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30.43% My Life As Tadano / Chapter 35: Ryōzanpaku 5 Final

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Chapter 35: Ryōzanpaku 5 Final

Looking confusedly at Shio, and asked.

"Monster? No way I'm not! Besides, why would you call me that?" With all honesty he had no idea why.

" you really not know what did?"

"No idea! Please tell me."

The Masters looked at each other, and then Kensei decided to tell him.

"Young man, you know you just attained the Master Class, by copying my moves you know that?"

Hito got a blank expression on his face, he had no idea what it meant! He never finished the Anime of Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple!

'"Uhmm...can you explain it to me, Sensei? I have no idea what you mean!"

'S-sensei?! He called me Sensei!' Kensei mood became very good! A person with a monster-like talent, calling him Sensei, he became ecstatic!

Such a great person acknowledging him as a teacher? It was a great honor! Kensei knew that Hito wouldn't be just a nobody in the near future he'll probably become the strongest martial artist in the world! There is no greater achievement to a teacher seeing his student become someone great!

"Good! Very good! Sensei will tell you about it, student! Huhuhu~!" He let out a creepy laugh, but it wasn't strange at all for a reason.

Akisame, Shio, Apachai and even Hayato! Is jealous to see that Hito acknowledged Kensei as his Sensei!

But then Hito added, "I won't change the fact that I'm joining in this Dojo! You're all going to be my teachers! Like I said before I will learn every Martial Arts in this Dojo!"

Hearing that everyone grinned, teaching a monster? That's really interesting!

"Hahaha, I see! So I'm your Sensei to huh!" Shio was pretty happy, and that I don't train anyone's motto, is nowhere to be found.

"We'll teach him from time to time! I'm interested in Cultivating a monster!" Akisame grinned, while thinking on how he would train Hito, he wouldn't hold back later.

"Apa! Apa! Apachai is going to be your Sensei from now on!" He was pretty happy, like a kid that had gotten his first toy.

While Hayato is pondering, whenever to teach Hito about Aura's or not! Because Hito has the qualifications to learn it!

Now Hito spoke, "So ummm.. Sensei what does Master class means?"

"Oh right, I haven't explained to you dear student of mine, it's like this there are ranks when it comes to Martial Arts those ranks are….."

(A/N : Already wrote it last chapter, check it if you've readed it.)






"So that's it! Now I understand" Hito finally understood what Kensei meant about Master Class, and the reason why they were so shocked, he couldn't really blame them, his fast advancement broke their common sense.

"Yes, all of the masters here are in Grand Master Class except the old geezer!"

Hito nodded, he knew that Shio meant `` Hayato he is that 'Old Geezer' he thought 'Hayato Furinji is probably a Legendary Master because in the anime, no one dares to challenge him in the Dojo.'

"Then should I pay for the monthly fees?"

Kensei nodded, he immediately went to get a scroll so that Hito would sign it, and will officially become a Disciple in their Dojo!

Hito paid for a year of discipleship, he didn't lower that 2000 yen, unlike the Original Kenichi who complained it was expensive, but for Hito it wasn't! It was extremely worth it!

After he signed the scroll, putting his name and address, he finally became an official Disciple of Ryōzanpaku Dojo.

After that he said his laters to all of them, it was already pretty late, his parents might be worried at this point.

So he left the Ryōzanpaku Dojo leaving Miu, Shigure, Kensei, Akisame, Shio, Apachai and Hayato.

After he left, the people at the Dojo sigh. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"That kid I never thought I'd encounter such a person in my life! What Monster really." Akisame touched his mustache with his right hand.

"The same here, but... having someone like that as the disciple is really great! I never thought that there would be a day that I Kensei Ma would teach such a Monster!" Kensei sighs, back in China he had thousands of Disciples, but all of them, not even his daughter, couldn't compare the tenth of Hito's talent in Martial Arts!

Shigure was thinking about that guy who made her blush so much in a short time, she never really experienced this kind of thing, it was something new to her, she stared at the door where Hito left.

Miu had already regained her consciousness, honestly she didn't expect that the first 'Friend' she made in her highschool life would be this talented, enough to make her faint from the shock! But regardless there is something new in her heart that she never experienced before.

It's like you couldn't focus staring at the person's face, because your heart would beat so fast. That kind of feeling.

As for Hayato, he had this feeling that Hito would challenge him sooner or later, and he'll lose something important.

(A/N : You know what I mean! 😏😏)


Hito was walking in the streets, he didn't rash himself while going home, he wanted to enjoy walking in Tokyo for a bit.

While walking, he saw a 7/11 store near, he thought 'I should buy some snacks..' as he decided to go, suddenly the 7/11 door opened revealing a familiar anime character.

Hito stopped his tracks. He started at that familiar figure with his eyes widened, the figure is a male wearing a black white jumpsuit, with a little orange on it, also holding a plastic bag with some snacks inside it.

The guy slowly walked away from the door, after a few steps later his entire body was covered with a violet mist, and he dropped his plastic bag, and he disappeared afterwards.

Hito looked at the scene with a speechless expression, that guy was Subaru!

He got transported to another world right?! Oh god, he decided to not go near that shop anymore he might be transported again.

Hito decided to forget about what he saw, he saw nothing! Nothing at all!

He hurriedly went home after that.

( END- )

As usual please help me check if there are misspelled or misplaced words.

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