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26.95% My Life As Tadano / Chapter 31: Ryōzanpaku 1

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Chapter 31: Ryōzanpaku 1

They have finally arrived at Miu's family Dojo, or you could call it her home. Hito was honestly surprised and thought 'This door is bigger than I thought!'

He stared at the huge wooden door in front of him, and he asked.

"Is this the place?"

Miu nodded, she said.

"Yes, this is my family's Dojo Ryōzanpaku!"

"Okay, we have to open this huge door?"

"Yes! I'll open it, can you move at the back?"

Hito shook his head, "No, I want to open it myself can I try?"

He was really interested in how much force he needs to open this door in front of him!

Miu was surprised, she spoke.

"You can but, just a reminder normal people couldn't open that door! Are you sure you still want to open it yourself?"

Hearing that Hito grinned, he spoke, "Yeah! It's more interesting that way!"

Miu didn't stop him anymore, she thought that he should learn his limits, she thinks that Hito is just a normal person, with a bit of a handsome face.

But she was totally wrong. Hito stepped forward into the huge door, he touched it gently with his right hand, and then he pressed it with a force more than 100kg!

'Holy moly! This door won't even move! That's 100kg of strength already! Let's add more force!' Hito added 100kg more! Finally the door opened, but he seemed to have used more than the qualified force in opening the door.


The door opened loudly, he smiled wryly and said.

"Damn my bad, hopefully it wouldn't bother the people inside!"

Miu on the other hand, her mouth widened to the point that it could fit an entire egg, she looked at Hito with an unbelievable expression.

She clearly saw it, he didn't use any martial arts techniques to open the huge door! It was just pure brute strength!

Martial Arts technique could make a person use it's full power, it would guide the person to forcefully use your true potential and strength.

But Hito is different, no technique just raw strength, imagine if he is already this strong then how much stronger will he become when he learns Martial Arts?!

"T-tadano-san do you perhaps exercise daily? You should be right?"

Hito shooks his head, "No, not really I don't do exercise daily, but occasionally…"

Miu's surprise turned into shock! She suddenly remembered, her grandfather once said that, there is a rare kind human that is insanely strong from the moment they were born, her grandfather also said that those kind of humans are born just to learn Martial Arts!

Most of them are Prodigy that couldn't be measured by common sense, however those kinds of rare humans would only appear once every century!

She mistakenly thought that Hito is that kind of person, but she isn't really all wrong, he isn't a Prodigy but a system user that used it's help to be a Prodigy!

"Hey, are we going to stand here till night?"

Hito's words helped her snap from her thoughts, and she spoke.

"Ah! S-sorry let's go inside!" Miu Immediately went inside, she was deeply embarrassed.

Hito smirked, he did see her embarrassed face, he merely joked a little but he didn't expect that it would turn out this way, he followed Miu inside the Dojo.

Unknown to him, Hayato saw it all, he gently touched his beard and muttered.

"That young man…..he's that rare human that appears once in a century! This is the first time in my life that I've encountered one! This is getting Interesting…"




Inside the Dojo Hito looked around with a curious expression, this is the first time that he personally saw a very huge Japanese style house!

It's more amazing than the images, seeing it with your very own eyes is really different, unlike those images it couldn't replicate the originality of the house.

While following Miu, he could hear the sound of kicking, he could even hear the shock waves, not long after he arrived at the place where the kicking originated.

He saw a huge tanned guy, kicking a huge sandbag, he recognized this character! It was Apachai Hopachai!

A master of Muay Thai! Apachai noticed Hito and he spoke.

"Apa? Mui! Who is this? Apachai wants to know!"

Miu looked at the curious Apachai, she smiled and replied.

"He's a guest!"

"Oh! Then what should Apachai do?"

"Nothing! Just continue your training!"

Apachai nodded, and then he continued to kick the sandbag, Miu spoke.

"That's Apachai, one of the masters of my Dojo! Follow me I'll show them all to you, so you'll see what they are capable of!"

After that they arrived at the nearest room, it was slightly opened, while Miu continued to walk, he stopped his tracks, and there Hito saw a woman in her early twenties, standing in the middle of the room, with various kinds of weapons surrounding her.

Suddenly she used the katana that was in her back, and she swiftly slashed the weapons that surrounded her, the weapons suddenly got sliced 1 by 1.

Even with Hito's enhanced eyesight he could barely see her move!

Her gaze shifted into Hito's figure, "...Who are you? What's your business here?"

Hito slightly smiled, and thought 'So this is Kosaka Shigure, she's even more beautiful than I imagined! But that's not important! I want to learn that sword technique!'

"Well, I'm planning to sign up as a Disciple here, and I'm still checking if this place is as good as Miu says..but when I saw you easily cutting those weapons, I'm convinced!"

Shigure stood silently from her spot, she didn't say anything, suddenly Miu arrived.

"Tadano-san? Why aren't you following me?"

"Furinji-san there is no need to prove it to me, I'll join as a Disciple of this Dojo. I saw this beautiful lady here swiftly slice those weapons like they were a tofu, I want to try learning that."

Shigure suddenly flinch, as she heard him calling her 'Beautiful'

Miu was surprised to hear that Hito had already decided to join their Dojo!

"So you're joining? You want to learn from Shigure nee-san?"

Hito nodded, and replied.

"Yeah, but not just her but I want to learn every Martial Arts that is available in this Dojo! Even if the training could literally kill me, I'll do it!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Miu smiled brightly at his determination, it sounded real, she respected him for that, however she doesn't know that Hito was just bullshiting, he literally could learn it if he could just figure out it's basic stance.

( END- )

Honestly I never thought that this is hard xD, good God I took me more time to write than expected.

Well anyways there you have it don't complain if it's bad!

Anyways help me look for misplaced and misspelled words later.

Care to Vote? 😗😗

Feel free to join in my Discord Server :

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