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32.17% My Life As Tadano / Chapter 37: Soma's Challenge

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Chapter 37: Soma's Challenge

Hito sat at an empty table, the restaurant was filled with people, and his table was the last table that wasn't used.

He looked through the Menu and saw familiar dishes from the series like.

#5 Beef Stew

#8 Transforming Furikake Gohan

#20 Revamped Mackerel Onigiri Chazuke

There were a lot of dishes that weren't shown in the series, seeing the dishes Hito couldn't help but salivate. He never thought that one day he could eat in this restaurant!

So he decided to chose #5 Beef Stew, and a Spicy Ramen, he likes spicy dishes, thus he called Soma to make his order.

Soma arrived and Hito told him what he wanted. He shouted.

"Mom! Dad! 1 #5 Beef Stew and 1 Spicy Ramen!"

"Got it! Coming right up!"

Wait mom?! Did he just say mom? Hito was surprised, and he looked at the kitchen and saw a woman that has 70% similarities of Soma's appearance!

No more importantly, she's alive? She was supposed to die when Soma was 12 years old! But clearly Soma is 15 or 16 right now!

But then he calmed down, after thinking 'This is an alternative world after all, anything could happen!'

Now Joichiro is already preparing the ingredients for Hito's order, while Tamako Joichiro's wife and Soma's mother, helped him slice some ingredients.

Unlike both of her son and husband, she wasn't skilled at cooking at all! She sucks! But even so it doesn't stop her from cooking, because she would slowly learn from her mistakes.

She is the kind of woman that doesn't easily give up, Soma copied these traits from her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-challenge_48908010843586901">;s-challenge_48908010843586901</a> for visiting.

A few minutes later, Hito's ordered dish arrived! This time it wasn't Soma who served him but Tamako.

A delicious fragrance was smelt in his nostrils, he enjoyed this before eating. Tamako spoke.

"Here's the dish you've ordered!"

"Thank you!" Hito said happily, in this kind of atmosphere it's relaxing unlike those other shops that he went before.

Tamako smiled, and said. "You know, you're as handsome as my son Soma!"

Soma could hear it, and he immediately got embarrassed, "Mom! Stop saying nonsense!"

The regulars laughed at his reaction, but still they think that Soma wasn't as handsome as Hito! Personally.

Hito smiled slightly, and humbly said. "No, ma'am I'm not handsome at all! But yes it's true that your son is indeed good looking!"

He doesn't want to be narcissistic, like his classmate Nurse, that isn't in his dictionary! Yes he could be arrogant sometimes, being narcissistic is his bottom line!

Tamako laughed happily, "Hahaha! Kid, you have a good eyes! My son is indeed handsome!"

As a mother who doesn't want their children to be called handsome or beautiful, she is happy for Hito saying that it might be simple but it's already happiness.

Hearing all of that Soma who is usually thick-skinned was truly embarrassed at this moment! He can't believe his mother compared him to that Handsome hunk!

"Mom! Shut up please! You're embarrassing me!" He exclaimed embarrassedly.

All the customers, including his father and mother laughed at the same time, they haven't seen Soma being embarrassed like this!

Seeing that they laughed at him, he decided to ignore this anymore! He couldn't stand this!

Tamako grinned seeing her son ignore them all, he looked at Hito and spoke.

"Sorry about delaying your meal! Enjoy eating it, just a little advance from me because you called my son handsome! Try to suppress your moans, so you wouldn't get embarrassed, got that?"

Hito nodded, he knew that already and he had experienced it with his own dish! He wasn't sure if it would make him moan, since he felt like this dish wasn't perfect, he could tell with his cooking talent.

Also he knew that the person who cooked this didn't give his all at all! He cooked it casually, but even so his skill was undeniable.

With this half-assed dish alone could become a dish for a 3 star restaurant! He meant the Beef Stew, as for the Spicy Ramen it's even better than the Beef Stew!

He couldn't wait to try these dishes, it's been a dream come true for him to eat this anime like dishes! Hito silently said, "Itadakimasu!"

He picked up the chopsticks near the dish, he used it to try the Spicy Ramen, as he swallowed it.

A rich flavor assaulted his tongue, the Noodles were extremely thin and smooth, it immediately slid down into his stomach! It's flavor was perfect! It's spiciness blended together with its flavor so it wasn't all spicy.

However he didn't eat hurriedly like a pig, he could eat it normally, he wanted to savour the after taste, and then he tried the meat after that, as he chewed the meat it was easily deformed.

It wasn't hard at all! It was extremely soft!

Hito ate it happily, but he didn't realize that all customers and even the Yukihira family were looking at him with a surprised expression!

After all they expect him to moan, that's already the tradition of this shop! First timers would usually moan after eating any dishes from this family restaurant!

Joichiro and Soma realized that Hito wasn't normal! They both realize that he might be a chef!

Naturally Soma was the first to go to Hito's table. Joichiro didn't stop him; he knew his son more than anyone else, except for his Wife.

Soma loves challenges, especially a person at his age that knows how to cook!

"Hey! You! You must be a chef right?"

Expecting this, Hito, stopped eating and honestly said, "No I'm not."

"Huh? Wait then do you know how to cook?"

Hito didn't refute, and he nodded. "Yeah, a little."

Soma grinned widely, and exclaimed. "Then I challenge you to a cooking match!"

Joichiro tried to stop him, "Wait Soma, don't challenge someone reckles-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Hito replied. "Okay, sure let's use your family kitchen then."

"Eh?" Joichiro and Tamako were dumbfounded, they didn't expect him to immediately agree at their son's challenge!

"Great! Then let's start now!" Soma was happy that this guy accepted his challenge! He couldn't wait to fight him! His chef spirit was burning!

Hito stood up from his seat, and followed Soma from the kitchen, you want to ask why he accepted his challenge? Simply, he wants to know the difference between him and Soma.

He wants to know how good this [ Cooking ] with a Prodigy grade, compared to the current Soma!

After this he'll challenge Joichiro! He felt like they were on the same level.

Now the match between him and Soma starts!

( END- )

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