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33.04% My Life As Tadano / Chapter 38: The Match

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Chapter 38: The Match

Now the two of them are in the kitchen, all of the ingredients that they needed are now right next to them.

The dish that they'll cook is Ramen, the attention of the customers are now into both Soma and Hito.

Joichiro looked at Hito and asked. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yeah, I want to test something."

Joichiro nodded, and didn't ask anymore, and he spoke to Soma. "Soma, do your best! Don't hold back, got that?"

"Yeah, I know old man!" Soma's fighting spirit was ignited.

Both of them looked at Joichiro, hinting him to start right now, he could not help but smile and think 'Teenagers! Really...but I missed those days.'

Seeing them all fired up, Joichiro didn't wait any longer and exclaimed.

"Ready….. start!"

As soon as they heard him, they immediately snatched the necessary ingredients from the basket near them, and they started to peel the vegetables, both of them are skilled and fast.

But it was obvious that Hito was more skilled, he did it elegantly, he did it without wasting any movement.

Joichiro who saw Hito skills couldn't help but feel serious, he thought 'This kid...he is at least a grade lower than me!'

However he didn't know that Hito was also holding back, he realized the difference between him and Soma from the moment they peeled that ingredients, so he decided to lower skill potential by at least a whole grade.

Not long after the two are already done peeling and slicing the meat into pieces, they are already ready to cook the noodles.





Now 10 minutes later both of their dishes are now at peak, they only needed to put the last ingredient which is the egg, and now they opened the lid of the wok that they used for cooking ramen.

After that they both cracked their eggs (No it's not what you think it is.🤣) And puts it at the Ramen.

Done! They had finally finished their own style Ramen! Both of it's aroma was almost the same, but the difference is the ramen itself.

"Done! Now try it Old man and mom!"

The judges for this match are Joichiro and Tamako, both of Hito and Soma made 2 bowls of ramen each.

Both of them serve the Rame in an empty table, now all attention is on Soma's parents. They want to see their opinion and reaction while eating the dish.

"I'll try my son's ramen first!" Tamako used the chopsticks that were in her hands.

She started to eat the Ramen which is made by her son, as she swallowed it she tasted the flavor, she couldn't help but moan.

"Ahhh~ delicious! It's flavor is undescribable! It's too unique! Soma you've improved again!" She praised her son for his improvement.

While Joichiro who already swallowed the ramen, and spoke.

"Not bad."

"Hey! At least praise your son!" Tamako exclaimed.

"But I already did."

"What?! That 'not bad' is a praise?! At least say Delicious or something?!"

"No way, it's already a praise that I've said'' Not bad."

Thus they argue, forgetting that they still haven't tried Hito's ramen yet, personally Hito doesn't mind, but it's different for Soma, he wanted the results right now!

"Guys! Can you stop that?! Did you forget that this is a match?!"

It was effective, and they stopped arguing, Joichiro immediately said.

"Sorry about that, it just happened."

"No I don't mind."

To a chef neglecting their food is an insult, especially when the person that the chef personally cooked with a dish doesn't eat it, is the highest insult to a chef!

But the thing is Hito wasn't a chef and naturally he doesn't give a F at chef's pride or whatever, eat it if you want and if you don't then don't!

Joichiro was the first one to eat it this time, as the Ramen swallowed by his mouth, it's flavor exploded! That he even saw an illusion about swimming in a bowl of ramen.

It was delicious! But he kept his cool, it wasn't in the level where he would unconsciously moan, it was just a grade lower than his as he predicted.

Joichiro sighs, the winner is already decided, but still he didn't expect that someone at Hito's age could reach such level!

"Kid what's your name?"

"Hito, Tadano Hitohito."

"I have to say you're good, as far as I could remember I haven't met someone at the same age as you who already reached that level...I have to say you're one hell of a genius!" Joichiro truly meant it, even back then as a teenager his level wasn't anywhere near the level of Hito at the same age.

Hearing his father praise Hito, he couldn't help but sigh, he wasn't an idiot he knew that it was his loss. Knowing his father he wouldn't praise openly like that to someone who isn't talented.

But despite that he wasn't discouraged, instead his fighting spirit burned even more! Before his goal was to surpass his father but now there is another one!

And that's Hito! Plus he was more challenged because they were at the same age!

Now they looked at Tamako, who was standing near them. They noticed something weird about her, she was actually holding her chest in the heart part. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

She was gasping for air, they could see that she could hardly breathe, and her face started to get pale.

"Mom?" Soma was starting to get worried, he knew that his mother wasn't feeling well.

"Tamako? Tamako! Answer me!" Joichiro was also worried about his wife, and suddenly Tamako collapsed on the floor, and all of them went into panic!

""Mom/Tamako!"" They shouted at the same time, with a clear anxiousness in their voice!

Hito was stunned, he didn't expect this development at all! He was supposed to challenge Joichiro after this but it seems that his plan would bound to fail.

Seeing how panicked Joichiro and Soma is, he couldn't help but feel complicated and thought 'Is this fate?' knowing that he had his means to save her.

( END- )

As usual please help me check if there are misspelled or misplaced words.

Vote if you enjoy it. 😉

Feel free to join in my Discord Server :

Host : Tadano Hitohito

Age : 16

Skills : Math [ Monster] [+], English [ Prodigy ] [+], History [ Beginner ] [+], Music [ Prodigy ] [+], Art [ Prodigy ] [+], Basketball [ Prodigy ] [+], Cooking [ Prodigy ] [+], Sleeping Resistance [ Prodigy ] [+], Negotiation [ Beginner ] [+], Fear Resistance [ Monster ] [+], Lying [ Prodigy ] [+], Plushie [ Expert ] [+], Chinese Martial Arts [ Professional ]

Surprise Points : 2,990

Inventory : None

Oh right, the Anime/Manga/Novel list again.

Anime : I want to eat your pancreas, Bakuman, Oregairu, Attack On Titan, The Mightiest Disciple Kenichi, Re : Zero ( Just when Subaru got teleported. ), Food Wars, Dxd ( I guess? Lol not sure tbh. )

Manga : Komi-san can't communicate, Please Don't bully me Nagato-san

Doujinshi : Metamorphosis Emergence

Novel : My House Of Horrors

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