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Chapter 20: Cavalry and Incident

While Izuku was targeted in everyone's mind, Midnight finished explaining the rules, "The time limit is fifteen minutes. The point value of each member will be accumulated into one headband. The one to wear this headband will be the rider of the warhorse. Until time is up, you'll be stealing and recovering your headbands as much as you can! You cannot equip the headband below the neck. The most important aspect of the cavalry game is that, even if you lose your headband you are not out!"

Quirks, of course, are allowed in this game. That being said, should anybody attack another team with malicious intent they will immediately be eliminated!"

Bakugou made a face of a man who had lost his country.

"All right then, you have 15 minutes to negotiate your teammates!"

All the students began flocking around Bakugou and Todoroki as they wear the most outstanding in the obstacle race, especially those of class 1-A.

Bakugou had a face of confusion, "Wait, what are all your Quirks again?"

The students of class 1-A were dumbfounded, Forget class B! He doesn't even remember his own class's! Kirishima came out of the crowd and said, "Bakugou!! Team up with me!"

Bakugou seemed to try to remember him, "... Hair for brains."

Kirishima immediately rebuked, "It's Kirishima! Remember my name, dammit! Anyway, do you wanna play rider? I'm the only one who can with stand your explosions. We will be a horse that can't crumble. Will definitely get those points! Midoriya's 10 million..."

Bakugou smiled viciously.


However, everybody started avoiding Izuku. As there was a very high chance he would be targeted by all the teams, nobody was willing to risk their chances. Besides, the other students didn't completely trust his monster forms.

I can't blame them. After all, instead of protecting your own headband, it is much more safer to steal others headbands. I'll get past completely at this rate. I can't ask my friends because that will put them in a difficult situation either. But it doesn't matter, at the end of the time somebody will be left over. All I have to do is protect the headband. Izuku just stood there and waited for the leftovers when...

"How about if we team up Deku?" Uraraka came to Izuku and proposed.

Izuku asked perplexed, "Is that fine? We will surely be targeted by almost all the teams."

Uraraka smiled, "It's all right as long as we just keep on evading, right? Besides, I always prefer to go with my friends then joining to some stranger's team."

Izuku's face scrunched up as he saw the blinding light emitting from her. It was comparable with his skill Flash.

"Woah! What's with that face?" Uraraka asked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You're so bright I couldn't look at you directly. Ahem. Well yeah, I also wanted to team up with you. Thanks. We have synergy together so we can communicate just fine. Now for the other members... Let's ask IIda what he thinks." Izuku and Uraraka began looking for IIda

They found him next to Denki, Momo and Todoroki. Izuku asked, "Hey IIda! Want to team up with us? We are missing one more member."

IIda said with a firm tone, "I'm grateful for the offer Midoriya. But I apologize, I refuse. Ever since the entrance exam, I've been doing nothing but to lose to you. You're an amazing friend, but it's precisely because of that, that if I only follow you I'll never grow myself."

He walked back, heading to Todoroki's group, "Bakugou and Todoroki aren't the only ones who see you as a rival, my friend. So I'll be doing my best to challenge myself against you!"

"IIda..." Uraraka wanted to say something but Izuku grabbed her shoulder and shook his head. Uraraka became quiet at his gesture.

Izuku smiled at IIda, "I hope you grow stronger from this. Let's do our best, IIda."

IIda nodded and began planning with his team.

"Fufufu, seems like you do out stand.... interesting!" A voice came from behind Izuku and Uraraka.

They turned to find a girl with salmon pink hair and goggles on her head. Her eyes were not ordinary as they were golden with scope lenses like design. She got closer and said, "Let's team up Mr. First Place! I'm Mei Hatsume from the Support Department. I don't know you, but I'd like to use your position!"

Well aren't you blunt...

They listened to what Hatsume had to say, "If I join you, the amount of attention I receive would be unparalleled, right? Then it's the perfect chance for me catch the attention of big companies! Or rather, I want my babies to!"

Izuku asked first, "Babies?"

Hatsume smirked, "Fufufu, you see, the Support Department's purpose is to create equipment heroes' Quirks easier to use!" She then took out some equipment from who-knows-where and showed them, "My babies number many so there's bound to be one that suit your needs, I think."

Izuku seemed to have thought of something, "Do you have any launching equipment adept at launching something like this?"

