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25% My Lord Can I Hold Onto Your Golden Thigh? / Chapter 3: Keeping the Bunny away from the 'Wolves'

Keeping the Bunny away from the 'Wolves' - My Lord Can I Hold Onto Your Golden Thigh? - Chapter 3 by kixi full book limited free

Chapter 3: Keeping the Bunny away from the 'Wolves'

Celestia happily left after her discussion with her mother. After all this she focus on her next project which is designing clothes for her, they may have beautiful clothes however since Celestia has spare time she would like to design her clothes. Celestia went back to her new room, settle herself on her desk and focus the whole afternoon designing her clothes. Since she is in the era of dresses only, she designs a set of pants outfits for herself so it will be easy on days when she is feeling like riding or sword and exercise with the twins, since being in a dress is hard.

Celestia came up with cute lolita outfits for herself, with evenly laces and frills that won't hurt people's eyes when they stare at her. She also made it simple so it won't steal away her beauty but enhance it. Celestia made so many designs that she didn't realise It was almost dinner when Lucy came to inform her. "Miss, it's time for dinner," Lucy said with a smile on her face. Celestia looks up towards her grandfather clock in her room and realise it was 5:30 in the evening. nodding her head she packed all her designs and placing them back in her draw.

"Thank you, let's go, Lucy," Celestia said as she got up walking towards her bedroom door. Lucy opens the door and waits for Celestia to walk out, Celestia wait for Lucy to close the door behind her and they left together to the dining hall. As she walks in she saw all her family members, "Good evening everyone," Celestia greeted them with a smile on her slightly slim face although she is still chubby, you could see results that she has been working hard. Everyone looks up and smile at Celestia "Good evening Tia" everyone said in unison.. Celestia walks up to her father and kissed his cheek, then her mother and to all her brothers. then she sat beside her mother. Charlie was sitting on her right as her mother was on her left. Elliot sat in front of her while Luciel was on his right and Lucas was on his left, as her father was sitting at the head of the table.

"Tia I heard you will be donating your clothes to the orphanage and church." Luciel started the topic while everyone was waiting for their food to be severed. Celestia looks towards Luciel and smiles to confirm it was true. "Yes, I was thinking that it will be a waste to burn the materials since some are still new and the rest are in good condition I was thinking of donating it to them as a present for the end of year celebration in three months from now." In this world we don't have Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years however it is similar to it it's called the Stellar festival, celebrating the first star of a new year.

"Oh if that is so maybe we should help out too and donate some of our old clothes," Luciel suggested while the food arrives at the table. "That sounds like a great idea, Lucas and I have toys we don't play with anymore and can give it away!" Elliot joins in the conversation, he had a huge smile on his face while stuffing food in his mouth. "Elliot doesn't talk with your mouthful," Marchioness Septihanus said with a sharp look on her face. Elliot pout as he continues to stuff his face with food.

"Ok, if you would like you can donate your old stuff, it's better than throwing it away or burning it," Celestia said and she went back to eating her food.

Many Months passed by and seasons have changed to spring. Today was the Stellar Festival. Celestia woke up early, and wore a white dress with floral patterns on the bottom that reaches to her knee, she wore white stockings and brown ankle boots. Lucy plate both ends of her hair and bought it to the back to make it look like a halo, with a green ribbon in her hair. She looks like a spring goddess. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";wolves&apos;_46095552441546250">;wolves&apos;_46095552441546250</a> for visiting.

Celestia now has slimmed down so much during the three months, her chubby cheeks were still there however she could finally see her bright golden eyes, her chubbiness is gone and only what's left is the acceptable baby fat, to bring out her cuteness. Celestia skin felt smooth and soft and her skin glows, her hair was on longer like a birds nest and rough it felt like silk, falling like a waterfall to her bottom.

Celestia is no longer that white pig but a cute little angel that has descended from heaven. although Luciel and Charlie are upset that she is no longer that fat sister they had raised however seeing her smile brightly they accepted it, and are even more determined to hide her from the public.

