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29.56% My Life As Tadano / Chapter 34: Ryōzanpaku 4

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Chapter 34: Ryōzanpaku 4

Kensei started to show his Chinese Martial to Hito, he smoothly punched the air, yet it created a small shockwave, which is really confusing to the current Hito.

Kensei intentionally slowed his movement so that Hito could keep up, not long after Kensei already showed most of his techniques, and Hito recognized one of the techniques Wing Chun! It's goddamn Wing Chun!

(A/N : Sorry for those who love Martial Arts, I can't describe much. It isn't my forte, just a simple description of a heavy punch and kicks xD.)

He was already in his last move, and then after that he sweats a lot, using all Chinese Martial Arts, and techniques in one go is sure overkill.

"Hooh! Done! That was tiring, so young man! Did you get it? If so it's your turn!" Kensei smiled, he knew that Hito was going to lose the bet, even if he memorized it all, he didn't know how to execute it!

Hito on the other hand, grinned because he saw the window screen in front of him.

Ding! Discovered A Skill [ Chinese Martial Arts! ] Do You Wish to Have This Skill for 100 Surprise Points?

This was the most expensive skill that he had gotten so far! But he didn't care, he wanted to buy it!

He didn't hesitate to buy it, as he bought it he memorized the basics of the Chinese Martial Arts that Kensei executed.

Hito started to form his stance, he started to execute the same movement as Kensei! However it wasn't as smooth as Kensei but it's still surprising!

Akisame, Shio, Kensei, Apachai, Mui and even Hayato himself was greatly surprised! They really didn't expect him to instantly memorize it, at the first time he saw it! Not just that he perfectly executed the movements that Kensei just did a while ago!

But it was pretty obvious for them that Hito's movement has plenty of holes and flaws, but even more so! For someone who hasn't tried Martial Arts in his life is just surprising!

Also Shigure was secretly looking at Hito's performance, inside the ceiling she too is surprised but her face didn't show it, As Hito tried the [ Beginner ] grade of this skill, he upgraded it to [ Novice ] !

His movement changed, and all of them could see it, his movement became more swift, less holes and flaws.

It surprised them all again! Basically they were Hito's point farm right now.

"He..did he just upgrade to Middle Class Disciple from Low Class Disciple just now?" Shio asked with doubt.

"It seems that he did!" Akisame looked amazed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" this the ability of a once in a century rare body?" Kensei looked at Hito in disbelief, he finally realized that even if he won the bet, he wouldn't accept it because he decided to take him as his Disciple! In his life he never met a person like Hito!

Hayato stayed silent at this time, and continued to watch him.

(A/N : Oh just a slightly important Note it's about ranks from weakest to strongest. Low Class Disciple, Middle Class Disciple, High Class Disciple, Expert Class, Low Class Master, Master Class, Grand Master Class, Advanced Grand Master and lastly the Legendary Master.)

Now Hito had tried the capability of the Chinese Martial Arts [ Novice ] grade, he upgraded it to [ Veteran ] grade!

His movement once again changed! It's more swift and smoother like he did this many times already.

"Oh my God! He skipped a grade and instantly advanced to the Expert Class?!" Shio eyes balls almost popped out of his eyes.

"W-what kind of monster is he?" Akisame couldn't help but call him that.

"This is so unbelievable!" That's the only word that Kensei could utter.

"This kid...what kind of freak of nature is he?" Hayato couldn't help but talk about time, he is now truly surprised at Hito, even he couldn't do the same!

Miu couldn't say anything, she was speechless! Just a moment ago she is above Hito when it comes to Martial Arts but now Hito is above her!

Now even Shigure who is watching from inside the ceiling couldn't help but feel shocked, her expression says so normally she would only have a stoic expression, now she couldn't help but open her mouth in shock!

Even a true Prodigy couldn't do the same thing as Hito!

Hito was having fun using the Chinese Martial Arts that Kensei taught him, he upgraded it to [ Professional ] grade this time!

He couldn't help but feel addicted in upgrading this skill! It felt so damn amazing! Too bad he couldn't hear the crazy dinging sounds of the Surprise System because he muted it!

His movement changed once again! His strikes are more Swift and fast! There were barely flaws from his every movement he made!

Master Class! Immediately advance to Master Class! Skipping the Low Master Class.

All of them and even Hayato who is usually calm all the time, got their jaws hanging in their mouths!

"A MASTER CLASS! HE BECAME A MASTER CLASS?! THIS MONSTER!!" Shio couldn't keep his calm anymore, his body was trembling to the max, looking unbelievably at Hito's performance.

Akisame doesn't even know how to react anymore!

"T-this! I just showed him once and he already mastered it in such a short time?! Does he really need a teacher in the first place?" Kensei usually little eyes widened to the point that they'll pop out.

"This kid...he isn't human! He's a totally a different species! At this rate he'll become a Legendary Master like me within just a week- no just a few days!" Hayato had an unreadable expression in his face.

While Miu already fainted from too much shock! She couldn't handle it anymore, while Shigure started to sweat a lot inside the ceiling.

Finally Hito finished all of the Chinese Martial Arts movement and techniques, he wanted to do it again and suddenly remembered the bet, he looked at them.

"Ha! So I won-...what the hell happened here?" He saw their shocked expressions, and he also saw Miu fainted on the floor.

He had a confused expression in his face 'I know I did was shocking, but they shouldn't have reacted this much right?'

Hito doesn't know about the Martial Arts Ranking so that's why he is clueless.

Then he could hear Shio muttering, "You Monster…!"

"Eh?" Hito suddenly had a blank expression.

( END- )

Is this chapter Explosive? XD not really sure but hey.

As usual please help me check if there are misspelled or misplaced words.

Vote if you enjoy it. 😉

Feel free to join in my Discord Server :

Host : Tadano Hitohito

Age : 16

Skills : Math [ Monster] [+], English [ Prodigy ] [+], History [ Beginner ] [+], Music [ Prodigy ] [+], Art [ Prodigy ] [+], Basketball [ Prodigy ] [+], Cooking [ Prodigy ] [+], Sleeping Resistance [ Prodigy ] [+], Negotiation [ Beginner ] [+], Fear Resistance [ Monster ] [+], Lying [ Prodigy ] [+], Plushie [ Expert ] [+], Chinese Martial Arts [ Professional ]

Surprise Points : 2,887

Inventory : None

100+100+200+400+800 = 1,600

It was supposed to be 2,687 but plus 200 Because of the points that he had gotten from Ryōzanpaku.

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