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78.78% MY LOVER IS DRACULA (English Version) / Chapter 52: CHAPTER.52 WHITE ROSE FOR JOANA

CHAPTER.52 WHITE ROSE FOR JOANA - MY LOVER IS DRACULA (English Version) - Chapter 52 by Febyola_Manoppo full book limited free


It doesn't feel like time is running fast, today the weather is also from last night until the morning drizzling rain makes the atmosphere of the room colder. Today Joana intends to come to the office again because she has neglected Andreas' company for a long time.

Slowly Joana tried to get up from her sadness, hopefully this time Joana can really sincerely let go of Andreas. Joana's mother was also happy to see her daughter want to do activities again as usual. The current state of Andreas Enterprise's company is in a very bad state since the last three months Joana has not led the company. Many projects were missed by Joana when she was still hit by Andreas' abandonment.

On the sidelines of the trip, Joana contacted her secretary named Sonya to collect all important reports in the form of financial reports, sales, company profits and reports on several projects that have been missed for the past three months. Joana also asked Sonya to gather related staff for this morning's meeting. Joana also includes Dawny Jason as a general manager who she trusts during her absence from the office. When Joana arrived at the office, she went straight to the meeting room which was already attended by several important staff, but Joana saw Dawny's absence from the meeting because Sonya said he was on post-wedding vacation.

During the meeting, Joana's eyes were fixed on a yellow folder containing financial and purchasing reports. Because Joana a few days before going to the office she got a complaint from a client over the phone because of the construction of Mr. James collapsed even though he had just finished, when Joana read that there were irregularities in the purchase of materials, she was a little sad because Dawny used fake materials but this the report was manipulated by Dawny. Mr.James asked to change and rebuilt until finished. But Mr.James didn't want to pay anymore because this was purely Andreas Enterprise's fault.

The meeting was over, all the staff had returned to their respective work rooms. Then Joana called her secretary named Sonya to try to contact Dawny. Sonya immediately entered Joana's room.

"Yes, Ms. Joana, is there anything I need to help?"

"I want to ask you now, do you know that there is cheating like this, why don't you report it to me, why Sonya".

"I often went to your house Ms. Joana and even contacted you but Jhonas said you couldn't be bothered, yes, I dared to violate Ms. Joana.

"Oh my God, Sonya this is an important matter of embezzling money, you know, and not a little bit of almost 50 billion, you think this is a little money. Remember Sonya i never like like this don't happen again".

"Yes Ms Joana I'm sorry, I promise this will not happen again. Ohh yes, not long ago Mr.James was furious when he came to the office Ms Joana. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Okay, now you call Dawny saying there is a problem going home now at the company, Mr. James's problem will be my responsibility"

"Before Ms Joana ordered me, I tried to call him but it seems that Mr. Dawny turned off his cellphone.

"Ohh, Dawny seems to want to play with me, doesn't take good care of this company, he even throws a tantrum. Oh Sonya do you know where Dawny is on vacation."

"Yes Ms Joana, I know because I happened to be the one who ordered the tickets and the hotel. This is Mr Dawny's notes on vacation and where to stay".

"Okay, thank you Sonya, please clear my schedule for the next week. I will follow Dawny tomorrow to the place you informed about, he has to return the company's money"

"Yes Ms Joana I'm sorry to go back to my work first"

"Okay , go ahead"

Flashback three months ago

Joana asked Dawny to come to her house because there was something she wanted to discuss about the company.

"Dawny please as long as I can't be present at the office you lead the company properly".

"Okay Ms Joana I will help take care of the company properly, just calm down

"Thank you very much, Dawny, you are really reliable, yes I still can't come to the office Andreas's shadow is always on my mind"

"No need to thanks Ms Joana , this is my job, I will give my best for the company"

"Okay then I'll leave the company with you, you can go home"

"Okay Ms Joana I'll leave first"

I don't know what entered Dawny's mind until he had the heart to embezzle the company's money that had given hisr a good position and even a luxury vehicle. Just today, Joana started her work at the office, but instead she was confused by the actions of Dawny, her own confidant. Unmitigated Dawny has embezzled company funds of 50 billion.

If this matter is not resolved immediately, the company could lose big. Joana didn't want to fail to lead the company because Andreas worked so hard to build this office from scratch. Joana will not let anyone destroy this company.

Now we head to the city of Turin, Italy. Where Dawny and his wife named Vivian vacation together and they stay at the Turin Palace Hotel. They are happily squandering company money. Dawny did not realize that Joana had entered the office and read the financial statements that Dawny had manipulated. When they were both on vacation, Dawny turned on her cellphone, he was immediately surprised by dozens of incoming chat messages from either Joana or Sonya.