"My little angel looks so beautiful!" Marchioness Septihanus gasp as she walks into Celestia's room. Celestia smiles brightly at her mother while doing a little twirl. "Really mommy, since you think so then I think so too," Celestia said as she giggles which made every maid smile and brighten up their day. Marquess entered and saw Celestia and gently smile. "Tia let's not go out today." Celestia father said as soon as he saw her. Celestia's eyebrows scrunch together making a little frown on her round cute face. "Why papa?" Celestia asked, not understanding why, while Marchioness laugh.

Marquess Septihanus went silent for a while then opens his mouth, "because there are too many wolves out today, why not let Walter donate it on your behalf." Celestia had a confused expression as she heard the reasons. Wolves but we don't have any wolves in our fief, and all our knights have high-level magic. leaving our butler to deliver the stuff isn't a bad idea if he does then I will have more time to enjoy the Stellar Festival. "Ok, we can leave it to Walter, but papa can I go and join the festival today?" Celestia asked with her golden puppy eyes, but before Celestia father could answer someone cut his words.

"No you can't, we will be leaving soon to go over to our grandparents' place to show respect, then after we need to receive the elders blessing, and then we need to make our lanterns and write our wishes on it after dinner. Today will be a busy day so you may not be able to go outside." Luciel responded quickly in one breath, Celestia kept quiet and nod her head, since she has only been fully awaken for three months she isn't familiar with the traditions in this world.

Big brother is right today will be very busy, Stellar Festival is not just to celebrate the first star of the New Year but it's also the day of the elders' blessings and children's wishes. Celestia sigh wishing she could clone herself so she can join the festival however she needs to go greet her grandparents and be a filial child. When Luciel saw her agreeing to what he said his eyes glint with satisfaction, showing his smile he took Celestia hand and walks out of her room.

As they head to the dining hall Celestia couldn't help but ask her brother about the wolves that her father mentioned. "Big brother father said there are wolves outside today, what does he mean by that?" Luciel pauses his steps a little but continued to walk again, then he suddenly chuckled, "Yes there are wolves today many wolves, Stellar Festival purpose is to celebrate the first star of the New Year, getting blessings from elders and make a wish with our made lanterns but it's also the day Wolves come out to celebrate it too, however, it's very dangerous especially to cute little girls like you since you'll be the easiest targets to get kidnap." Luciel explains with a warning tone at the end.

I didn't know wolves celebrate the festival and steal children, why didn't they explain this in the game. As Celestia thought about this she subconsciously moves closer to Luciel and grips his hands tighter, Luciel notices her grip making him to subconsciously lift his smile however Celestia didn't notice as her mind was preoccupied, about the 'wolves'. The door to the dining hall opens Celestia saw her other brothers already inside and seated. She let Luciel's hands go as she quickly ran towards the twins and kisses their cheeks, this was an occasion morning routine for Celestia.

She quickly sat down on her seat followed by her mother. " Tia, are you going to visit the orphanage and church today?" Lucas asks while the food was served by the maids, Celestia shook her head "No, Walter will do it on my behalf, father and Ci said it's dangerous because there will be many wolves out today and I could get kidnap." Celestia answer as she ate her eggs and salad. Lucas had a confused expression, not understanding why 'wolves' got involved with a normal yearly celebration. While Charlie tries hard to hold back his laugh when he heard about the dangerous 'Wolves'.

"I didn't know we have wolves during the festival, that's very dangerous, Tia, don't ever join in the celebration. If you want to celebrate we can do it at home with grandma and grandpa." Elliot said cutely sounding righteousness. Lucas however just nod confusingly not understanding if there were 'Wolves' that will kidnap little children. the twins will never understand what their big brother meant until they got a little older. "Ok that's a promise then, third brother, we will celebrate Stellar Festival with everyone every year" Celestia said with a smile, as everyone heard it they all smiles brightly and their body felt relax just seeing Celestia cute smile it was like as if the goddess herself put a spell on them.