He extended his arm and a Sonic Shard grew from his forearm. It was the size of an apple and it was light green and bright yellow in color with red tinges on the edges. Izuku grabbed it and yanked it off his arm, it was smooth and hard like a carapace. It didn't really hurt, felt like clipping off a fingernail. He handed the Sonic Shard to Hatsume.

Hatsume immediately grabbed the Sonic Shard and began studying it, "What's this? It grew out of you! It doesn't seem like a weapon but let me check..."

She rummaged her equipment for a while before taking a white slingshot with blue joints and black string. Hatsume proudly presented, "This is my slingshot-type baby, Whiplash! It's structure and design allows it to shoot a 10 kg object to up to 500 meters, you don't even need super strength to use it! Isn't it beautiful? Just strap it onto your arm and voila!"

Izuku nodded, "Alright then. You will be one to shoot these 'Shards'. Uraraka will be our rider as she can float herself out of way in case there is danger. I'll be on front and be the movement core."

Hatsume asked, "How am I supposed to use Whiplash when I'm supporting the horse? Wouldn't it collapse?"

Izuku smiled mysteriously, "You don't have to worry about that. I'll make sure it won't collapse."

Hatsume just shrugged. As long as her babies were given attention, she didn't care if they really won.

"Now, since I'll be in charge of the incoming attacks, I won't be able to focus on protecting you girls from possible sneak attacks. We need someone to fend off sneak attacks from where I can't protect..." Izuku looked around and found the perfect candidate, Tokoyami.

Usually, Izuku wouldn't need a back defender with Territorial Sense. However, there was simply to much noise in the stadium! He can't make a map in his brain when there are noises all over the place! His original 1 km range degraded to a meager 10 meters! Even if he found out about the incoming attack, it would be too late to block against the attacks from behind when he's blocking from the sides and front!

Izuku headed to him and asked, "Tokoyami, we need a back door defender, do you want to join our team?"

Tokoyami glanced at the girls and then to Izuku, "What probabilities are there to win?"

Izuku smiled, "With you, we should have a 99% chance to win."

Tokoyami thought about it and then nodded.


Present Mic shook Aizawa, "Wake up, Eraser! Their 15 minute are almost over! Thirteen warhorses have lined up in the field!"

Aizawa groggily woke up, "... We seem to have quite the interesting lineups."

Present Mic began the competition, "Alright, have you all formed your teams?! Well you better have! Let's start the countdown!"


Izuku began mass creating Sonic Shards until their numbers reached 50. He told his teammates, "Uraraka, make these float before they are about to being thrown out! Hatsume, point towards the sky. No need for accuracy, just make sure they are scattered! Tokoyami, I'll take on the attacks from the sides and front! Take care of the attacks from the back and protect the headband!"

They had structured the warhorse with Izuku at front, Hatsume at the back right, Tokoyami at the back left and Uraraka as the rider.


Bakugou began warming up his hands, "We've all got..."

"Just one target." Todoroki said.


Izuku took in a deep breath and then exhaled, "Let's do our best!"


As expected, everyone dashed towards Izuku's team the moment Present Mic announced the start of the competition. This was the point of the human cavalry game: the one with the ten million headband has to survive while the those without it fight to their best capabilities to obtain it.

Izuku immediately began commanding, "Tokoyami, retract your Dark Shadow! Everyone, close your eyes!"

Uraraka and the rest didn't know why but they just did as they were told. Dark Shadow retracted into Tokoyami's body and closed their eyes. Izuku activated Flash.

* -5 Sp*

Izuku's eyes glowed a bright blue light then dimmed. His eyes glowed again, a brighter light this time, before dimming again. Almost all of the teams had their eyes on their team so it came as an advantage to the Skill Flash. Izuku's eyes glowed extremely bright when-


A bright blue light shone from his eyes, covering the whole stadium. Thankfully, there was a barrier around the commenters and the audience that protected them from the Flash. But it wasn't the same story for the participants.

*Your opponents have been blinded for 30 seconds!*

The students began panicking, "Ah! Ah!/I can't see!/Help!" They rubbed their eyes in vain. They could only see darkness.

Bakugou was pissed, "How could I fall for Deku's tricks again." He furiously bonked his fist on Kirishima's head.

Todoroki frowned but didn't panic. He said to his teammates, "Don't move. I don't believe it will last long."

