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93.13% My Multiverse Trip / Chapter 431: Wishes, wishes and more wishes.

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Chapter 431: Wishes, wishes and more wishes.

After looting korins I was even able to take the elevator down the tower and leave like that. I didn't even know he had an elevator.

It was time to start my first plot and get a few things rolling. First one of my cultivator bodies had stolen to moon so no surprise oozaru attacks from me. I can only imagine the devastation I would cause if I lost my fucking mind in a giant ape form.

The ninja body had located all the dragon balls and was headed towards me. I had the nimbus which I actually could ride do to overwhelming good karma. Drop me off at a place far way from the lookouts.

My ninja body would be sealing the area so that kami wouldn't notice I was summoning shenron.

Soon enough the area was sealed and the dragon balls where in front of me both my other bodies had went back to the kingdom for now.

"Eternal Dragon, by your name, I summon you forth: Shenron!" There was a bright glow and the sky would have darkened if not for my seals. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A huge snake like dragon appeared in front of me before a deep rumbling voice comes out of its mouth.

"You have one wish. Choose wisely." It says.

"I wish to be teleported to Planet Namek." I shout.

The dragons eyes glow. "Your wish shall be granted." And with a wish I'm gone.

Now some of you may be wondering why I did this and didn't just start on planet namek. There's a couple of reasons. One this lets me easily teleport back to earth since I know where it's at. Two shenron sucks as his power to grant wishes is pretty limited so why waste a stronger wish with the namek dragon balls to go to earth. Those are basically the logical reasons.

Soon the teleport ends and I'm on an earth style planet. Except some of the colors are all wrong and it's pretty barren.

My ninja body pops out again and rushes off this time to find a person instead of the dragon balls. A couple of hour pass before he returns and using and grabs me as we disappear in a flash.

We arrive near a building with a green alien man standing guard outside. My ninja body disappears for a moment and I walk over to speak with the namekian.

He quickly gets into a fighting stance. "Halt who are you?" Before anything else can be said an old voice comes from inside the house. "Naaiiilllllll do we have guests?" The voice says. I can only facepalm at this voice.

"Uhhh no master guru just a stranger I'll quickly get rid of them." Nail says bowing towards the door.

"Nailllllllllllll invite our guest in and serve tea." The voice of guru comes out through the door making nail sigh.

He quickly leads me in to see the fat namekian old man. "Hello master guru I've come to offer you a trade." I tell the old man.

"If it's a subscription to space Hulu I've already got one." The old man says making me sweat.

"No it's a trade for you to unlock my potential and use your dragon balls for a few years." I say.

"Well the courts advise against any touching of children but I'll see what I can do and what are you going to offer me in trade." Guru says. Nail is looking at me shocked for a few minutes.

"I'll save your planet from freiza and offer you your youth back." I say pulling out a vial of elixir of life and handing it over to him.

"Oh?" He uncorks the vial and drinks it and his body rapidly deages becoming young and strong once more but still fat. "I accept, nail go retrieve the dragon balls." He says before beckoning me over and putting his had on my head.

I feel a surge of power and then even more power comes from inside me. After a few minutes the fat man stops and my power stabilized at a huge increase.

"I cannot draw out all of your potential as it seems endless. This is what I can do without endangering my life I hope you understand." He says wiping sweat from his pale head.

"That's fine." I toss him a senzu bean which he examines before eating it and regaining his color.

"What do you plan to wish for from the dragon balls if you don't mind me asking young one." He says sitting back in his chair.

"Information." I state clearly.

"Ah a wise one usually people want something like eternal life or money." He nods his head not knowing how true this really is.

After a few hours nail returns along with some other namekians carrying 7 massive dragon balls. If the ones on earth are like baseballs then these ones are like basket balls.

He lays them on the ground and I quickly walk forward.

In fluent namekian I call "Eternal Dragon, by your name, I summon you forth: Porunga!"

The sky darkens and a massive odd shaped dragon comes out it has a long tail and two human like arms and a human like upper body.

"You have three wishes choose wisely." He rumbles out

"For my first wish I want all the information available on space-time." The dragons eyes flash red and my head is filled with information. In my internal world my godly body developed both divinities for time and space gaining control over both and two new bodies.

"Your first wish has been granted." Porunga bellows.

"For my second wish I want the location of all the super dragon balls in this universe and the others." I shout out.

There's another flash as his eyes glow red once again and I gain the information I need.

"Your second wish has been granted."

"For my third wish. I need information on a person by the name of....."

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