"Honey, why are you on vacation your face is so tense, enjoy our vacation, don't worry about cellphones all the time".

"Sorry, honey, I can't, there is an important chat from the office, there must be something important. I have to prioritize it first."

"Okay just call back honey, I'm afraid it's important".

"Yes, I want to call first okay?"

"Hmm what's going on until Ms Joana also chats with me, oh at least I'm just asking about the company or the company's profit, I'm curious, I better call back, I'm afraid it's important".

"Tuttts Tuttts" (Joana's cell phone rings)

"Hello Dawny gosh where have you been for a few days it's been hard to contact, your cellphone is turned off what do you mean huh?"

"Sorry Ms Joana, my phone ran out of battery, I forgot to charge it, I didn't turn it off and my charger was left behind"

"You think I'm stupid what kid yesterday afternoon you can fooled with me , and I don't want to hear any of your excuses. I ask you to come home tomorrow because there is a critical problem at your company instead have a good holiday."

"how can it be Ms Joana, the day after tomorrow I can just go home and go to the office".

"Yes, the day after tomorrow you go back to America and immediately go to my office wait and don't be absent again or I will revoke all facilities, you understand you".

"Okay, Ms Joana the day after tomorrow, I'll try to go back to America and when I get to America I go straight to the office"

"Yes, I've been waiting for your arrival, don't make me more angry with you Dawny".

"Okay Ms Joana , I'm going home the day after tomorrow, but how come you've been at the office again since when do you come to the office?

"Here, who is your leader or me, it's none of your business. I don't want to know you're going home the day after tomorrow if you don't get the letter of dismissal ready for you to accept your understanding".

"Yes Ms Joana sorry I was presumptuous, well the day after tomorrow I'm going back to America".

"Yes, I have been waiting for your arrival. If you don't come, you will know the consequences for yourself".

"Okay Ms Joana, thank you"

Finished hanging up the phone from Dawny, Joana called her secretary again to tell her about Dawny.

"Yes, Ms Joana, what's wrong, do you have another task for me?"

"Okay please cancled the ticket flight to Turin that you ordered for me, because Dawny wants to go back to America the day after tomorrow."

"Then have you told Mr. Dawny about the embezzlement of company funds?"

"Oh yeah, it's not clear that the telephone conversation is not in the right place, I just said I'd go home soon because the company has a problem that needs to be discussed. After all, he's still my confidant and has worked with Andreas Enterprise for a long time. I prefer to solve it as a family".

"But he has embezzled the company's funds, you know Ms Joana in the amount of 50 billion, why don't you just let it be?

"Sonya is true what you said earlier, but I can't possibly send Dawny to jail where later the media will know and it will definitely affect our investors and the good name of the company, if Andreas is still alive he will definitely do the same thing for the good name of the company ".

"Yes, Ms. Joana, I will go bcak to my work first because there is still a lot of work to be done. Hopefully everything will be finished soon".

"Okay please, I also want to rest for a while later if you want to go home you don't need to wake me up, because I am very tired of my mind".

"Okay Ms Joana just take a rest please".

It really was a tiring day for Joana that she fell asleep in a special rest room near her study. Five hours passed very quickly all the employees including Sonya had also gone home, all that was left was the security guard and the office boy. The clock shows 8 o'clock in the evening. When Joana woke up looking at the window, it was already dark. Immediately she straightened herself and stepped down into the car park, when she arrived at the parking lot Joana saw that there was a white roses in her car.

"Huh, there are white roses here but for whom are you going to get goosebumps all of a sudden and what does this rose mean?" (Joana muttered).

Then there is a handsome man who approaches Joana, it turns out that he is Mr. Cleon disguised as Pablo, Mikaelo's younger brother, who also died 1000 years ago during the royal war.

"Hey Joana are you surprised hmmm white roses for Joana who are always in my heart".

" Oh my Gosh Pablo but when you come instead of Milan, why are you suddenly in the parking lot of my office".

"Hahahaha sorry for surprising you beautiful, last night I arrived in America. Oh yes, I'm sorry for the death of Andreas, sorry I couldn't attend his funeral".

"Never mind just relax, now I'm starting to try sincerely hope Andreas is calm there".

"Don't worry, you're not alone, I'm still here, and I'm ready to make you happy and smile again."

"Thanks Pablo but I'm really sorry I want to hurry up to come home I need a break. We can continue our chat sometime and thank you for the flowers."

"Yes Joana both of you rest until we meet again another time when you are free".

"Yeah, I'll call you later, I'll go first."

"Okay, please be careful."

Then Joana immediately got into her car, and drove to Andreas' house.

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