Present Mic began commenting, "What happened?! It seems the students are blinded by the flash! Good thing we were protected by the barrier or we might have been in the dark! What do you say, Eraserhead?"

"It is an ability I haven't seen Midoriya use before. This flash seems to be an AOE non-lethal attack to temporarily blind enemies. It's a perfect ability to capture enemies without causing any collateral damage." Aizawa gave his opinion.

Back at Izuku's team, he began to command, "Hatsume, get ready to begin shooting! Uraraka, help her out!"

The girls nodded and began working. Uraraka made the Sonic Shards float with her Quirk and then passed it to Hatsume. However, Hatsume said again, "Didn't you listen to me? I can't shoot if I'm holding the warhorse!"

Izuku smiled, "Who said you are going to hold the warhorse?"

Before Hatsume could ask what did he mean, Izuku crouched and transformed into the Azure Rathalos. His arms morphed into a pair of enormous blue wings with green webbings. His bones creaked and grew as a clubbed tail formed behind him. Azure scales grew on his body and his feet grew clawed talons. Izuku's enlarging back picked up Uraraka as the pair of wings each picked up Hatsume and Tokoyami and sliding to his back.

Uraraka asked confused, "Wasn't this monster form red? Why is it blue?"

Hatsume looked shocked at the monster she was riding, "T-this is normal?! What is this?!"

She wasn't the only one shocked, the whole audience was dumbfounded by Izuku's monster. Some began exclaiming, "What is that thing?!/A dragon!/That's a student?!" The heroes narrowed their eyes and some even got into a battle position.

Aizawa, as a commentator, began appeasing the audience, "This is part of Izuku Midoriya's Quirk. This is a monster form that he calls a "Rathalos". A bipedal "wyvern" specializing in aerial and fire attacks. Usually, it's scales are crimson in color, so I don't know why it became blue."

In the 2 weeks of training, Izuku had explained some of his monster forms to Principal Nezu and Aizawa as a way to show his sincerity. Izuku thought it would be necessary for explanations in the Sports Festival. The descriptions were general and vague, though.


In a bright governmental office, an obese man was counting money bills on his desk with greed on his eyes. He was about 40 years old and had an expanding bald spot on his head. The man's official suit was about to pop any moment now.

At this moment, a skinny man with dark circles under his eyes and messy hair and clothing entered the office in hurried manner. He gasped for air and said, "M-minister! Something appeared in Japan's UA Sports Festival!"

The Minister frowned and put his money away in the desk, "What is it? Can't you see I am occupied?!" He was obviously discontent with his secretary interrupting his greed moment.

The secretary hurriedly put a tablet on the desk. He explained, "Minister, you must look at this!" He played the paused video.

The tablet played the scene of the human cavalry. When Izuku transformed into the Azure Rathalos, the obese Minister lost his cool, "Who is this kid?! Has there been movements from the other three?!"

The secretary said, "From our information, this kid is named Izuku Midoriya, Japanese, 15 years old. He is currently schooled at UA Hero Academy and has no current association with the other three families. Was recently attacked by a 'Villains League' together with his classmates in mid-training, causing him grave injuries."

Hearing that Izuku didn't have any relationship with the other three families, the Minister sighed in relief. His eyes then shone bright with greed, "Send someone to contact him. We must bring him to the Long Family at any cost. Whatever he wants, money, women, status, give it to him! With him, we will rise over the other three families! But remember, we cannot leave any trails, for either the three families or the Japanese government!"

The secretary asked uncertain, "What if he doesn't want to come with us?"

The obese Minister sneered, "Then use force! We can then contact him to force him to obey us. Nobody will stop me, Tāo Lóng, from obtaining my Azure Dragon!"


Back at the Sports Festival, the blindness was starting to dispel. Instead of darkness, now there was a giant blue dragon-like creature in front of the eyes of the recovering participants. Although they were blind, they had heard Aizawa explain what had happened. However, it was very different from hearing than seeing it. Most of the participants' bodies went stiff at the stare of the azure wyvern that towered over 5 meters and a wingspan of 17 meters. The blue pupil-less eyes now had a crimson, vertical slit pupil.

Bakugou was the first to react, "Hurry up, Hair for brains! We must get those ten million points!"

Kirishima was hesitant, "Dude, have you seen that size?! How do plan to get over Midoriya?"

Bakugou smacked his head, "Idiot! The headband is on the Float Face, not on Deku! We just have to avoid him!"

