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27.82% My Life As Tadano / Chapter 32: Ryōzanpaku 2

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Chapter 32: Ryōzanpaku 2

In the middle of Hito and Miu's conversation, suddenly Shigure stabs her katana into the floor.

As she did, a figure jumped out of the floor! It was a short man I'm his forties, wearing a Chinese outfit.

"Ohh! That was close!"

Hito looked at the short man, and thought 'That's Kensei Ma, he's shorter than I thought.'

Shigure pointed her Katana at Kensei's neck, and emotionlessly said.

"Oi, what do you think you're doing?"

"What are you talking about? I did nothing!"

"....That camera, what sort of photos are you taking?"

As soon as he heard it, he dashed toward the door, Shigure didn't want to let that old pervert go with his camera!

She knows that it was some pictures of her boobs and ass, she immediately grabs the shuriken from her chainmail, and then throws it to Kensei's vital spots.

She's really serious, however she knew that Kensei wouldn't easily be killed, something like that is just a minor thing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kensei saw the incoming shuriken, and he skillfully caught it without getting wounded, the shuriken is seriously sharp, but it caught it with ease!

However he didn't catch the one that is Incoming to Hito's mouth, Miu and Shigure noticed this and Miu was too late to catch it she could only say.

"Dodge it Tadano-kun!"

The shuriken hit his mouth, and then he suddenly covered his entire face with his hands, he dropped his ass into the floor, and he started to roll.


Miu quickly helped him, she hurriedly said.

"Tadano-san?! Are you okay?! Please tell me you're okay!" She said with a trembling tone, and she was almost on the verge of crying.

While Shigure froze, she realized that she made a mistake, she felt really guilty but she couldn't express it.

While Kensei stopped running, and looked at Hito he suddenly spoke.

"Young man, drop the act."

Kensei saw through Hito's little stunt, as Hito heard him he stood up from the floor, and uncovered his face.

The shuriken was struck between his teeth! Actually he could catch it easy since it wasn't as fast, like Shigure swordsmanship, but he decided to prank them.

However as he saw Miu, he couldn't help but feel a little guilty, she was on the verge of crying!

Miu realized that she was being tricked, and she suddenly got mad, she started to hit Tadano really hard.

"Ouch! Hey! Don't hit me so hard!"

Miu glared at him hatefully, and exclaimed.

"Do you know how worried I was when I thought you were injured?!" She couldn't forgive him for doing something like that!

"Okay I got it, I'm sorry okay?"

Miu was still mad, and decided to ignore him for now. Shigure sighs in relief when she realized that Hito was just playing around, and also she is a little annoyed that it was just an act! She almost believed, if it wasn't for Kensei figuring it out.

Hito gaze was into Kensei, "How did you know that I was acting?"

"There are too many obvious flaws, and I'll tell you two things: there is no blood and your scream is unnatural, but I have to say you have a good reaction, not many people could do the same feat."

Hito nodded, as his explanation was indeed too many flaws, he replied.

"Not really I just copied you, grit the shuriken with my teeth, it's my first time doing it, and I say it's a good experience."

Kensei was surprised and spoke, "Young man, you're not normal."

"Well I never said I was!" Hito grinned, at Kensei.

Kensei touched his weird mustache, and added.

"I heard that you want to sign in this Dojo, and I can see that you have a lot of potential."

Hito just smiled, and thought 'Potential my ass! If it wasn't for the fact that I swallowed that pill, I wouldn't be able to do the same feat as gritting a shuriken in my teeth!'

Kensei continued, "Miu can you call everyone in the meeting room, we'll discuss this young man."

Miu nodded, but before she called everyone, she gave a hateful glare to Hito.


Then she left the place, totally ignoring him. Hito smiled wryly. He hoped that Miu wouldn't hate him for that.

But he wouldn't know that Miu wouldn't hate him for what he did, it was just she is a little angry because of that little prank, she was worried about him.

It shows how concerned she is at him, Hito looked at the silent Shigure, he realized that she wasn't looking directly at his face, as she noticed his gaze, she immediately disappeared from her spot.

"Heck, she's really fast!"

"Of course she is, now follow me to the meeting hall, you want to learn from all of us right? That depends if they want to teach you or not!"

Hito followed Kensei, and while walking he asked.

"Then will you teach me?"

Kensei didn't immediately answer, and after arriving at the meeting room.

"Hehehe, who knows I will first see how capable you are!"

"But didn't you say I have a lot of potential?"

"That's different! Now let's wait for the others to arrive."

Not long after, the masters of this Dojo started to arrive at the room.

The first one to arrive was Shio Sasaki, a man in his thirties, a master of karate who claims to hold 100 dan. He is a tall man wearing a leather jacket, and his unrealistic muscles are exposed.

The second one to arrive is Apachai Hopachai, the one that Hito met a while ago.

The third is Akisame Koetsuji, he is also tall like the rest, he is a Jujitsu master, in the original he is the first person to train Kenichi.

(A/N : Well, I have no way to explain this.)

The fourth was Shigure Kosaka, the woman who sliced an iron weapon with her Katana like a tofu, it said that she was a Prodigy when it came to swords.

Lastly Miu and Hayato Furinji, he is the grandfather of Miu and the strongest person inside the Dojo, he claims that he never once lost a fight in his life.

Kensei finally said, "Now that everyone is here it's time for us to discuss."

( END- )

Okay I got delayed but anyways, enjoy!

But damn it's hard to write this.

So want to Vote? Then do it! XD

Yeah the same as usual, please tell me if you see any misplaced or misspelled words.

Feel free to join in my Discord Server :

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