After their meal, they went to the underground, at the back of the castle it took about a 15-minute walk to get there as there were many turns and hallways. In the underground, there's a special room with many portals, on top of the portal there were golden writing of places. and there is one that teleports to the old master and madman Septihanus Mansion in the east where the seaside resides in. Celestia examines all the teleportation portals, they all glow light blue and with a mix of white clouds that brightly light up the darkroom. As the family walks up to the portal to the old master and madam mansion, Luciel and Charlie held both of Celestia's hands on each side, as they slowly walk through the blue and white cloud-like wall.

Celestia slowly felt like she flew above the clouds then slowly descended back making her feet touch the ground, she slowly opens her tightly shut eyes, and survey her surroundings she was still holding onto her brother's hands but they were now in a new underground room which was slightly smaller. in front of her, she saw an elderly couple who she knew very well it was her grandparents, an old man with white hair golden eyes with a wide warm smile showing his wrinkles, dress in an elegant suit with golden design at the ends with a black walking stick with a golden lion head with a ruby gem-like eyes, however, if you look closer you can tell there was a hidden sword inside the walking stick it was a custom made cane, the old man was no other than Charles Laurance Septihanus the old Marquess who retired when Ciel Luke Septihanus took the Marquess tittle, almost twenty years ago.

Next to old master Septihanus stood an elegant old woman with white hair tied on a bun, and wearing an elegant dress with a soft smile, her grey eyes light up when she saw her grandchildren, Elenor Laura Maolisecia Septihanus (Mel-lis-cia). "You guys arrive, quickly let's go to the parlour Charmaine and Astre are here already with their family." Old madam said softly with a smile. "Happy Stellar Festival, may Goddess Stellar shine upon you till ten of thousand years, grandpa and grandma." Celestia and her brothers greeted in unison, as this is a normal yearly blessing that they do yearly so it's stuck in their head.

Old madam and Old master laugh and thank them back. Tia let her brothers hand go and ran up to her grandparents giving them hugs and kisses. "I miss you, grandma and grandpa." Old master laugh and quickly lift her in his arms as they walk back up to the main house, Old madam notice that Celestia looks different, you could see her golden eyes that was identical to her husband, and her porcelain skin glow in the sunlight, her clothing is different, she is dress simpler but you can tell it's custom made and it enhances her beauty. " Tia, you look different, have you not been eating well lately?" Old madam asks as she was worried her little granddaughter wasn't eating properly or was sick.

Celestia smile brightly when she heard that she looks different, as it was positive feedback, that her hard work paid off for the last three months. "Grandma I've been eating well, I've just been losing weight so I can grow up to be beautiful like mommy." when Celestia said that Old madam and Old man, lips twitch, Old man started to laugh as old madam she couldn't find the right words to say but smile at her granddaughter. " Is that so, well I'm happy for you, it's been so long since I last saw you and you have become cuter." Old madam said softly with a smile, trying to hold back her laugh.

"Little Tia has been working hard, grandma guess what Lucas and I have also been exercising with Tia too," Elliot said with a wide smile as he was holding Lucas's hand. "Yeah it's been fun, Elliot and I are supporting Tia, we have been working very hard we also found that our body is lighter and our magic has been increasing and it's easier to control it now too!" Lucas continues with a cute smile, even though Lucas is the quiet one among the siblings when he is around his grandparents he can be quiet talkative.

"Really that's good to hear, you must work hard and grow up to be strong men of Septihanus, I'm very proud of you. Grandpa can feel that both your magic has increased a lot and you have grown a lot taller since the last time I saw you." The old master said as they entered the parlour, Lucas and Elliot smile brightly when they got praised by old master and their eyes light up, "Yes grandpa we will work hard!" the twins said in unison with a serious look.

kixi kixi

What do you think will happen when Celestia finds out that her father and brother was lying about the 'Wolves' ?

It seems like all her family members are quiet shameless and black bellied.

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