They immediately dashed forward to Izuku's team. The other teams woke of from their trance. They chased after Team Bakugou and surrounded Izuku from all sides.

"Deku! What do we do now?!" Uraraka asked worriedly.

Izuku crouched and extended his wings, he then said using Mimicry, "Hold on to something!"

He then flapped his wings, and shot to the sky. The wind pressure and the flying dust made the chasing teams stagger and almost crumbled.

Bakugou immediately flared, "Oh no you won't!!!"


He made an explosion with his hands and chased after Izuku through the air. Bakugou arrived just in front of Izuku.

"Eek! He's here!" Uraraka exclaimed.

"Don't think you are real hot stuff Deku!" Bakugou said as he sent an explosion at Izuku's face.

Izuku scoffed and flapped his wings once again, evading Bakugou's explosion. He flapped them again and extended his right talon to Bakugou, catching him from the waist and chest, the talons surrounded his body, of course. Before Bakugou could retaliate, Izuku suddenly dived to the ground at great speed.

Is this where I lose?! It can't be! Bakugou thought. If he touched the ground, he would be disqualified. And then-


The landing caused another cloud of dust that blinded the approaching teams. After the dust cleared, the scene was revealed. Bakugou was still hanging from Izuku's talon as he himself stood on one leg. Izuku closed the distance between him and Bakugou.

Bakugou didn't really think about it before but, now seeing it up close, Izuku's monster form was very frightening. Fangs the size of half of his palm and a scaly head that could eat half of his whole body in a single bite. The black talons around his chest and abdomen were the size of his forearm and extremely sharp. Luckily or planned, the deadly talons didn't stab into his body, destroying his innards. Bakugou felt beads of sweat form in his forehead as he felt the hot air exhaled by Izuku's draconic snout.

Izuku held Bakugou in front of his face and then whispered into his ear, "Be careful Kacchan.~ You don't want to lose so early into the Festival."

Before Bakugou could give a reply, Izuku flung him into the air like a doll, towards his teammates. Sero immediately reacted and used a piece of tape to reel in the flying Bakugou.

Present Mic exclaimed, "We seem to have an act of mercy from Uraraka's team! I wonder why? Bakugou hasn't touched the ground so he's been count safe!"

Even though he was caught, Bakugou's heart still palpitated with strength. He felt he had an extremely close encounter with death. He took a deep breath, I'm not afraid of Deku. I'm not afraid of Deku. I'm not afraid...

While Bakugou chanted in his heart, a team had closed in behind Izuku. Monoma had closed in to grab Izuku's Quirk! Tokoyami immediately launched Dark Shadow to block them, "What do you think you're doing?!"

Monoma didn't lag behind either, "Tsuburaba! Guard!"

From Monoma's front, the front member blew in front of Monoma, solidifying the air. Tokoyami's Dark Shadow was held back enough time for Monoma to get close to Izuku's tail.

Monoma sneered, "I'll be borrowing your Quirk for the time being!" He then smacked Izuku's clubbed and spiky tail.

Then, Monoma's mind immediately blanked. The information, lifestyles and abilities of over thirty monsters suddenly were crammed into his brain, causing a very excruciating headache. Flashes of images began playing on his mind. However, Monoma was living in each and every one of them...

A Zinogre fighting a Mizutsune in a mountain...

A Yian Kut-Ku eating some centipede-like insects that crouched into a ball...

A Seltas being attracted to his mate's pheromones...

An Aptonoth being surrounded by a Velocidrome and its pack...

A Dodogama competing against an Uragaan on eating minerals in a volcano...

An Arzuros lazing in its cave...

A Gore Magala roaming the lands in solitude under a gray sky...


The lives of more than thirty monsters past through his eyes in a single second. Suddenly, all the images disappeared, and he was cloaked in darkness...



Where am I?

Monoma appeared in a dark space. No wind, no sight, smell or sound. He tried talking but no sound came out. Monoma looked around but only darkness greeted him.

Then, a light flashed from above him, only making himself visible. Monoma was surprised to find himself naked in this space, however, his genitals were not currently present. His body was somewhat translucent from the waist down in this dark place

Suddenly, he felt being stared at. Monoma lifted his head and widened his eyes in fright.

W-what are you?!

