped into it and she buried her face into the pillow, as she started to kick the bed with her legs.

She was embarrassed yet happy, embarrassed because she boldly invited him to a date, and happy because he accepted her Invitation!

Then after that she hugged the pillow, and sweetly smiled.

"Yosh! Tomorrow! I'm going all out! I'm going to confess!" Sakura was determined to do it!

Since she was cured, there is nothing holding her back! Then she looked at her right arm where Hito puts the sticker.

The sticker disappeared! She just realized it, a few hours ago she thought that the sticker fell somewhere, but to her disappointment she couldn't find it anywhere in her ward.

As for someone removing it? It's impossible no one would do that, so it's out of question, it was like the sticker disappeared by itself.

After she was cured, because of that she had her doubts, then she remembered those words that Hito once said after he put the sticker in her right arm.

"Is this what he meant that I wouldn't believe him?" It actually makes sense now, if Hito told her that she'll be cured in her illness, she wouldn't believe it but now.

She could finally understand what he meant, but she wasn't completely sure of such an absurd idea.

A sticker healed her illness? That's unbelievable, it's particularly impossible. Sakura sighs, she wouldn't get any answers by herself.

So she would ask Hito tomorrow at their Date! But of course she'll ask it 'after' she confessed her feelings to him.

She will be discharged this afternoon, so she will have to prepare for tomorrow's battle!

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Hito smiled happily, even after Sakura ended the call, being invited by a girl on a date for the first time! For him even in this life and his past life.

"Tomorrow is going to be my very first official date huh?" He smiled slightly while saying that.

He puts his phone back from his pocket, and he walks toward his bicycle, he unlocked it, his locker doesn't need a key but codes.

He rode at it, and he started to move. He enjoyed the wind that was blowing in his face, while riding his bicycle.





Not long after he arrived at a lonely district, it didn't have many people around as the shops were mostly closed, except for was a particular shop, yet it was very familiar.

Restaurant Yukihira

Seeing that sigh board, Hito's eyes widened! Yukihira! Isn't this part of the anime called Food Wars?

Hito stopped at the shop, and then suddenly a wonderful aroma was smelt in his nose.

His stomach grumbled, it wanted to eat! Hito decided to try some dishes from this shop! He wanted to see if he'd be stripped naked after he ate the dishes in this restaurant!

He went down from his bicycle, and put it in a corner and locked it just in case. He went inside after locking his bicycle.

After he went inside he was greeted by a red haired guy, with a tied cloth in his head.

"Welcome! Please take a seat."

That's how he met his best bud of the year.

Yukihira Soma

( END- )

Who is ready for another FOODGASM?!

Food Wars have arrived xD.

As usual please help me check if there are misspelled or misplaced words.

Vote if you enjoy it. 😉

Feel free to join in my Discord Server :

Host : Tadano Hitohito

Age : 16

Skills : Math [ Monster] [+], English [ Prodigy ] [+], History [ Beginner ] [+], Music [ Prodigy ] [+], Art [ Prodigy ] [+], Basketball [ Prodigy ] [+], Cooking [ Prodigy ] [+], Sleeping Resistance [ Prodigy ] [+], Negotiation [ Beginner ] [+], Fear Resistance [ Monster ] [+], Lying [ Prodigy ] [+], Plushie [ Expert ] [+], Chinese Martial Arts [ Professional ]

Surprise Points : 2,950

Inventory : None

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