He found himself surrounded by enormous shadows. A winged lion cloaked in crimson flames, a unicorn with blue arcs of lightening surrounding it, an enormous snake that seemed to be the size of the UA stadium and a mountain-like creature that seemed to carry a volcano on its back.

There was also a slender western dragon that had what appeared to be jet-pack wings, a giant skull dug unto the ground with two other skeletal "heads" sticking out and a metallic dragon surrounded by ferocious winds.

There seemed to be other shadows but Monoma didn't have a chance to see the rest when the winged lion exclaimed with a middle aged, noble voice, "Who are you?! Kushala, get him out!"

The metallic dragon replied with rusty voice, "On it." The dragon only flapped its wings slightly but an enormous and powerful gust of wind blew Monoma away, breaking the dark place...


When Monoma touched Izuku's tail, what others saw was shocking. Monoma froze for a second before his orifices started bleeding profusely. His eyes started crying blood while his ears and nose spurted blood. He vomited a mouthful of blood before screaming a shrill cry, "AARGH!!!"

Monoma immediately fainted on the spot and began having convulsions. The teachers were alerted and Midnight stopped the battle, "Stop battling! Hurt participant! Call Recovery Girl!"

All teams slowed down to see what had happened even Izuku turned around to see what had happened. Monoma was carried by his teammates to the exit of the stadium where Recovery Girl had arrived. They put Monoma down so Recovery Girl could check him out.

Recovery Girl analyzed Monoma's head and face before saying, "He has a traumatic brain injury but no visible head injuries. It seems he was internally damaged but it is nothing too serious. It looks worse than what it is."

She leaned next to Monoma and gave him a kiss. He stopped bleeding from his orifices and his breathing stabilized. Recovery Girl then told Midnight, "I have seen this kind of cases from extreme Quirk over exertion. It seems this kid tried to copy something he shouldn't have tried to copy. He will be okay in a week or two."

Midnight nodded and announced, "The kid will be fine. Apparently he over exhausted his Quirk which led to a backlash. As to avoid more incidents, we will round up the Cavalry Battle and continue to the next event after the lunch break!"

Most people were glad Monoma was going to recover. However, some people were suspicious and pointed at Izuku while whispering, "Did you see that the kid touched that thing before collapsing?/Maybe they are trying to cover over this incident./I don't know..."

Present Mic said, "You heard that folks! We'll continue after our hour lunch break! We'll announce the results after a review! See you till then! Let's go get lunch Eraserhead!"

Aizawa leaned his head on the table, "I'm taking a nap."


The students started to disperse their teams and head out for lunch and a break. Izuku lowered one of his wings so his teammates could come down. He then deactivated his transformation, becoming human again. Izuku then remembered something, "Oh, yeah! Uraraka, you can drop them already, we won't be using them anymore."

Uraraka, who has beads of sweat forming on her forehead, let out a sigh of relief, "Release!"

From the sky, 50-some Sonic Shards dropped into the arena where the cavalry battle was talking place a couple of seconds ago. Uraraka had taken the away the gravity of the Sonic Shards when Hatsume launched then to the air.

Pop! Screech!

Pop! Screech!

Pop! Screech!

Pop! Screech!


The Sonic Shards popped when they crashed into the ground before releasing an ear-piecing sound compressed within. Even the participants who were close to the arena felt their ears ringing. Uraraka and the others stared dumbfounded at Izuku. He asked, "What?"

Hatsume grabbed his hand and looked at him with sparkling eyes, "Can I have one of these Shards?! They will sure to make nice support equipment material!"

Izuku forced a smile, "It detonates in two minutes if I'm not there to control them so I don't think it's a good idea."

Hatsume left after some promises of visiting her lab and such. Uraraka said, "I'm going to search for IIda to see what he's up to!"

Izuku was also going to go with her when he felt a hand on his shoulder, "Midoriya, can we talk?"

Izuku turned to see Todoroki with a solemn face. He didn't feel any ill intentions so nodded, "Sure."

They went to a secluded exit of the stadium. It was a somewhat dark tunnel that lead outside. Izuku asked, "What is it that you wanted to talk about?"

Todoroki began telling his story...

(Hello my precious readers, here Raptorixx. I wanted to inform you that the fanfic is up to date with the one in Wattpad. This means the updates will be much, much slower. Ranging from weeks to months possibly. I ask for your patience and cooperation on ideas, if you have any, so that I can have an easier time writing it. Thank you for your support and make sure to give a review!)

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